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Womens' Work, Men's Work

Updated on January 8, 2011

Gender shouldn't matter


Women’s Work, Men’s Work

My wife can fix anything. I, on the other hand, have zero mechanical ability. She painted the dining room and the bathroom and they look like a professional painter did the job. I would have had smears of paint on the baseboards and trims as well as all over myself. You get the idea - I’m a klutz but not her.

But isn’t mechanical work for the man? And how could I let a little 105 pound lady do the hard work of painting? Well, she likes to do it. But more important, thankfully, society has come to realize that relating skills to gender is absurd.

So, I can wash dishes and make beds and cook without feeling like a sissy. Besides, she does have me around to unscrew tight jar lids that are too much for her.

Today, we have women senators, congresswomen, CEOs of major corporations. Hillary almost beat out Obama, and we would have had a female president. I think, one of these days, we will. Already there are women heads of state in other countries.

And, in the academic world, there are more females graduating from college than males.

Does this mean I think women should be doing all the jobs men do? No. I think there are some things we are better off having men do. For example, I asked a buddy who used to be a policeman if he would be just as happy with a female partner as a male, and he said definitely, no way. I would concur. If I am out on the street breaking up fights, arresting gang bangers or busting desperate criminals, I want the biggest, strongest, meanest guy around because the bad guys are much more likely to be intimidated by a big man than by a small women. Unfortunately - in my view - we have to give the ladies an equal opportunity - be politically correct and all that.

Still, if we are going to let the gals in on jobs that up until this generation have been the exclusive purview of men, I say make them take just as arduous physical tests as the men. Don’t cut them any slack because they are women. After all, your life and her’s may one day be on the line. Same thing with the military.

On the other hand, think about this. From the dawn of time, ever since humans lived in caves, until this last century, women were relegated to keeping the home fires burning. Man was the provider, the one to “bring home the bacon”. Woman was the nester, the one to cook and clean and raise the children.

It was a good arrangement; probably the only practical solution to surviving. But with the advent of modern appliances, women were free to do more than just the housework. With washing machines and dryers, with dish washers and vacuum cleaners and automobiles to run to the store, there were more opportunities for women to find more stimulating, more fulfilling ways to spend their time. And society is better off because of it.

So, maybe things had to develop the way they did. But when you think about it, maybe mankind wasted have of its potential. Maybe half the brain power in the world was relegated to having children, to cooking sewing, cleaning - to staying “barefoot and pregnant“. How many geniuses were not recognized, whose talent was never exploited, were there in history? How many Einstein’s, Michelangelo’s, da Vincis, Galileo’s did we miss out on?

Where would the world be today if we had used the intellectual powers of the entire human race instead of just half of it?



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    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 7 years ago from America

      ssooooooo you make the beds while she changes the oil in the car??? sounds kinda fruity to me! hahaha, that is ok I live by myself and do it all! LOL