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You are BLOCKED! You are BANNED!

Updated on February 2, 2017

Facebook Block

Block & Banned

The Mental Conditioning of the World ThroughSocial Media

I find it extremely revealing and quite appalling to watch the purposeful degrading and dumbing-down of the people on social media. There is clear manipulation of people's minds, behaviors and emotions going on. The powers that be surely do have the ability to manipulate and destroy the mental capacity of these chronic and incessant users. Actually they already have.

"Mission has already been completed!"

You don't think so? If you don't believe me than just take a look around at reality yourself. What do you see? Do you see anything different? Do you even see reality and truth? Are you possibly one of those people who is under that very same mind control and you just can not see reality any longer?

Do you want to find out if you are? I suggest that you immediately step away from your cell phone, twitter, You-tube, computer, Facebook and stay away from it completely for a few months and find out for yourself. Use your phone only for emergency phone calls or catching up with friends by voice, not text and use it for work related things only. I can guarantee you that if you are one who has been conditioned by design and control, you will not last twenty-four hours without it. This should frighten you! If this statement does not frighten you than this should frighten you more!


Delusional & Irrational & Conditioned

How many creepy stories have you heard of people killing themselves and killing others because somebody merely blocked them on social media? Can you even imagine the amount of conditioning it would take to get another to kill someone or themselves over something so trivial as being blocked or un-followed?

These are the people who are at the highest level of behavior modification and conditioning. They believe that faceless people who they have never met in their life are their friends. They grow an unnatural and obsessive connection to whatever persona or picture that shows up on the screen in front of them. They are conditioned to not even question truth. Some even speak to someone a few times through a comment section and they have been conditioned to believe that they are friends, strangely they will even say that this is their 'good friend.'

Grocery Store

The Truth versus Designed Behavioral Modification

You go to the local grocery store and you have the same woman cashier for the third time in a month. She pleasantly rings your items through and takes your money and cashes you out. She politely small talks with you and then tells you to have a nice day. You leave with your groceries and go home.

At what point do you then begin to call the cashier 'your friend or your good friend?'

You show up at the store for the fourth time in the same month. As you walk up to the check out line she quickly places the "No Service" sign up and blocks you from cashing out your groceries.

Do you go home and brood about it? Do you lose sleep over it? Do you complain to people and tell them that she has done the unforgivable to you by blocking you? Do you go get your gun and kill her because she just blocked you from her line? Do you kill yourself because of this woman's rejection to cash out your groceries?

Do you see how incredibly insane social media is and how it is manipulating the mind to utter confusion, dysfunction and the inability to process normal thought patterns?

Some men and women have actually fallen in love and left their husband-wives and children for a non-existent man or woman in a photograph and a few emails. Only later to have met up with a murderer, a woman, a transgendered or a teenager playing a prank. What strength of behavior modification and conditioning has to be done to a human mind and to what extreme level to have this actually happen?

Have you ever considered that you were being conditioned by behavioral modifications purposely and willfully by outside sources? You should think about it and consider it very deeply because you are.

Butt Hurt


I had been playing around with the settings of my Google plus page and I accidentally deleted and UN-followed over 200 of my followers six months ago. I stupidly did it again recently as I attempted to close off my writings so that I could place many of my writings here on hub pages per prerequisite to belong to this site. What a creepy lesson I received!

I was taught even more about the severe and sickening social condition of people by a few simple mistakes and strokes of my computer keys. The repercussions from others was shocking, quite frightening and very abnormal. The majority do not even know my first name and have probably never read one thing that I had written yet still they were unnaturally angry that I was no longer following them. This is a very unhealthy conditioning of behavior modification my friends. Very creepy stuff indeed.

Flush & Block

A block is like a toilet flushing. It removes waste products.

I personally have blocked hundreds of people from many of my social media sites for years and I have never lost a wink of sleep over it. The ones that I have blocked were not friends nor anyone that I would have had considered as a friend in my presence. When I have seen the truth of another person and their behavior is very unsavory to my palate, especially viewing deception, I remove them from my circle immediately. Yes, I block them. Many confuse a block as death and this is where the level of insanity and delusions comes into play.

Had it ever occurred to any of them that I just don't plain like them and what they are about? No. Did it occur to any of them that their bad behaviors which they exhibit are not normal? No. Did it occur to them that I have no interest in knowing them any longer because they have nothing to bring to my table but dung? Absolutely not. They are designed and filled to the brim with such narcissism that they can't even figure out even the simplest of things such as why they were blocked. Disturbing!

