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You Can Cut Off The Nose Of A Fish To Keep Him From Smelling...But Hillary Clinton...

Updated on June 19, 2013

You can cut off the nose of a fish to keep it from smelling but Hillary Clinton Can't Make Love To A Fish To Keep it from Stinking. The Truth About Benghazi Pl

Yes you can cut off the nose of a fish to keep him from smelling but No Hillary Clinton Can't make love to a fish to keep him from stinking so the saying goes. Did Hillary Clinton actually say "What difference does it make?" when it come to why a US Ambassador and his staff members were killed? Apparently it actually mattered that the administration went out of its way to concoct a cover-up about what really happened at Benghazi. After Hillary's testimony something smelled fishy, OK, Fishier! So what really happened in Benghazi and why? Somethings make no sense from the very beginning . The American public was told that some low budget film caused a riot and that is what got the Ambassador and his staff people killed. Then we learn about everyone involved knowing that Benghazi was too dangerous for the Ambassador to go to in the first place. So why was he there? And why was he there without adequate protection? Maybe the Ambassador knew it was not a good place for him to be and maybe just maybe he was invited there or had business there he should not have been involved in in the first place. One even starts to wonder why the administration had drones in the air over the compound in the first place as reported if there was no reason for concern. Recently one finds out that the intelligence people know who did it and have a good idea where they now are. Could it be that the Ambassador went to this so called "Eastern" Embassy or consulate and was double crossed by the people he was sent to meet? A recent scandal involving a two timing CIA executive chief aired the possibility that our president that does not torture prisoners may have actually been rendering prisoners to the New Libyan forces though this very consulate. Could it be that the ambassador was doing some deal with the very same people who attacked him? There is reason to worry about that. Why? Because Libya is a very big country. Most of it is empty desert filled with valuable untapped natural resources. Sure they have been mining natural resources there long before the Roman Empire but not with modern technology and updated up to date new modern technology. Libya has everything from fossilized underground water to half the minerals on the periodic table and then ample natural gas and oil . Unlike their over populated neighbor Egypt to the east, Libya has few people to share in the vast wealth of the country. It takes satellite technology that only a few huge companies and governments have to locate the true potential for economic potential. Egypt knows that the natural gas and oil and even water would be very valuable if the Libyans would give it to them or share it with them so that puts eastern Libya and Benghazi into a kind of a lawless separation from the Western Tripoli influenced part of the county . Why should the local wealth even be shared with the western part of the country? The United States, Europe, China , Russia, and middle eastern interests all could see the potential of something valuable there and perhaps the US Ambassador was outside of his normal safe zone because he had the potential to make a deal for himself, political insiders, maybe even the president and or Hillary Clinton to make a killing as people with some initial interest in something really really big in the natural resources department of Libya? That could explain why the Ambassador wanted to be their in a quiet way and undetected as he might have been if he came there with adequate security? Do you see the logic of what is being suggested here?

The cover up actually seems worse than what happened at Watergate where political operatives broke into a psychiatrist's office to illegally obtain personal medical records without a release of information. That makes some of us remember how Hillary raided the national archives and how she pilfered raw FBI files when she presided over the whitehouse as the first lady. The raw FBI files obviously help to explain why most senators and congressmen asked her too many soft ball questions. They worried that the two headed snake could bite them from both the head and the tail at once if they stepped on either end or the middle of the snake,

Something is just wrong about how the administration invented a cover story for the incident that had something to do with a movie on google that some muslims bothered to watch just to become insulted and then riot even when they did not. Is is rather hateful for the administration to stereotype muslims like this is is not?

Now that the nose of the fish has been cut off and it no longer can smell and Hillary Clinton made passionate love to the fish and it still stinks it is time for the American public to find out what really happened at Benghazi and why the Ambassador was willing to put his life at risk when he knew the proportions of that risk before he left Tripoli? Was he there to cover up something or was it to make a deal? What kind of deal was it other than a classified information deal? Wait this is Obama the most transparent president in oral history. Foreign policy is not about people with connections getting rich like Haliburton did in Iraq and afghanistan wars. That kind of thing stopped after Dick Cheney--Bush's brain left the White House right? Maybe not if there had to be so much of a cover up that Hillary Clinton the old Nixon Watergate buster and pitbull had to say something like "What does it mater if we told you a lie to cover up something that might otherwise get you excited?" Maybe I will fake a fall and concussion and then wake up with amnesia and a scripted indignation to save my dynastic chances of imperial power as a future president....Ever seen one of those detective shows on TV where the leading role detective in the TV series is always too suspicious? These police detective types on TV and in real life actually do look for evidence of discrepancies in the stories people tell them and when they hear those discrepancies and little white lies to big black lies well those detectives start making people who tell the lies suspects in their investigations.

Hillary may not have told the lie and she may not have obfuscated but the administration surely did with the story that a 4Th rate possibly anti Islamic comedy film caused something that it did not. The question is if what the Ambassador was doing in Benghazi was public or private business and if public why the nature of that business is not the subject of the questions put to Hillary? What would have been worth the risk this ambassador and tiny band of staff people going into such a hostile territory in a way that left a huge security hole. Sure Hillary turned the tables saying it was because of lack of funds to the agencies involved but come one requested any resources already available and even more damning are the reports of the drones overhead and reports that people in Washington dc were monitoring this unfortunate visit to Eastern Libya by the Ambassador from within the whitehouse it self. I don't even have to be a detective to say the fish still stinks. It really stinks it reeks! The administration cut off its nose to keep it from smelling then cut its lips off to keep it from talking and then Hillary Clinton made passionate love to the fish and it still stinks. No joke. Ok it really is a joke like that one about the kind of pussy that catholic priests get that is all the rage in bureaucratic circles in the beltway...What kind is that? Nun.


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