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Woman and her Freedom

Updated on August 19, 2016
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Freedom of Women?

Since the world got to know about the story of Adam and Eva, women were given a framed place in the pages of literature, drama and art. She was not given the chance to write or act and in each and every piece of literature in the earlier decades, we find her as a human being who is deprived of the human rights. She was the subject to all the clichéd metaphors and hyperbolic flattering. Her strength was restricted to drawing, playing the piano and embroidery work. She had to engage in the “act of shame” not for her pleasure but to make her fiancé happy. In most of the cultures one find the male domination and the restrictions which stood like huge barriers around women. This is a natural result of her weakness in physical strength and however her peerless mental strength was not a subject to the society.

Today the situation of women has changed as the world started to undergo a huge transformation from computers to internet, guns to nuclear weapons and socialization to globalization. The world speaks about women’s rights and the empowerment of women and we see women’s contribution in different fields such as economics and politics. Unparalleled characters like Oprah Winfrey, Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May and Hillary Clinton has convinced the power of women to the world. But still there is a big problem which is hidden from the eyes of many people. It is the problem of the freedom of women. When speaking about her freedom, one must pay his or her attention mostly to the South Asian and Middle East countries. Specially in these regions women are still under the power of men. This is a result of the cultural and religious views and beliefs of the people. It is true that no one has the right to muscle in these religious and cultural beliefs but the writer strongly believes that any person can look in to this problem and seek a solution by entering to the mindset of a human being. Still men mocks at women who plays major roles in political and business affairs. They think that women can not survive or take good decisions without them. To the outer world, women are given their rights and all but a subtle deep attitudinal problem lies under this outward pretense. The world needs an attitudinal change. After pre-marital sexual relationships we see how the girls are being blamed and branded as an “item” in the society. No man will offer her a chance to marry him if she is not a virgin. This problem can be only seen in societies in South Asian countries where the culture is given the first place in everything. In some countries “shame killing” is occurring and the pathetic situation is that the girl is being killed by her own parents if she eloped with a boy. This cultural rule does not apply for the boy. We still see how the domestic violence is happening and she is still helpless even though the world is unable to see it. Sometimes the husband says “your duty is to look after the children! you must not do a job!” to his wife and we see she being helpless as she has to depend on her husband for the lifetime.

It is clear that the FREEDOM of women is still not given to her in some societies. Still she is not given the full freedom in thinking and doing what she wants. The world needs to understand that she is able to take decisions, survive alone and all the societies must understand that the pleasures are for her too. Let her enjoy the life freely. Only the empowerment of women can not make her happy. We do not see se being restricted as it were in the pages of Elizabethan and Victorian literature, but still the hidden restriction needs solutions. Look at her in the way that a human being looks at another human being. Remember that she has the same desires as you. Give her FREEDOM.

© 2016 Anuththara Ekeli


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    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 20 months ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Amen, sister! Especially from a non-Western woman who knows what she's talking about!