Toilet Flush


Many that I have blocked were only online commenters from my eyes. I have no interest in playing in the devil's playground nor prancing around their delusions. Some that have been blocked will proclaim differently though. We were best friends dontchaknow? This social media has surely messed with people's minds.

Why? They fell for the lie. They are narcissists and they are programmed that way! They see themselves as more than what they really are and they have mistaken me as actually caring about their self professed label of whatever it is that they believe they are. I just don't really care. I would have never made fellowship with them in person, nor would God have wanted me to make fellowship with them after seeing the truth. And I should feel guilt? What? Don't feel guilty for flushing your toilet immediately.


So why do the majority of people think and truly believe that it should it be any different online than it is in person? They have been programmed to believe so. It is not any different in person as it is online for me. I just don't kiss the ass of demons and I never will. I make no apology for it. God says resist the demons and they will flee. I just help them 'flee' a bit quicker and block effectively by quickly flushing.

Why do people think that God expects us to cater to delusions, demons and deception of others? He does not. He expects us to step away from it. I stay healthy that way and so shall you if you get anything out of this writing. There is no good that can ever come from befriending those online who are infested, follow deception and are so severely programmed that they must be part of the crowd at all costs. I am not part of that crowd and do not desire to be.

But for those who are conditioned by behavior modification of social media, it is not that simple for them to accept, process and let go and move forward. They do not live in true reality any longer and their strange actions of being blocked all depends on the severity and the level of their personal conditioning by social media.

"I have never blocked anyone in my life! How dare they block me!"

And I reply to that dumb toilet flushing statement above with a strong shaking of my head. The social media behavior modification programs are so good that somebody could actually be proud of that silly statement. In real life would you bring these type of people into your home and have tea with them or would you keep your door shut and locked? There is no wonder why people are in such a mess of confusion in their lives. They never learned what poop to flush quickly and they wear their non-flushing toilet as some type of badge of honor.

No Guilt

And they actually believe this lie. What guilt? Truth? They have none. They are programmed to be narcissists so of course they would say this.
And they actually believe this lie. What guilt? Truth? They have none. They are programmed to be narcissists so of course they would say this.


I most certainly wouldn't apologize for blocking any of these people either. Why would I? The better question is what type of person has been programmed so deeply that they feel that they deserve an apology for being blocked? It is irrational, delusional and downright illogical. What severe programming has made a mind actually think this?

The ones that I have personally blocked have come in such an interesting variety of putrid dung smells; pharisees, trouble makers, gossipers, slanderers, hateful, foul F word speech at me, G pukes, some have even maliciously snatched my writings and done the unthinkable desecration to them.

They are greatly offended when they are told the truth, told to stop and they have no perception of right from wrong. Yes! They are conditioned to be this way! They can not handle repercussions due to their bad behavior and when they are blocked they become hurt, angered or furious depending on their level of mind control and manipulation by social media.


Do not ever feel bad for doing what is healthy and best for you and your family online. Do just as what you would do in person to keep these type of things away from you and your family. These social media behavioral modification techniques were implemented long ago and they are truly perfected today. They have been researched and countless experiments have already been performed on the masses. Why?

To control the masses. The majority of people have already been so conditioned that they have conformed to their behavioral instructions already. Are you conditioned by design of behavior modification?




Yes. There are also times that the shenanigans of others can hurt a person's feelings legitimately and it is not due to social media behavioral control. I believe that this writing has adequately defined the clear difference. If you are wondering about your mindset then take the test of stepping away from social media and do as instructed. You will find your answer within twenty-four hours.

Yes, it is possible to occasionally make a true friendship on the internet. You may be blessed with meeting a few people who play a great part in your real life. I know this because I have met one person this way and this person became my room-mate.

You may develop a true friendship founded on truth and you both have gone from social media, spoken over the phone and then have met in person. Both know each and every nuance of each others lives and the bond of friendship is there and it is very real. Now if this very same friend on social media has blocked you then it is a very legitimate feeling to be hurt or deeply sad over it. We are human and we do respond to feelings that can be intense and they are very real.


There are other legitimate avenues on the internet as well which can cause one to be emotionally hurt or even righteously angry within reason and it is absolutely normal human behavior. It could be that you have been blocked from social media by your children or your family members or even your pastor or a teacher from your church on social media. These are legitimate reasons to feel hurt, betrayed and even angry.

