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Yemen Falls Under Iranian Influence

Updated on October 1, 2014

In case you did not know, but there was also a real terrorist issues in Yemen, jihadist rebels allied with Iran have captured the capital of Yemen. These are the Houthi tribes of north Yemen and are shiite. The capital fell on Sept. 22 with tacit Iranian support. Upon its capture, several Iranian Revolutionary Guards in prison were released.

The tribe has been fighting in the Syrian war and and now control the majority in Yemen's 21 provinces. The battle for the capital city left 340 dead. The cause for the "war" was all about being excluded from the government, which was Sunni based. God, does this sound familiar or what? The current Iraq and ISIS battle started the same way but reversed, the Shiite Iraqi government had excluded the Sunni population.

As the capital city was taken over, the elite Yemen 1st Armor Division seemed to have melted away. It was just a week before Sept. 22, that it controlled the city. Now, it has vanished or switched sides. The commander of the division has fled and his home looted, as have many government buildings. Many workers for the government have not been paid for months. The U.S. Embassy is on alert and advised all essential personnel to leave the country, after all, al-Qaeda occupies part of South Yemen.

Don't assume al-Qaeda and the Houthis are allied, they hate each other even more than the Sunni-Shiites do, however, the terrorist group would be more than willing to seize opportunity and take advantage of the chaos in Sanaa, the capital. US drone strikes have been impacted because of the unrest and limited American personnel there.

Iran is influencing the Houthis because much of the world’s oil passing though the Bab el-Mandeb strait separating Yemen from Africa, Houthi domination could provide Iran with the ability to target a potential choke point vital to international commerce. Saudi Arabia is very worried because the two are also enemies.

Yet, President Obama has said little about the collapse of the US backed former Yemen leader and government. They choose to just ignore the Houthi, just as they did with ISIS.

We know what happened by doing that.


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