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You Wanted the GOP? You Got the Party of Trump

Updated on May 12, 2019
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I couldn't get behind Sanders because he didn't run under his own party and I felt it was wrong. I felt the same way about the Tea Party.

Tea Party Logo. Nothing about the Republican Party on it.
Tea Party Logo. Nothing about the Republican Party on it.
Tea Party Motto. Where are these people now?
Tea Party Motto. Where are these people now?

The Republican Party lost sight of fiscal conservatism....

The Tea Party Republican gave them an on "fiscal" responsibility. The Republican Party took the verse to heart...that is when it suited them.

The Republicans, however have basically given billions of tax dollars away and increased our deficit so that the wealthy could continue to get wealthier.

They defeated the Democrats, but more than the defeat, is the "fact" that they did it out of spite more than anything. The divisiveness began to show and the party drifted considerably to the right. The likes of Newt Gingrich and Carl Rove began to change the face of the Republican Party.

Those that are hurt the most by the Republicans; the seniors who were to receive a ONE-TIME payment of $250, the veterans and the disabled people. But we can't completely blame only the Republicans because there were a couple of Democrats and Independent lawmakers that voted along side the Republican agenda.

The house wanted the passage of this bill because these core, roughly 58 million people did not getting a cost of living increase. The bill needed a two-thirds majority for passage and the Democrats couldn't get the votes to push it through.

Sadly enough, Americans better get use to this type of hypocrisy, because that's what they voted for and they most certainly got what they voted for.

Republicans argued that it would add $14 billion to the deficit. Where were those guys when they created an additional $600 billion dollars to the deficit so their wealthy friends and colleagues could continue to gain more wealth?

Since, Dec 8, 2010, there were more concerns again about "money". So much so, that they decided that Americans with health issues brought on by the 9/11 fall out of toxic fumes and smoke from ground zero would have to take a back seat, once again.

Lobbyists to run the Tea Party GOP

Republican members to include first time anointed Tea Party Republican members chose "lobbyists" to run their staffs. Just another line item of hypocrisy that this party stands for. Why do they need "money makers and deal makers" running their offices? Maybe because that's what the party stands for. It's never been about the people, it's been about the power, the money and the influence.

Freeze the federal salary, increase the GOP staff salaries.

As the Republicans were crying out to freeze federal salaries and talking about taking a 5% cut in pay during election time; they quickly proved it to be nothing more than political rhetoric. The leader of the pack, Eric Cantor increased his staff's salaries by 81% since becoming a part of Washington politics. So, what is 5% of an 81% increase, not much. They probably invest more than that in their retirement accounts. Other Republicans who have increased their staff's salaries by about 8% annually are Michelle Bachman of Minnesota, Jason Chaffetz of Utah and Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. When asked what they thought about their salary increase dilemma, they were o.k. with it, because they were still "under budget" and it's the "over all" numbers they are trying to control. In 2014, he announced his retirement and that he would not be finishing out his term. The hypocrisy continues.

2019, Trump's lack of transparency, over 10,000 lies and the hate he entices at his rally's is what the Republican Party has become and its very rare when anyone in the Senate or the House will contradict him.

You wanted the GOP, but what is the GOP? The Grand Old Party has morphed what it was to the Tea Party and finally to the Party of Trump. Republicans are now divided like never before. The authoritarianism of Trump is not what the Republican party stood for, so why support it?

Boehner promises to run the chamber in a more "inclusive" and business like way.
Boehner promises to run the chamber in a more "inclusive" and business like way. | Source

The new Republican controlled House tilted even more so to the right

How did John Boehner and his house members serve America.

They worked to take away your voting rights, that is if you were a Democrat or an Independent. Over 4.5 million Americans in places like the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, etc; which are mainly our military and their families now have taxation without representation. So, in short, our soldiers fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan have just lost the freedom they are fighting for others to have.

And all those "patriots" that marched with their signs to cut back on taxes and spending, where are they now? Turning their heads the other way.

American you voted for them, you got 'em and only you can vote them out.

© 2010 Lady Liberty


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