Other than these few legitimate reasons of why a person should be hurt by a block, the rest are clearly behavior modification induced by social media. Take the time to truly think about your behavior. Why does the negative comment or BLOCK of a stranger cause you to feel insulted, angry, offended, sad, brooding, not able to sleep in your personal real life? It is not logical nor rational. The next time someone blocks you from their social media site step away and ask yourself this question.

Am I being controlled unknowingly by this social media technology?

Chances are the answer is yes.



The very worst? Those who call themselves Christians and then go against God's words so blatantly that I am repulsed in my spirit by their presence and their utter contempt and rejection of God's truth. I want no association to them. None! I do not want anybody to think that this is what I believe and condone. "Guilty by association" and "Bad company corrupts good morals."

I have been blessed with enough spiritual wisdom to know a different doctrine, doctrine of devils and those that are surely not my brothers and sisters. If you deny the scriptures as truth and instruct people to go against God's instructions it is just that simple. BLOCK.

Putting a block on the garbage and pollution is a healthy act to those who want to keep on the right path of God. It places a clear line in the sand between yourself and others who are delusional, irrational and severely under behavior modification from this technology. I have easily blocked each and every one of these type of people without any regret.

So why would those that have been blocked on social media have such unhealthy mental issues about this very natural and healthy act?

Because they truly are unhealthy.

Cell Phone Dysfunction


  • Excessive Anxiety and irritability when one can't be on their phones.
  • Withdrawal symptoms of depression when it is forbidden or taken away.
  • Obsessive and intrusive thoughts of going on social media.
  • Anger
  • Lack of ability to read a newspaper or magazine.
  • Lacking ability to enjoy the 'now' or the beauty of nature or function due to urges to upload photographs, shares or check-in's.
  • Irrational, imagined, strong emotional connections with strangers after a few comments, or seeing a photograph.
  • Strong yearnings that are uncontrollable, obsessive desire for your phone, computer or games.
  • Feelings of loss when it is taken away, or not being used or your equipment is broken.
  • Inability or a great mental struggle to speak in person and to have true communication face to face with others.
  • Speaking typed computer words and lingo such as BFF or LOL.
  • Observing accidents or others personal tragic happenings in your vicinity and wishing you had a cell phone or camera to record for social media but not to help the person in need.

Operation Paperclip

The Teachings of the Art of Deception Instructions

Mind Control & Desensitized to True Emotions

A mass-scale social experiment and research study was done on the unaware users of Facebook. They were encouraged and helped along by the University of California and Cornell. This study was done to acknowledge how they could influence people's moods, how they could manipulate and change people's thoughts of another through emoticons, news feeds social media.

This should not have surprised anyone though it did. The United States of America, as well as other countries governments have been doing these hidden research studies and tests on the public for many, many years. The Nazi's did these experiments as well. Simply put, it is behavior modification and yes indeed, it does work.

You don't believe this? Do a basic study on project MK Ultra alone. There has been many more studies before this and even after. Many of these studies are under 'Top Secret and Classified.' Why? If you are not mind controlled you can see it in plain sight. It is only about control, power and tyranny and we are in the awakening stages.

The photograph at the bottom right side of your screen is only one document from a full FBI folder. They are teaching tools on how to deceive and manipulate those online. Do you really think that all of this technology was designed for your pleasure? Hardly.

It was designed for your demise. Do you think that this is a funny remark? If you do you may want to know that you are already under this influence of mind control. It is far from funny if a person truly ponders these things that I speak about and realizes that they are true. It is quite disturbing from my eyes even if it isn't from yours. Could you be under mind control and behavior modifications through social media?

Conditioning of the mind

Oh People! Why Are You So Self Absorbed With Yourself?

There are so many avenues of social media that I can hardly place my finger on which one is the worst. You-tube, My-space, Twitter, Word Press, Facebook and the list goes on. Sometimes it is quite sad but most often it is disturbing to watch. I am what most would call a 'people watcher and a deep thinker.' In person I am the very same way. My husband has often asked me what I am thinking as he watches me gazing at clouds, objects or staring at the people who are in the vicinity. As I have explained to him many times and I believe that he is finally understanding much more today, "I just see differently than most." It is the best that I can describe it.

