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World hunger could be solved tomorrow

Updated on February 11, 2015

Can hunger in the U.S. in the world be solved in today's world?

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Problem has already been solved

Before modern agriculture and before various things could be transported as easily as it is currently to do so, making sure everyone in the world had enough to eat would have been an impossible task. But in today's world, it is quite possible for it to be solved. There is more than enough food being produced and more than ample means of distributing that food to the world. It doesn't happen before no one has the will or is forced to do so.

To me, it's baffling that "in 2013, 14.7 million (19.9 percent) children under the age of 18 were in poverty." How can the United States claim to be a world power when 20% of people under 18 are not getting enough to eat? World hunger can be solved, but hunger here in the United States needs to be addressed first.

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, I would hope that you and everyone else would be in favor of legislation that gave every single citizen the ability to have enough to eat everyday. I would argue that no matter what the cost of it would be, it should be addressed and fixed because it's just the right thing to do.

It would be one thing if we didn't have the amounts of food that we do or the ability to distribute that food, but we do and we choose not to because it may not make money for the right people. But I would argue that it would benefit society in the long term and allow for those business to make more money in the long term.


Wasted food

Way too much food is wasted in the United States. 40% ( of all food is thrown away. That's a ton of food. That would be like having dozen eggs of bread and throwing out 5 eggs (12 x .4= 4.8). It seems quite silly of me if anyone person to do that, and it seems even more silly for a whole society to do essentially the same thing but with all kinds of food.

Maybe I'm crazy, but all the food that is currently being wasted right now would be better off used for feeding the people who need it. It's not like it's going to some other good cause or costing anyone money when they throw away food. Maybe in the sense that they don't get the full worth out of the all the food they bought, but even so, it's better to use it all than to waste it. To toss what could be used by hungry kids as trash.

It should be the right of every citizen to have three meals a day. We live in too advanced of a society to let people starve. This could all be done on a worldwide level, but I think we need to nail down the problem of hunger in the United States first before we try to go out and help the world. But we should eventually. Perhaps we could do both at the same time.

People who get enough to eat do better in school

It only makes sense that if someone has enough to eat that they will be more engaged in school and able to perform better during it. Food helps keep the brain running opitmally and getting enough food is extremely important for developing children. If a student is not getting enough to eat, they are more likely to do perform worse in school.

This is extremely harmful for younger students because if they are unable to get the basics understood, like reading, writing, math, or motor skills, they are going to be fighting an uphill battle throughout their school career. One that will only get harder as the years go by.

And that's why programs that give students breakfast and lunch are so important and should be regulated heavily to make sure they are sufficient and are healthy. When students are depending on schools to provide them meals, it is their obligation to make sure they are healthy for the students. Feeding the students better will allow them to get the most out the food they are eating and to do better in school.

If students are able to get a nutritionally sound meal, they are going to be able to focus better in class because aren't hunger and are going to be able to be more active in and out of school And developing a habit of being active, both mentally and physically, will lead to better habits being made that will, hopefully, grow throughout the schooling career and blossom when they are adults.

How to save all this food

The first thing that needs to be done is to create laws that make businesses that deal with a lot of food to have to send their extra food out to various shelters for people to eat, so they aren't wasted.

Obviously, not every shred of food can be saved but much, much more can be saved and with the prompting of the government, it could be done quite easily. This kind of food distribution would most likely have to be done on a local level. But if businesses everywhere did this kind of thing on a local level, it could help to solve the problem everywhere.

It would probably be easier to be done on local level because businesses would have an easier time transporting or arranging for the transport of their extra food to local places than to further away ones.

What happens with those students

Students that are able to do better in school are able to build the skills they need for the real world. They are able to get into college, get degrees, and get good jobs. This kind of thing can be one of the ways to break the cycle of poverty that plagues too many people in the United States. I think it's a more than fair assumption to make that people under the age of 18 who are going hunger, are also living in poverty.

If they aren't able to do well in school and develop the skills they need to be successful in the real world, they will struggle to get good jobs that pay more than the current, embarrassingly low minimum wage.


People will be lazy

In short, not they won't. And even if people decided that they were going to take advantage of food programs to get free meals, then let them. I would rather feed a couple lazy people than let people starve.

There will always be lazy people and people trying to take advantage of things that they can. But there doesn't always have to be hunger people. Hungry kids. The problem can be solved. And it's sad that nothing is currently be done that would drastically reduce the number of people who don't get enough food.

Okay, let's not make the food free

Many people would disagree with giving people, who need it, free food. And the food doesn't necessarily have to be completely free, but I would argue that in the current way the economic system is, there should be a system to get people food for free, if they need it.

Raising the minimum wage to a living wage would allow people to afford to buy their own food. So raising the minimum wage number would lower the amount of people who don't have enough to eat. I would argue that doing so would be a good thing to do. Maybe I'm crazy.

Doing that would help, but there could still be programs that use food that would normally be thrown out. These programs could offer these various foods at extremely lower prices, so that anyone could afford them.

No matter how they problem of hunger is attacked, it needs to be improved and the United States needs to act in a way that lowers the number of people who aren't getting enough food. 20% is way too high.

The government...

I wish more people in the government would talk about this problem, but unfortunately there isn't a fincial incentive for them to do anything about it and for them, they are almost completely driven by what will get them more money, which is a sad fact.


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    • CatherineGiordano profile image

      Catherine Giordano 3 years ago from Orlando Florida

      I totally agree. Just because a few people abuse the system doesn't mean the system should be abolished. We can try to minimize abuse, but it is just the price f business. It's like shoplifting--stores don't shut down because of it; they minimize it as much as they can and the rest is just a cost of doing business.

      About the hungry in third world countries, I have read that the planet produces enough food to feed everyone. The problem is distribution. Getting the food where it is needed.

      And bravo to raising the minimum wage. It's the best way to eliminate poverty and crime. Voted up.