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Workaholic Issue Resolved

Updated on March 7, 2013

Author: W. K. Hayes

I am a proud workaholic


            Well, here’s another fine mess I’ve talked myself into. “Hi, my name is Keith and I’m a workaholic”, is exactly what I tell myself every day when I roll out of bed and head straight into writing, writing and more writing.

            However, writing isn’t the only thing I love to do. Here comes the list of jobs I have. Writing weblogs, writing free-lance articles for magazines, website publisher, advisor, 3D animator, 3D artist, music engineering, writing books of published poetry and being a published author, with all of the trimmings. Also, running nine company websites. All together…eighteen jobs and as if that wasn’t enough…I also cook family dinners for nearly every special occasion.

            On average, I work well over a hundred hours a week and enjoy every minute of it. Within the first thirty minutes of waking up, I’m at work. Within ten minutes of shutting off my laptop for the day, I’m in bed and about to fall asleep. Generally, I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner right where I am working so, I don’t have to stop.

            Yes, this does sound like a really bad problem but the truth is, I love every minute of it. I am using all eighteen ways to build up to a nice living. Am I rolling in money…heck no. Everything I did, until now, was nothing more than a hobby and work-related jobs in times past. Then, one day a few years back, I thoroughly convinced myself that I should share what I love doing with others. You know, to get opinions. So far, so good. I also realized that I needed to find a way to make money doign what I love.

Compliments are like breathing…we should never have to live without both. There’s nothing better than breathing in fresh, clean air and compliments from anyone, when used in a proper manner, are just as refreshing to the soul.

            Still, I often find myself wondering if I am obsessed with working. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about art but I learned very quickly with my first published work, that there is a lot of work involved when it comes to sharing your work, with the world. For me, that is the challenge. How do I give the world my gifts, I offer and let them know the gifts are there?

            Hence, the eighteen jobs. Nineteen if you include mass-marketing on a poor man’s budget. Believe it or not, more people would save a ton of money on marketing simply by doing the research but that’s another article coming next.

            Ultimately, people who work nonstop do so because they either have to, or like myself, are really happy making gifts for others to enjoy…hopefully. Still I am a workaholic but I will never see it as being a bad thing. Do I spend time with family and friends…absolutely. Unfortunately, it did take them a little time to get used to me working and talking at the same time.

            Speaking of which, it’s a good routine. While I’m writing, my other-half is busying herself with her own hobbies. While she shares with me how her projects are coming along or her work day, she also listens to my meager triumphs. My best friend is a writer as well. So, when he comes over, we write with the occasional banter and swapping of ideas.

            By now, you might have figured it out. I work all of the time because none of it is work to me. After doing a lot of research online, I’ve learned how to make money doing what I love doing, anyway. The same thing should be said for yourself. If you love something that captivates you the way my love for the arts does, then learn how to make money from doing what you love? You might not get rich but if you work hard enough, you can make a decent income for yourself and you will be alot happier for it.


     Think of it like this. People, anymore, want to work from home, be home and stay home. Fighting traffic, working with negative people and having a time clock stinks! Rolling out of bed when the mood strikes you, staying up as late as you want and being your own boss is everyone's dream. Personally, I am living my dream and I am also the happiest I have ever been in my life becasue of this.

     Sure, I might work insanely long hours but I'm fed up with trying to work for others. I'd rather work a hundred hours doing what makes me happy then ten hours working for people where I felt I did not matter. Yea, those days are gone and they are going to stay gone, no matter what.

            In the end, I am far from considering myself to being addicted to work. Although, I am obsessed with my work and having loads of fun while I’m at it. If that is being addicted then I am surely guilty. Even then, my advice to everyone on the planet is, get addicted to what you love doing and do those things with all of your heart while, finding ways to make money.

            With today’s technology through the use of computers, software and absolutely brilliant programmers, any dream you may have can become your reality and the internet provides the key to finding success in all of your endeavors.

            Be prepared for a lot of hard work, though. None of my nineteen jobs are easy but I do enjoy them as equally as I find them challenging. Do what you love doing for a living and break away from working jobs that offer you no opportunity to become happy. Life is too short to waste it working in a factory, (unless you like that sort of thing).

            If someone labels you a workaholic…thank them! Seriously, tell them thanks for the compliment. Being called a workaholic, for me, is the same thing as someone saying, “You really are determined”.

            Thanks for reading my article and have a great day!


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