This regime is hiding in plain sight and all of this social media mixed with propaganda, and behavioral modifications has contributed to the decline of people's emotions, character, integrity, compassion and the way of life we used to know.

Social media, television, cell phones, computer systems have all been designed for more than what most average people would understand on a spiritual level. Why? The majority of people laugh and they do not see any further than their faces.


Because they have been taught by conditioning and modified behavior not to see anything but their own faces.

Slow Suicide

They Have No Response But Anger


I jump in my car and I drive to the store one day. I am almost hit by three people of all different ages who are texting and driving! I beep my horn at them trying to get their attention and I even verbally share my disgust in their ability to kill another human being or themselves by this action. All three just stared back at me with the same glazed look of anger for daring to say anything to them.

All three people are exactly the same in their responses. They have no normal response any longer. They are only angry. They look up from their phones and and they are extremely angry because they have been interrupted from their texting, a clear display of narcissistic behaviors.

They make no personal acknowledgement of what they have done wrong nor do they even comprehend the repercussions which could have followed because of their actions. They are not cognizant of their behavior, nor their own choices nor the repercussions. This is due to chronic mass social media conditioning. They no longer have the ability or the mental capacity to know right from wrong because they have been quietly and slowly desensitized through conditioning.

This is why we read in the news of so many tragic cases of people being raped, beat up, murdered, even a woman who got her hair caught in an escalator and died and nobody came to help. They made a video and took pictures instead, uploading them to social media for attention. It is a startling conditioning of great apathy and severe desensitization and it has been clearly designed for only one purpose.


Are You Still Laughing?

Strangely when these very same conditioned and desensitized people are physically hurt by others, mocked, bullied, or feel abused in any way, they quickly cry out loudly in pain. They do not stop talking about it and they share it through their social media everywhere, in every way they can. Their behavior is one of acting as if they are the only ones who exists on the planet. They are only aware of their own pain. They can not see past their own mirrors.

That is very frightening to see through my eyes. Why? Because they have no clue that they have been desensitized and conditioned to care only for themselves and their own needs. In actuality they do not even recognize that they have been built and designed purposely for the acceptance of tyranny. Worse?

They will be easily manipulated and controlled because of these primal needs designed inside them. It will not bother them to see the death of another, hunger of another, killings of another. They will only care about themselves and worry that this does not happen to them. They will willingly accept anything they are told and they will do everything which they are told to do by those who control them.

The very worst?

The psychopaths that now easily control them and their behavior are the very same people who designed and handed them the pharmaceuticals and the technology which will bring them to their knees. They really are the psychopaths that become psychologists to convince their patients to kill themselves. As I have said, the devil comes as an angel of Light.

Is any one still laughing?

If it is the truth it is not a conspiracy



What if I told you that the term "Conspiracy Theorist" can be found in government documents which founded this very name?

What if I told you that along with the origins of the phrase 'Conspiracy Theorist' there are detailed teachings of how to control the masses by propaganda and mind behavioral modifications?

What if I told you that this word 'Conspiracy Theorist' was devised by the government as an intelligent precursor to discredit any and all free thinkers? Would you believe that they already knew that there would be more than a few who would see the truth through God's eyes and speak it boldly?

Does the phrase 'Conspiracy Theorist' discredit the truth of the free thinkers that are aware that tyranny is in plain sight and getting ready to be ushered in?

Of course it does! How? By the very same behavior modification which has been used on the masses for many years. Now when they are told the truth, they do not believe it. They have been taught to discredit truth and to think with a 'Herd mentality.' The herd is getting ready to be thinned.

Are you still laughing? If you are... you shouldn't be.

What if I told you that I myself used to laugh and use that very same word many, many years ago and that I had been conditioned by the same social media which many of you are conditioned by right now?

What if I told you that I stumbled upon the very things that Edward Snowden stumbled upon and I became a 'Whistle blower on May 6, 2009?'

What if I told you that I did not run to Russia to hide but I have been standing up for truth for the past seven years alone here in the U.S. and I am still waiting for someone to reveal the truth?

What if I told you that this very murderous regime that has killed thousands of innocent people, as well as on U.S. soil, and another country's president is so close to home?

What if I told you that the code words of the Italian embassy (Vatican) in Washington was also known to the NSA as both "Bruneau" and "Hemlock?"

What if I told you that everything you do and say is monitored even when you are not a terrorist to be used against you at a later time period?

