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Women in Power Instilling Peace

Updated on May 6, 2018

Before 3000 BC, there was a 'gynocratic' age for over a million years, as childbirth was seen as a powerful act performed by women, and so women were worshipped. Only after 3000 BC was it discovered that men are an important factor in reproduction, and the term 'patriarchy' is considered to be approximately 5000 years old, according to Gloria Steinem.

I'm sure that you've heard this idea before - that more women in power would create a more peaceful world. The burning question is how can this very notion be implemented? There are already many females in powerful stances in the world in many industries but the numbers are not nearly enough. Not only that, but they are not celebrated in the media enough and their achievements are not really recognised.

Women's magazines themselves reflect much more superficial factors associated with being a woman. The emphasis is generally on looks and weight and relationship issues, and women who are actually geniuses or talented in some way or other are overlooked. How can women expect to be recognised for their talents and not their sex appeal when prominent females in the media concentrate on superficial aspects of being a woman?

In fact, many prominent females given media airtime usually fit into this superficial bracket. Their achievements include how much weight they lost recently, which famous male celebrity they are dating, what fashion they follow. Young impressionable women read this trash and try and aspire to an ideal they should really be ignoring.

So, as you can see, the media has a lot to answer for. You do get the odd article in women's glossies about a talented female athlete or entrepreneur, but you need a magnifying glass to find them.

In terms of women, matriarchy, and peace, feminists in the 1950s were heavily involved in the UK Peace Movement and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Members of the Women's Liberation Movement were also extremely active in the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, according to the British Library.


According to 'Societies of Peace: Matriarchies Past Present and Future' (see link below), matriarchal societies are characteristically vehicles of peace because they have a 'non-violent social order' where all living creatures are respected and there are no hierarchies. In addition these societies are not 'ruled' by women as such, as many misinterpret the term 'matriarchy' to mean 'ruled by females', but instead celebrate gender equality.


According to Gloria Steinem, a gynocratic age existed for over a million years before the discovery that men were instrumental in the process of reproduction. Prior to this discovery in 3000 BC, women were worshipped for their childbearing powers and as such societies were much more peaceful as a result. Patriarchy has been in existence for around 5000 years, according to Steinem.

So the question is how a more matriarchal society, which is not ruled by women but rather brings about gender equality, can be implemented in what is already a society engrained with patriarchal values which include 'to divide and conquer'?

What do you think - would a matriarchal society bring about world peace?

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