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Would you want your daughter near Ben Roethlisberger

Updated on April 23, 2011

The Face of the NFL

Notice the T-shirt
Notice the T-shirt

Big Ben is a rapist

So, I heard the news conference of Art Rooney II today when he said that he was ready to punish Ben Roethlisberger. I applaud him for his actions and I hope that the punishment suits the crime. Yes, I called it a crime because that is what it was. How else do you describe a guy who is 6’5” tall and weighs 241lbs. locking himself into a dingy one-toilet bathroom with a drunken 20-year-old coed and having sex with her against her will? What else would you call it when his bodyguards stand at the door to make sure it remains locked and cannot look the girls who are asking them about their friend in the eye because they know she is drunk? It is called rape and I have a question for anyone who sees it different. Would you like your 18-20-year-old daughter locked in a room anywhere with Ben Roethlisberger?

I know he was not charged. However, that is only because he got this girl so drunk with free shots that she could not remember clearly what happened. There are reports that she actually fell down and hit her head and he still had her escorted to a hallway to await Ben's arrival. In papers that were released from Georgia, her friends say that the bodyguards would not allow them to rescue their friend. The accuser says that she walked into the bathroom to get away from Roethlisberger who was exposing himself to her. She said she told him no, but he forced himself on her. This is not the first girl who has accused Ben of rape. The first girl said that Ben raped her when she was trying to fix the TV in his hotel room in Nevada. His famous line is “It’s ok if we have sex.”

When the first woman sued Ben all of the Steeler front office was behind him when he denied her accusations. If you watched the other day, Ben was alone when he basically congratulated himself for not being charged with a crime. The fact is that this guy is a creep and I would not allow him within 100 yards of my daughter. If most Americans were honest, they would not feel comfortable with him near their children either. Ben needs to do more than grow up; he needs to be punished for his immature and criminal behavior.

Why is it that a man who earns $108 million dollars on his current contract cannot do what others do and buy a hooker? Why does he have to ply young girls with alcohol and force himself on them to have sexual intercourse?

From the evidence, Ben thinks he is entitled. He plies women with alcohol. He gets drunk and asks them for sex. When they refuse, he calls them teases, bitches, and other wonderful names. If he gets them alone, he has no problem taking what he wants. When he is caught, he denies that anything wrong ever happened and fails to apologize to his victims. That is classic sexual predator behavior and Big Ben is still walking the streets. What do you think parents? Would you want this guy locked up in a room with your daughter? I think not.


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    • profile image

      Joshua Kell 7 years ago

      Sex offenders should be exicuted, or at least sterilized and imprisoned. Great hub, thanks.

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      terrific terrific hub something not right with this GUy great read thanks