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Updated on July 26, 2016

It was dark night and moon had amazing shine..
She was on terrace asking stars what is mine..!
She had tear in her beautiful eyes..
Thinking why people say so many lies..!
She wanted to know what is there in money..
That people are running and leaving harmony ..!

She wanted to scream and ask the world..

Why they don't understand she wants safe world..!

With closed eyes when she wanted to imagine peace..
She recognized how people are killing each other for money piece..!
People say girls needs to be at home after 10 pm...
I ask them when she is being teased isn't your son needs to be claim.. !
She is the one who needs care..
I beg you people please make world little fair..!
Girl whom you called the Slut ..
Let me ask you how can you be so blunt..!
Having 10 girlfriends for you is a game..
When she does the same how can you blame..!
The girl needed your support when she took stand for herself..
Instead of supporting you were the one who was busy saving yourself..!
Ask your inner soul once.. Is it right to tease a girl..
If not then hold her hand and don't let her dull..!
I don't say all people are same...
But atleast don't play with feelings just for fame..!
She doesn't needs your support to let her stand again...
But she do wants that society somehow use their brain..!
You choose Appearance to doubt her character..
Let me ask you appearance is all what matter ?
I ask all the girls that how can you say a girl Prostitute..
Do you actually think expressing anger for her has only this substitute ..
She is beautiful in the way she dresses herself...
Before you judge anyone ask your inner self ..!
I never said every girl is right and every boy is wrong..
Coz when something went wrong, it is society which do not stand strong..!
Youth is the one who can change the world..
Otherwise every parent will always be afraid to bring their beautiful daughter in this world. ..!


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    • Anisha Vyas profile image

      Anisha Vyas 16 months ago from Jodhpur, India

      Thank You :)

    • profile image

      Navdha 16 months ago

      Yaar its amazing and true words....

    • profile image

      alka 16 months ago

      Beautiful thought and so true....