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Write for Human Rights

Updated on December 3, 2012

Dec. 10th is International Human Rights Day

December 10th will be the International Day for Human Rights. This year will be the 50th year that Amnesty International has been in existence. Started in 1961 by british attorney Peter Benenson, this agency fights for the rights to Free Press amoung many other world issues. World wide over 3 million supporters are involved in making humanitarian efforts to save the lives of those who are threatened violence or who are prisoners of conscience, according to their website. The offical Write for Rights campaign invites public journalists, or hobby bloggers alike to defend and write about the Human Rights being violated around the world.

I first got involved with Amnesty International after I was released of a jail sentence that I seved related to being sentenced in an Assault charge where I was accused by members of my family who were trying to commit me for being mentally ill. It is not easy to talk about. I am still trying to change my public records which discriminate me from certain publics, as it shows I commited an Assault on a Duty officer. I have never been a violent person, I learned Martial Arts as a young adult, and I have been through much therapy to deal my dysfunctional family issues. The first thing I did when I got out of jail, after serving a 6 month sentence, was research the word Human Rights on the internet. I found Amnesty International. Over the years I have signed petitions and noticed groups of student lawyers and journalists join in efforts to help free other's rights world wide. I signed the pledge to publicly join this effort today.

Here is the pledge to help write about rights:

"I write because even though you are lonely, I never want you to feel alone.
I write because even though you've experienced injustice, you deserve truth.
I write because we should all be free. Free from bars and cells, free from repression and hate.
I write because we all need a shining beacon during dark moments.
I write because my words can reach you, even though I cannot.
I write because I've seen proof that letters can unlock prison doors.
I pledge to write on behalf of people in need of protection -- and hope.
I pledge to write for freedom. I pledge to write for hope. I pledge to write for rights."

Amnesty International

This image embodies the idea of Amnesty International's world wide efforts to help free prisoners of conscience.
This image embodies the idea of Amnesty International's world wide efforts to help free prisoners of conscience. | Source


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