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World's End

Updated on October 5, 2015


another picture from my
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The World on fire

The rise and fall of the 20th century:

Doomsday. Adios Earth…goodbye cosmos. The writing has been on the wall for a long time, but we consistently mistranslate, ignore, or misunderstand the ultimate message. Despite years of speculation and study, the ultimate fate of mankind will be determined by good old human nature. We still suffer from humanity’s greatest enemy: itself. Greed, corruption, and complete lack of morality has always been our Achilles Heel, and our destruction will hinge on the same evil depicted in the Bible.

The fate of our world depends on numerous scenarios, religious fatalism, philosophical differences, and the willingness for the individual to sacrifice his fate for the overall good of the community, something soldiers experience in battle, and have learned is not an easy expectation. That’s why we call such people heroes. Falling on a grenade to save your buddies is an instinctive act, and one that requires someone to accept the fact that they are a spiritual being, and that spirituality will be our salvation or our destruction. Uniting the world would take a miracle, an event that is beyond something we can understand…and that could very well be the apocalypse we are told about in the Bible.

When examined in that light, our future can never be functional, and a war of all against all will be waiting for us, just as sure as the sky is blue…for now. The hot war raging in Syria is a symptom of a larger problem. That too may change…in an instant. Philosophers have suggested that events like an attack by aliens from another world would unite humanity, but that still does not change the problem with the true nature of man. Any invading aliens could get help from a group of humans just by promising them safety, security, or something they want. Never underestimate the greed of humans, their innate selfishness, and their inherent greed…people like this would sell out other humans in an instant. When you look at the survival of the human race in this manner, there is not a lot of hope, as even hope is personal, and staying alive to hope another day might require murder, deception, and falsehood…all of the old evils pointed out in the Bible, and since these points are still alive and well, their existence could be the reason for the end. The only thing that makes us a favorite for survival would be selecting a group of humans that obey their moral code, and would be willing to give that last drink of water to their children, so they might survive. Unless we’re willing to die so that others may live, I wouldn’t bet a lot on the survival of humanity in any situation that puts survival in a Darwinian sense…only the strong will survive, and the strong are willing to kill to ensure they have the last sip of water.

With observations like these, it’s no wonder so many civilizations have risen and fallen, but since we are now a globally connected planet, the real question is whether another, out-of-this-world disaster, would leave behind tiny pockets of survivors, or whether humanity would succumb to the Biblical end that is prophesized in Revelations.

History is a great teacher, and shows us that every great civilization has enjoyed boom times, eventually destroyed by the very expansion that made them so great. The adage “Those who do not pay attention to history are destined to repeat it,” still contains the existential warning it always had, and human hubris or belief in their technological achievements to save them contains the same seeds of destruction that erased humanity’s greatest civilizations. The Mayan, Roman, and Anastasia, plus unknown societies that have been eradicated by time, are all victims of similar thinking…trusting in their mastery over nature, yet ignoring events that finally destroyed them. The Mayan cut down too many trees, experienced agricultural failure, and grew too large to sustain a large population. Roman society fell over similar reasons, a failing agricultural infrastructure, but ignored the threat of marauding bands of barbarians that were mobile, vicious, and lived off the land by stealing everything they needed. Perhaps that fate may befall 20th century man, for it is cheaper to stay mobile, live by victimizing static and productive societies, and stay ahead of the game by becoming militarily stronger. Look how ISIS has evolved and now threatens peace and stability in the Middle East…strategies to defeat them are tossed around, but no real solutions have turned up…yet.

Our philosophers, theologians, and anthropologists claim that humanity’s moral code, to live and let live, will go out the window as soon as we no longer have the necessities of life. Rational thought includes stealing the means to live, especially when a certain class or part of society holds onto these resources. We had two major world wars in the last 100 years…what will happen when the very essence of life, food and water, are hoarded by a few, and denied to the multitudes. Morality will be discarded, and the fight to live will replace everything we have supposedly achieved in the last 2,000 years. The destruction of Rome is a giant signpost, warning future societies what will happen unless equal division of all resources is enjoyed by all. Our modern society has become so advanced, common sense is discarded, and we trust in our laws, police, and armies to ensure law and order will survive.

During the cold war, Russia and the U.S.A. accumulated enough nuclear weapons to destroy Earth over and over again. The “Mutually Assured Destruction Pact,” or MAD, gave our leaders the ability to rain destruction upon every living soul on this Earth, and that was so unacceptable and unreasonable, even our blind leaders saw the insanity and endeavored to reduce the nuclear stockpile. We still have enough to end the world, but hopefully cooler heads will prevail, and try to save humanity from annihilation. The people called dreamers, or “preppers,” are groups of people that are trying to save themselves with limited resources, but seem to have a selfish survival goal, and do not have the overall continuation of the human race at heart. Stockpiling guns, preparing to defend their limited resources after a disaster, is the same sort of thinking that will doom us all, and sadly, it seems that they might be our only hope for survival.

Problems always have solutions, but saving humanity may not be a problem with a solution. Surviving an initial Extinction Level Event seems to be a solution that will only prolong our eventually demise. The world needs to put aside petty differences and begin to live as a thriving planet…that miracle is a dream, thanks to human greed, selfishness, and pride. We have not matured enough as a race to survive. Certain political situations, religious differences, and the overall division of priceless resources are all globally coveted realities that bring out the true nature of man.

It seems the bottom line isn’t building a space craft that could be an ark of sorts, but learning to fix the moral iniquities we face, and live the way we should live. Learn to live together, and learn to love each other; could sound optimistically trite, but sometimes the basic common ground is the best. Like Ronald Regan said to the United Nations: “I wonder how fast how problems on Earth would disappear if we faced a threat from outer space.” Because there are so many people that faithfully believe there are more than one correct way to live, there is no way we will all survive, and only those pleasing to almighty God will live to see another day. We can argue until the cows come home, and philosophize until the end of time itself, but knowing the fate of the human race is presumptuous at best, and impossible in reality.


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