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Writing to Bring Back Free Thought

Updated on March 12, 2010

Subversive Writing


First thing you do when writing is turn the television off. You’ll find writing tricky and hard to do at first, but with time you’ll learn to re-adjust your internal-processing to compensate for the subliminal “rain” we all are being bombarded with. Never let your brain get stuck on any one subject for too long. It’s easy to get “stuck” by subliminal-weaponry which causes us to obsess on one thing until we lose our minds. It doesn’t matter what it is - FORGET IT.

The more oblivious we are to the details in our environment, the less harassed we are going to feel. Just remember what you need to to get tasks done which were conceived “from the hip” (subconscious mind). Your subconscious knows what you actually want and being closer to it is wise because then you can influence those parts of you most easily swayed by the latest subliminal-technology. Listen from within, screw environmental “programming signals”………take over your internal thought-processing and feelings. You learn to make yourself: laugh, feel good, be entertained. Eventually, you’ll start thinking for yourself at some point along the way!

Forget the little “song and dance” someone’s got you scheduled for………..that isn’t being alive, that’s being a zombie under somebody else’s spell (talk about a raw deal). I’ve done that for years. Where it gets you is nowhere unless you have the purity of a priest or real good planning skills. Even that doesn’t matter because this was coming. The world is really messed-up. No reason to want to get ahead……the smell of something big is coming (why waste time getting programmed when a great disturbance is headed our way).

Get “out of rhythym” with whatever groove you are in. This shakes off pesky subliminal “thought enmeshment”. It feels like a case of the flu. You just don’t feel good because this thing is “on you”…… “change your number” often. Learn to make fun of yourself as easily as you can make fun of others. Forget everything this world promises: it’s all fake……….whatever is REALLY GOING ON we cannot see.

Whatever you want, you cannot have……so want either way and you can’t psychologically lose. That is where it’s at these days people - up HERE, in our minds. It’s where TV once was. Uninitiated are tested for their patience and ability to suffer minor aches and pains while subliminally being told that “it’s unbearable”. And it WILL feel un-bearable, until you STOP LISTENING. Take back your mind and see what a few original ideas can do in a house of cards based on lies and illusions!

Remember the “everything is fine”- no it’s not - “everything is fine” - no it’s not game. It’s always fine in the end……….but if you tune in to your environment, you will have almost died about 6 times (great tactic to wear down the mind). Don’t believe ANYTHING you see, hear, smell, touch………believe in YOUR WILL. There is NOTHING you can’t do, period.

Any ideological/psychological wrangles that have held you back in life are now 100% cancelled until this “silent occupation” of our country ends. Weren’t the coolest in school, never made a million dollars………..forget it, man. Think whatever puts that mind in gear, makes you feel good. Our original culture called this “Getting it on!”. Our present one tries to discourage any: original mental thought, base pleasure, “feeling good” because these things get brains to thinking and then all SORTS of things start happening……….a CHAIN REACTION that goes like this: “hey, I’m tired of being screwed over………this “life” isn’t worth living, it isn’t even REAL!   I'm taking over!!!!


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