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Yes Means Yes Laws Protecting Women

Updated on September 7, 2014

Yahoo reported: California passes yes means yes campus sexual assault bill -August 2014

(Reuters) - Californian lawmakers passed a law on Thursday requiring universities to adopt "affirmative consent" language in their definitions of consensual sex, part of a nationwide drive to curb sexual assault on U.S. campuses.

The measure, passed unanimously by the California State Senate, has been called the "yes-means-yes" bill. It defines sexual consent between people as "an affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity".

The bill states that silence and a lack of resistance do not signify consent and that drugs or alcohol do not excuse unwanted sexual activity.

One in four college women report surviving rape or attempted rape.

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The reason why laws such as the Yes means Yes legislation was needed is because of ideologies, idiotic statements, and thought processes from such people as Celo Green.

Just last week Green pleaded no contest to felony count of furnishing ecstasy to a woman during a 2012 dinner in Los Angeles. Green was reportedly sentenced to probation and community service.

Buzzfeed reported the former judge on "The Voice" wrote a series of tweets Sunday night comparing rape to a home invasion and implied women can only be rape victims if they are conscious.

"When someone brakes on a home there is broken glass," he wrote. "Where is your plausible proof anyone was raped?"

"Women who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!" he added.

"If someone is passed out they're not even WITH you consciously! so WITH implies consent."

This is where my extensive journalism training kicks in and I somehow refrain from saying Cee Lo Green is a complete moron.

According to the New York Daily News - Green pleaded no contest to slipping ecstasy to a woman in 2012. Green was accused of secretly giving the drug to a woman while they were out at dinner. The woman alleged that Green spiked her drink and "next thing" she knew, she woke up naked in her hotel room with him. The plea allowed the 39-year-old Green to maintain his innocence and avoid jail time. He was instead sentenced to three years of probation and 360 hours of community service for the felony drug conviction. Citing lack of evidence, prosecutors didn't pursue sexual assault charges.

It is a true sickness to place drugs in someones drink, wait until someone is passed out from drugs or alcohol, or wait until someone is fast asleep to attempt to engage in sexual activity. What type of man hates, disregards, and disrespects women in such a manner to justify violating a woman's body? What kind of man feels good about himself taking sex for a woman who isn't even engaged to participate in the activity. There is a problem with a lack of respect for women that seems to be growing at an alarming rate these days. Is it just a growing hatred of little boys who turn out to be men that hate their mothers? Is it the media that portraits an image of sensual gold-diggers assisting in men having negative opinions of women by placing images of women hungry for money that use their bodies and sexual presentation as a means to profit?

Whatever the factor(s), it's wrong. How can men love their mothers and sisters, then violate someone's mother/sister/cousin performing such horrendous actions as sex with the unconscious?


According to One in Four USA

  • College men who consume alcohol two or more times a week and had friends who support physical and emotional abuse of women are nine times more likely to commit sexual assault than men with none of these characteristics (DeKeseredy & Schwartz, 2014).
  • Perpetrators are extremely adept at identifying “likely” victims and testing prospective victims’ boundaries. (Lisak & Miller, 2002).
  • Perpetrators plan and premeditate their attacks, using sophisticated strategies to groom their victims for attack, and to isolate them physically (Lisak & Miller, 2002).
  • Perpetrators use alcohol deliberately to render victims more vulnerable to attack, or completely unconscious (Lisak & Miller, 2002).
  • Perpetrators view women as sexual objects to be conquered, coerced and used for self-gratification (Lisak & Miller, 2002).
  • Perpetrators easily feel slighted by women, and carry grudges against them. This underlying hostility is easily evoked and leads them to see women as “teases” who either “secretly” want to be coerced into sex, or else “deserve” it (Lisak & Miller, 2002).


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