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Yesterdays Man and The Tomorrow Man?

Updated on June 13, 2019
Boris Johnson.
Boris Johnson.
Sajid Javid
Sajid Javid | Source

Bors Johnson, the current favourite to be next Tory leader and Prime Minister, made his pitch, yesterday.

Looking a lot more dapper and trimmer, Bo-Jo looked like he was ready to take office. His trademark mane of blond hair was looking neat and tidy, instead of looking like a storm had gone through it.

Mr Johnson's immaculate look is down, some say, to his girlfriend, Carrie Symonds. Mr Johnson launched into a tirade about the left and in particular, the man of Conservative nightmares, Jeremy Corbyn.

Stating that he was the man to deal with Corbyn because he had stood twice against a man of the left, Ken Livingstone. Boris became Mayor of London, beating leftist, incumbent mayor, Ken Livingstone. When the mayoral office came up for election again, once more, Labour used Ken Livingstone, to battle Boris. Boris was successful in that election too, beating Ken Livingstone, once more. Boris went on to say that he had studied the 'London' left, he knew how they thought and who they were. Hence, because of his experience and knowledge of the left, he would be able to see off Jeremy Corbyn and keep him from 10, Downing Street.

Boris said he would make sure, that the UK would leave the EU, on the deadline date of, 31 October. To promise one thing, when you are standing for leadership is one thing, but to bring it about, (as Theresa May has found it) when you are Prime Minister, is not so easy. Boris may find if he becomes the next Prime Minister, that like Mrs May before him, be faced with a difficult parliament and a European Union, that is not willing to negotiate, any more deals. On the other hand, Mr Johnson might just have the intelligence, tenacity and charm, to pull off a spectacular trade deal with the EU, once we leave the bloc.

Another thing going in favour of Mr Johnson, is his ability to connect with people, whether they be rich or poor. It is possible, because of this, Boris might be the man, indeed, to see off 'Jezza'. However, for all of Mr Johnson's likeability, he also is seen by many as a buffoon, making gaffes by the score. The room yesterday though, where Johnson launched his leadership credentials was awash with people, from all wings of the Tory party, cheering him on, not just hard right Brexiteers.

Laura Kuenssburg, however, BBC Correspondent, asked Mr Johnson, if he was a strict leaver to some, leaving the EU without a deal and the reverse to others. Mr Johnson was also asked about snorting cocaine, back in the day, to which he did not directly reply. Michael Gove, one of Johnson's opponents in the leadership race, had admitted to taking cocaine, which may or may not, damage his leadership bid.

Boris Johnson believes or appears to believe, he is the next Winston Churchill. Having brought out a book, some time ago, called 'The Churchill Factor". This book was about Churchill's life, but one wonders if he was saying he had the Churchill factor.

So there are ten candidates, in the bid to be next, Tory leader and Prime Minister. To summarise then, Mr Johnson, remains the favourite, saying he would be plain speaking, in office.

However, Said Javid, current Home Secretary, also launched his leadership bid yesterday. According to Sky's Sophie Ridge, this was a very smooth and intelligent move, on the Home Secretaries part. Compared to Mr Johnson, Mr Javid is quietly spoken and has proved himself to be tough on migrants crossing the channel. Married to a practising Christian, Laura, Mr Javid himself is a non-practising, Muslim.

Mr Javid's parents came from Pakistan in the '60s, his father was a humble bus driver. Born in Rochdale, his family moved to Greater Manchester and eventually settling in Bristol. Mr Javid is a self-made millionaire coming from the banking sector and into parliament. Replacing Amber Rudd, as Home Secretary, over the Windrush scandal, here was a man on a mission, it seemed.

Mr Javid's video to accompany his leadership bid, shows him, with his dog, wife and two kids, looking every inch, the family man, everyone can recognise, around the breakfast table.

At his leadership speech, he had good words for Boris but described him as yesterday's man and himself, the man of the future.

Whoever becomes the next Prime Minister, they will be the third Tory Prime Minister, not chosen by the people. Instead, it will come down to two candidates, who will then be chosen, by a small cabal of Tory Voters. A general election should be called then, to see if this new Tory at the top, has the backing of the people.

Meanwhile, whoever is Prime Minister, as we approach the EU exit date, will certainly find out, what Theresa May (love her or hate her), had to deal with, both domestically and internationally.

Donald Trump.
Donald Trump.

The Donald's Preferred Candidate.

When Donald Trump came here, on his much vaunted, state visit, he was given the red carpet treatment. Having a banquet with the Queen and talks with the outgoing Theresa May, were all part of this circus.

Trump was met with anti and pro-demonstraters, who sometimes clashed. Trump meanwhile, met with Brexit man of the hour, Nigel Farage. Donald Trump has spoken of his admiration and friendship with the Brexit party leader, many times.

However, Mr Trump has put his oar in, as regards the Conservative leadership contender, he would like to see, as his opposite number. That contender is Boris Johnson, both men have met before Trump's UK visit and hit it off.

No doubt, as Trump goes about his business, in the Oval Office, he will be keeping tabs on Boris's progress. No doubt, if Boris does become Prime Minister, Mr Trump will be happy. Happy because in No 10, there will be man, who he considers to be of as like mind and on the right.

Some, have accused Mr Trump, of interfering in British politics when mentioning his preferred candidate. Apparently, this goes against all the protocols of international law. But when pray dear reader, did this ever concern Trump? Trump is a maverick and so is wannabe Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

For some, the idea of a Trump-Johnson love in is something to look forward. For others, though it would be a nightmarish scenario.


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