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You Cant Believe I'm saying what you're thinking

Updated on October 16, 2008

Democrats Control Congress Last TWO Years

Hey, this might be the first walk in this park, but I'm taking steps like I've never done before.

Eight years of the Bush Admininstration is the cause for every vile thing that has happened in this country. That's the premise for the poor math being presented to the populace. I can count. Let's see if anyone else can do the same.

Let's see, 2000 GWBush is elected and a majority of electorates are in favor. Nine-Eleven takes place, and we want Teddy Roosevelt in charge....oops, he's dead, we'll take Dubya. He does Great.

So, for a bit, he's riding the big wave. Everyone's impressed. Then he puts Hussein is in his crosshairs, and so the decline begins. Yes, and everyone will spend the next 5 years (more math) figuring whether that was the right choice.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, no one is liking the cowboy and his friends. So, lets get those Democrats back in power. Throw out the Republicans, and give the Dems in power. October 2006, Congress had an approval rating of 30%.

In November 2006, we vote the Dems back in charge. So, if you rebalance the power to the Dems, because, you wanted them so badly, the approval rating should have jumped up to something over fifty percent, right? NOT

From that point, until now, the approval rating of the Democratically controlled Congress has dropped to one third of the president's approval rating....sadly hitting a low of 10%. That about the same as Citibank wanted to buy Wachovia bank for, 10 cents on the dollar.

But why are the Nancy P's talking about the last eight years and avoiding mention of the last two? Why are the Biden types talking about the Washington insiders for the past three decades and somehow missing the fact that they were dipped in that scene along with hundreds of others?

I'm confused. In 2007 the Dow hit a record of over $14,000, and during the Dem's controll of Congress it has hit the proverbial bottom. And the best they can do is blame the administration, the Pubs, and the "last eight years".

Time to do the math. Time to figure that the Dems have responsibility for this mess, and that they have not just stood on the sidelines for the last two years.



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    • profile image

      Uwant the Truth 

      10 years ago

      Hey thanks DK5. Damn shame the majority didn't listen. They still haven't done the math, and the numbers are getting bigger.

    • DK5 profile image


      10 years ago

      Another great hub. How true how true. The election of 2000 was very ,very hard on the democrats. They were hysterical and 9-11 only put on hold, temporarily, the onslaught of mis-information and unbalance that we are witnessing today


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