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Women as Victims

Updated on December 25, 2014

Domestic Violence against Women

The most common violence against women globally is domestic violence especially violence whose inflictor is a person close or intimate with the women. The stats are baffling. An average of one out of three women experiences beating, rape or abuse from a partner they consider intimate in their lifetime. According to data from the World Bank, women aged between fifteen and forty-four years old are at a greater risk of domestic violence and rape than from malaria, war, motor accidents, and cancer.

Nearly fifty per cent of all women who die from homicides die by their intimate partner's hand. In Colombia, the incidences of such murders are one every six days. According to the United Nations, one in every five women is a rape victim in their lifetime. During wars and armed conflicts, the rape victims increase. Need an example? During the Rwandan genocide, the militia raped about 500,000 women.

Why it is Hard for Victimized Women to seek Justice

The criminal justice system has barriers that prevent battered women from getting justice. Battered women often fear retaliation if they go forward to report their offenders. According to research, about 32% of women were victims of retaliation between 1978 and 1982. Battered women who report the cases of battering have higher risks of retaliation because the defendants are often people close to them. As such, they know all the ways to contact them and the people around them.

This being the case, very few women end up seeking protection from violent crime. The personnel in the criminal justice system believe that separating the victim from the offender is an effective way to reduce the chances of retaliation. However, there is evidence to prove that separation is not effective and that women are at a higher risk during the prosecution process.

Global Extent of Violence against Women

Violence against women is unlimited around the world. It is not dependent on a specific country, region, or culture. It also affects all sorts of women regardless of their age. Violence against women is especially rampant and it arises from the historical notion of inequality in powers between men and women. This has fueled the persistent discrimination against women. During war, men use rape as a weapon. Regardless of their age, women suffer violent sexual abuse during wartime.

In parts like South Asia, dowry murder is rampant. This is the kind of murder, which occurs when a woman's family cannot meet the in-law's demands for dowry. They kill the woman in recompense for the failed dowry payments. This is because they treat the woman as a gift to her new family. Yes, these horrors happen.

Life Choices taken away from Women

Women are victims of early marriage. This is where girls as young as twelve years old get married to older men. This is especially in Africa and South Asia. The men normally force the young girls into sexual relations and violence in the marriage. This increases their health risks and exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. It also gets in the way of their education.

Women are also victims of trafficking. Annually, between 500,000 and 2 million people, majorly women and children undergo trafficking. Their traffickers sell them into servitude or slavery, forced labor, or even prostitution. During their illegal transit, their traffickers often cramp them in containers, which is harmful to their health. Many of them die during transit due to poor health. Female victims of child abuse often suffer stigma throughout the rest of their lives.

Women and FGM

Well into the 21st Century, women are still victims of female genital mutilation. This is any practice where people in a community carry out cutting operations on women and girls. Female genital mutilation is a deep-rooted and old tradition in which an estimated 130 million women alive today have experienced. It is very common in Africa and Middle Eastern countries. Annually, about two million young girls are at risk of female genital mutilation. Many African countries have illegalized the rite because they consider it dangerous to the girl child.

Brutality acted out on Women

In several societies, relatives kill women who have engaged in premarital sex or adultery. Their relatives murder them because they consider them violators of chastity, which they consider a part of their family's honor. Usually, it does not matter whether the adultery or premarital sex is due to rape. When they grow up, women who have undergone abuse sometime become unable to fit into the wider society. This is a leading cause of suicide in various parts of the world.

Sexual Harassment

Women are victims of sexual harassment. If there’s one thing women all over the world complain of, it’s this. Between 40 and 50 percent of women, undergo sexual harassment in the workplace. Female pupils also experience sexual harassment in school. An example is in Malawi where about 50 percent of the girls claim that they have experienced sexual harassment in schools.

Women also experience sexual harassment while in police custody. They go through strip searches, inappropriate surveillance, and sexual violence conducted by men. Sometimes they need to exchange sex for favors while in police custody. Sometimes women also experience systematic neglect due to their role in the society. This is especially in South and East Asia where the parents consider the boy child more valuable.


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      4 years ago

      Many matters cannot be controlled by law only, the mentality of the community may have stronger effect than the law itself, many men should stop looking to the women as sex toy, and look to any women by the way he want the other men to look to his wife and daughter.

      Ethics and religions should play they role in changing community mentality, also in some communities, the barriers in front of marriage should be broken, to make it easier for people to have normal sexual life.


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