What if I told you that when they decide to thin the herd they will know everything about you by your social media and they will decide if you are strong enough to live or too weak minded on your pharmaceutical drugs to be worthy of keeping around?

What if I told you that the 'Eugenics' program that Hitler studied and acted on was actually taken from the program that the United States of America had implemented and was already being used in the U.S.?

Are you conditioned by social media and behavior modification to not understand the truth?

Are you still laughing

What ifs

What if I Told You

What if I told you that this very same social media that you have been using is designed, manipulated and will be used against many innocent American citizens to hide the truth?

What if I told you that the Nazi regime has never died but that it has been greatly perfected and is getting ready to rise up and rear its ugly face again with great destruction?

Would you still laugh?

What if I told you that the NSA spying is so deeply entwined with social media that they have the ability to antagonize, discredit, torment, disable, deter, ban, delete, manipulate, disguise and block and remove anyone that they feel is a threat to their agenda of a New World Order, the 'Ten Kings of Revelation?'

What if I told you that they use these very technologies for their own benefit of wickedness and they are laughing at all of you for your blindness?

Are you still laughing?

What if I told you that the documents released from Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald are of great importance to the mind controlled American citizens but it is far too late to help you if you do not step away from the social media and clear your minds?

What if I told you that Snowden is not a traitor and that he exposed this to help the American citizens but instead you ignored him after he gave up his life for his brother and sisters to save them?

What will you do when you learn it too late that you have been taught to go against the truth and believe a lie instead?

What if I told you that the majority of people are blind to what is really happening because of this mass mind control and behavior modification by these very technologies of social media and television?

Are you still laughing?

You may want to step away and clear your mind from all of the social media and propaganda.

It is very important that you do so...

If you are still laughing ...

you will not be laughing

much longer.


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  • profile image

    datepalm 10 months ago

    This servant fully agrees. It is extremely sad to see so many 'zombies' prisoner to technology due to the twisting of media's interpretation of what love is being implanted within their hearts. If they could just see that the only true way to be filled is through Christ our Lord. This world is infested with the idea of 'self love', 'self enlightenment', 'self seeking' and tolerance and recognition from others being the means of true growth. Heart breaking really.

    This servant has been led far away from the talons of social media and media for that matter, thank the Lord! ♡

    Your work is a blessing from God and your courage is admirable.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 18 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Good to see somebody with their spiritual eyes opened. You are correct on the False Prophet but prophecy has not been fulfilled on whom the Anti-Christ is yet. I don't jump ahead of the Bible. The mortal wound will seal the deal and there has been no mortal wound as of yet. We wait for it and we will see truth from the Lord.

    As for the rapture, we have to go through tribulations first. Not "Great Tribulations" but tribulations. We will be tested first. It is always good to wait on the Lord to take us out of here, but not good to have the wrong timing of this event and be greatly unprepared for what is to come. Get prepared to walk your faith and fire for the Lord and don't fall away from the Lord when the rapture does not happen as many have tried to promote an early escape, through deception and misinterpretations. Jesus is real and He will come at His appointed time and not ours.

    God bless you Soldier and Warrior for Christ!

  • Sgt Prepper profile image

    Gunny Cracker 18 months ago from Elkhorn, WI

    The tin-foil hat thing isn't funny anymore either. We can thank our public schools & mainstream-media for the loss of our republic and the idiocy of young people. NONE of these young voters even know exactly what a natural born citizen is(born on U.S. soil to BOTH American parents). They believe in evolution, global-warming and worldwide socialism. They don't even want to have children but want to protect wolves, pit-bulls & rattlesnakes. The way they defend homosexuality and ridicule the Bible is heart-wrenching. The global-elite are deeply entrenched and control this whole world via The Illuminati & Freemasonry. 9/11 was an inside-job and "false-flag " event just like Pearl Harbor and the OKC Murrah bldg bombing. Kenyan-born Obama is the Antichrist and Pope Francis is the False Prophet. Get ready for martial-law and get ready for The Rapture!

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 18 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Nobody can step in and stop it even if they wanted to. Even if someone tried, the masses who are controlled by it already would stop whoever was taking this technology away from them and beg for more controlling technology. It has been designed that way. I prefer the good old days.

  • faith-hope-love profile image

    John Ward 18 months ago from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

    Well Done. Brain diminishing is alive and well. Who will step up and stop it.