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World War III and Cyberspace

Updated on November 9, 2013

What is Cyberwarfare?

Basically, we can define cyber warfare as a battle or fight between a computer or group of computers through software and hardware tactics.(It's MY PERSONAL DEFINITION). It can be you sending a lot of viruses to your friend's computer for destroying all the data and him desperately trying to block it.
Wikipedia says, "Cyber warfare refers to politically motivated hacking to conduct sabotage and espionage. It is a form of information warfare sometimes seen as analogous to conventional warfare although this analogy is controversial for both its accuracy and its political motivation."

Cyber terrorism, cyber theft, hacking, cracking etc are basic forms of cyber warfare.
We can say that cyber warfare is war fought through computer and internet instead of guns and bombs. Cyber warfare can be seen at present as the case of Silkroad and Hidden Web.

As shown in this article, cyber warfare is a tricky and sensitive business, cyber-war can't be much far from us than quantum computers.

Anonymous, the hacker organization
Anonymous, the hacker organization

World War 3 and cyber space. What is it?

It is the theory and prediction of computer experts that the next world war would not be fought like the last two ones. Many of us have thought of big nuclear and biochemical weapons, deaths and destruction everywhere but it MAY not be true.Many computer and cyberspace experts have a view that next world war will be for reign over cyberspace or internet. In my view it can BE the World War third or it can be one of the causes of war.

For example, countries and various hackers (or crackers) group may fight each other only through digital tech or due to leak of information (like wikileaks) or misunderstanding, it may break out into a war.

In my own personal opinion, it will happen within about fifteen years. But why? Because in time of ten years, latest computer technology, Quantum Computer will be developed and in five year it will spread to most parts of the world and to most people's home. And in the mean time, E-commerce will be very famous. 95% of the buying and selling of goods will be digital. Cash money will go extinct. And even virtual reality will develop. It will spread to various fields like education, engineering, etc. Your children (in fifteen years!) will not call a building a school but a coffin like box where they will have hologramic communication with the classmates and teachers. And it will be very mailicious to harm these thing. Suppose you have some credit cards with 10000$, your only money and it goes clean in the morning by some hackers, how will you feel?

It's effect!

What do you think about the effect of war in cyberspace?

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How much can it be effective?

As I already said, in fifteen years time computer technology will be very advanced. Quantum computing and virtual reality will be very common. Ecommerce will be normal.
You must have watched movie "Die Hard 4". Think of fire sale there. Think of Wikileaks. Combine them both and multiply ny hundred. Think of 100 wikileaks damaging diplomatic relation of all countries and 100 fire sale hackers attacking each country's economy and administration. Think of ultramodern forms of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Paypal being hacked and privacy attacked. Suppose that you have 500$ in your wallet and 1000$ in your bank account. In fifteen years time that wallet will be a small data wafer in your pocket or biologically fitted in you wrist (like in the movie "Time" but credit card instead of age.) And think that when you woke up this morning it was swept clean by hackers.

Deaths and destruction How many people will be killed an d how much loss?

If the third world war happens ONLY in the cyberspace, then it can not directly kill anyone (unless you get a heart attack!). But if it leads to a physical war like I mentioned above, there is gonna be a great loss and deaths. But it may indirectly lead to many deaths. For example, people may die by not getting health service at time when they have been into accidents and they have no money. Or like in the Die Hard 4, the accidents, no electricity in the hospital etc. And there can be huge loss of money. Billions worth of software and networks could go nil and be useless.
But if this battle of cyber space leads to a real physical war, .......... I would say," I can not say about World War III but 4th World war will be fought with logs and stones."

Who will be the Allies and Axis?

The big question is who will be participate of this war? Of course, victims will be normal people like you and me . But who will be our attacker and who will be our protector? I have my own opinion that in this one the EVIL ones (the Axis) will be some groups of masterminds black hat hackers associated with some terrorist groups. They will have vast resources to destroy each and every computer in the world. The black haters will be the main masterminds and they will backed up with money and resources by terrorist groups. Their main aim will be to terrorize normal people, steal and destroy banks money (they can't use it) and to steal top secret information of the Government and some big organizations. Maybe they will be backed up by some evil countries also. And our heroes ( the Allies) will be the group of white hat hackers (the good ones) hired by the government and some big organization. And there will be some to be said neutral groups like Wiki leaks who will leak the top secret information of countries to each other, adding oil to fire.


Get ready for war!!

I have said all about the war up to now but what then?

Of course we are the possible victims of this up coming war but should this mean that we should keep silence and let the government protect us? NO! We should be prepared! We will be at war!
Of course I don't encourage you for a real physical war but some self defense against the upcoming danger. Here you will not get knowledge about bomb shelters but shelters from Cyberthreats and cyberterrorism. Soldiers! Get ready! We will be at war at next dawn!
People, we are not talking about small virus thrown at you from your classmate or some cents stolen from your bank account from a Amateur cracker. We are talking about world wide digital Apocalypse, destruction of Zillions , every piece of digital privacy looted. But what are we gonna do that day? Just sit, watch and wait for government to arrive and sweep these problems away? NO! No one messes with people of 21st century! If someone throws mud at us, we will throw it back at them. The most of the attacks on this world war will be on your on line banking accounts, your accounts on social network and your mobile conversation. Your privacy won't be your own. But by following cyber ethics and security measures, we may minimize the loss and damage of the future war:


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      R.s. Romeo 4 years ago

      I am ready for the world war III