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Tips for Best Use of Women's Public Restrooms

Updated on November 2, 2021
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As a poet, therapist, and observer of human behavior, Janis has a keen awareness of what makes people tick and behave the way they do.

Women's Hygiene Habits May Shock You

Women apply lipstick perfectly in the mirror of a public restroom while failing to clean up after themselves.
Women apply lipstick perfectly in the mirror of a public restroom while failing to clean up after themselves. | Source

Women Behaving Badly

One of the most untidy places you may have had the unlikely fortune of visiting is a heavily used public bathroom for women.

This is not just because of the amount of bacteria that that live there.

These expected places of respite and relief can shockingly be transformed into places of disgust, due to the careless behavior of the women who use them. The state of the restroom makes it difficult to maneuver through for freshening up or for using the stall.

Let's look at seven examples of bad habits committed by some women.

They make the public bathroom experience uncomfortable, to say the least, for those who come in after them.

Clean Toilet Seats are Hard to Find

Every woman deserves a clean toilet when she enters the stall.
Every woman deserves a clean toilet when she enters the stall. | Source

Seven Bad Habits of Women

  1. Leaving a toilet stall without flushing - this is a basic rule taught to children as young as two years old. How does one forget to do this?
  2. Dropping used tissues and paper towels on the floor instead of in the toilet of trash can - is it so hard to put trash where it belongs?
  3. Leaving hair and make-up in the sink or on the counter - it takes seconds to wipe up your own waste.
  4. Leaving used feminine products on the floor or in the toilet instead of wrapping and putting them into the available repository - enough said.
  5. Leaving bodily waste on the toilet seat- leaving the toilet seat soiled and unusable for the next person is the #1 violation for women; understandably, for some women, it is preferable to stand up, but . . . try using a toilet seat cover.
  6. Contributing to toilet clogging by flushing feminine products, paper towels, and too much tissue down the toilet - sometimes it might take two flushes to get the job done.
  7. Ignoring posted signs in the stalls regarding cleanliness and proper use of the facilities and amenities.

Amenities are Available for Proper Use

A sufficient supply of toilet paper is available in most stalls.
A sufficient supply of toilet paper is available in most stalls. | Source

Cleanliness and Womanhood: A Virtue

It is a well-known myth that women are the neater of the two sexes but one would never know this looking inside of a women's public bathroom. It is expected that as women, we carry ourselves with a cleanliness that is next to godliness, so to speak:

  • Our hair, make-up, and nails are neatly done,
  • We like to express good fashion sense and taste,
  • Our hygiene is a priority, sometimes accented with a nice scent,
  • And our well-groomed presentation is attractive and appealing to the eye.

These qualities, although they may seem trivial to some, are a part of what makes us uniquely women. However, our dirty little secret is that these qualities are not always reflected in our bathroom experience.

Whether it's our behavior or the behavior of others to which we are exposed, we seem to lose a level of self-respect and dignity when we enter and exit a public bathroom. It is a mystery as to what goes wrong.

Women Primp and Apply Makeup When They Can

We love grooming and re-applying our makeup in the restroom mirror.
We love grooming and re-applying our makeup in the restroom mirror. | Source

Understanding Women's Bathroom Habits and Behavior

It is obvious that the bad habits and behaviors outlined above do not reflect all women. Perhaps it's about improper home training or the lack of it. Maybe there's a difference in maturity levels between the generations when it comes to hygiene or even cultural differences about the use of public toilets.

Or, as most people can attest to about being in public places, it could be due to the fear of germs. Women do their business and rush to get out of there as quickly as possible to avoid exposure to possible contamination.

Whatever the case may be, we see the evidence in women's bathrooms that something goes awry in our ability to care about the collective comfort of women in the stalls. It also seems that the more heavily the public bathroom is used (for example, in malls and in bus stations), the more we are exposed to a decline in those collective efforts to make a respectable and comfortable visit for all.

Keep Your Hands Clean

Using paper towels or hand dryers decreases the spreading of germs.
Using paper towels or hand dryers decreases the spreading of germs. | Source

Cleanliness of Public Restrooms

How tidy are the women's public restrooms you use?

See results

Reclaiming Our Places of Respite and Relief

Let us return to the basics of cleanliness as we band together in making our public bathrooms places of comfort and relief. The next time you go for a "Meeting in the Ladies Room,"

  • Pick up, wipe up, and tidy after yourself before leaving the bathroom (and PLEASE wash and dry your hands; keep hand sanitizers or wipes in your purse or pocket at all times for your convenient use).
  • Talk to your daughters about proper hygiene in general and how to use a bathroom safely, with emphasis on making it better for the person who comes into the stall after them.
  • Lastly, try to make the women's public bathroom as reflective as possible of the self-respect and dignity we possess as women, making us proud to allegedly be, the neater of the two sexes.

© 2013 Janis Leslie Evans


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