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Preserving the American Dream

Updated on September 9, 2012
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.


I’m lost… why exactly are the fundamental values of our country up for debate? I really don’t care what your political views are, we can debate all day about how best to build and sustain our economy, and for all practical purposes, we’d be better off for it. What we cannot debate about is whether or not we can employ options or ideas that are in direct conflict with who we are as a nation. I think it’s about time for more rational people to stand up and fight back for the moral fibers with which we have woven the very fabric of our nation. That moral code that we continue to keep at the core of our progress, that moral code that has guided us to open our arms to advance freedom and work toward the day when our dream has been entirely realized… a time when every man, woman, and child in America is truly FREE.

I’m fed up with anyone and everyone who thinks there is any limit or boundaries to freedom in a free nation and I invite them all to find any number of other countries where the limits they advocate are more than prominent, and in some cases, celebrated – I think they’ll be happy there… Of course, I welcome each and every one of them to stay and I most fully accept whatever their individual beliefs may be… however I will not stand by while they try to drive America back in time to an era when one man’s American dream has any less value or merit than the next.

So, go ahead, debate about how to best fund our programs and rebuild our broken system… goodness knows the more people we have working on that, the better. But DO NOT begin those debates before you have accepted our fundamental purpose. Go ahead, find a sustainable way to feed the poor and enable them to rise above their circumstances… but don’t you tell me we don’t have to… if you want to live in a land where the poor are left to fend for themselves, stewing in the juices of their own poverty, I assure you… the options are limitless, there are so many places where the poor are disregarded… go find one. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out because I’m sorry to say that we are committed to our moral duty to treat every American with the dignity and fairness they deserve. You DON’T starve IN AMERICA, if you consider your contribution to this dream to be a burden, there are starving masses the world over… go live above them and bask in your personal greatness because here, you are no more than a fool.

By all means, debate about how religion should be handled in schools and politics… but do not begin that debate until you have accepted the fact that in this great nation we are all equal and your religion is no more important than anyone else’s. By all means, choose the religion that suits you and live by the traditions that define it… just don’t for a second think that option is only available to those who share in your choice. There are plenty of countries in the world where religious persecution rages on, you should hop on a plane and go somewhere that your religious preferences are valued above all others; perhaps you’ll be more comfortable there.

You are welcome to love and marry whomever you wish but you are not in charge of deciding what kind of love is good enough for marriage… that’s just plain old fashion bigotry… don’t quote any bibles on me… we’ve gone over that already… the law is not obligated to place your religion above anyone else’s freedom. That would be an implausible and impossible reality; so many religions to choose from. If you’re looking to live in a country where civil rights are still a dream, it won’t take you long to find one… enjoy the trip.

You’re welcome to spend your money however you see fit, once again, you enjoy the freedom to make your own choices… however you may not opt out of sharing the financial burden of morality and freedom. Yes, let’s discuss how best to balance our budget… just as soon as we have a budget to balance. There is no question that the system currently invites the super rich to get super richer and is riddled with laws, regulations, and loopholes that allow them to bypass their share of the burden of freedom. Let’s remember that it is the Americans that put that money in their pockets… we’re the ones using the services and buying the products… so, if one more ignorant dip tells me that my expecting these people to pay their fair share of that money back to the public is some pathetic attempt to take money from others because I am not willing to work for it myself – I will… ugh, I guess I’ll just shake my head in shame and wait for the nausea to pass because I don’t know how to make these people realize that they are victims of Stockholm syndrome and have begun to sympathize irrationally with their captors.

If you make your billions on the backs of the great people of this nation, you damn well better give back – without the roads they’ve paved, the buildings they’ve built, the technology’s they’ve developed, and the lives they have laid down you wouldn’t have your billions to begin with! Don’t you see – we’re not asking to take their money… they are taking OUR money and they are hoarding it. I don’t want to live to see the day that I am proven right, these parasites are sucking the life out of their host, our fading middle class, and when we are gone and have nothing left to pay them, they too will crumble. I don’t know how any business minded conservative individual can look back at the taxation history of this great nation and support any agenda that will cut taxes on the rich anymore than they already are… the last time taxes on the very wealthy were lower than they are now were the years leading up to a little thing we’ve come to know as the Great Depression.

How do we even begin to question our right to bear arms? Don’t get me wrong, I fully support responsible gun laws, I just don’t see how there is any question whatsoever about our second amendment rights as a nation. Sorry, Dems – my previous statements might have lead you to believe that I’m a die hard liberal who always stands with the most popular opinions of the democratic party. Well, I don’t; I consider the politics before the party and I look to that moral code I so truly believe is at the heart of this nation. Certain ideas are offensive to that moral code… You can not strip a nation’s people of their ability to protect and defend themselves… you can’t have a defenseless society where only the authorities have access to weapons… come on – not to be a conspiracy theorist or anything, but really –that’s unsustainable and then what are we supposed to do when we finally are faced with an actual zombie apocalypse, I for one would like to be prepared to blow up some zombies... if necessary! A government has the right and bears the burden of responsibility for implementing and monitoring access to weapons – they do not, however, have the right to prevent access to them. We all know that gun laws are a bit wackadoo, I mean really – who do they inconvenience except for those people who are following the laws… them ain’t the folks ya’ll gotta worry about!

Oh for goodness sake… I don’t care if your republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, or none of the above, each of us is capable of reviewing the facts of history – the only question is which of us is willing to learn from them. At both the democratic and republican conventions powerful speeches have been made about individual experiences of families working hard to make better lives for their children and the prosperity and success that the American dream allowed each speaker to attain.

Has anyone even stopped for a second to look at what was different about the economy during that era, when you could work hard and build a life for yourself while laying the groundwork for an even better life for your children… I’m not going to go on and on about it – but in those more prosperous times, the very wealthy paid much higher taxes and corporations and billionaires weren’t able to hoard all the money our society had poured into their success. Why is it that now we even toy with the notion that asking wealthy citizens and corporations to give back their fair share of the wealth is anything like trying to take something that isn’t ours.

That money is yours and mine, remember we pay for the products and services that allow these companies and billionaires to amass such incredibly large amounts of money. It’s the middle class that is suffering and I assure you that it is factually impossible for that to be caused by bearing the burden of the very poor. Yet, those are the kinds of smoke and mirrors they’ll throw at hard working Americans hoping to fool enough of us so that they can keep on raping our system unscrupulously while we blame more of their victims… it’s really quite brilliant – but for it to work, we have to be stupid or simply very bad at math.

Okay, that was a bit of a tangent and a topic for another blog altogether… but getting back to the moral of the story. We are America – the land of opportunity… where every man, woman, and child has access to any opportunity they are willing to work toward. Where no one person is valued above any other, a place where even the poorest people are given the chance at an American dream – what would our country be like without all of the incredible leaders, innovators, and business people who have risen from the ashes of poverty… we have the best chance at prosperity by allowing everyone a chance to participate!

So here it is – plain and simple… If you’re wondering how you are supposed to embrace that vision of America while navigating through your political positions, you need only to consider one very basic question… Does your position support freedom and equality? Because if it doesn’t, it’s un-American anyway and serves no purpose here, except to exploit and disregard the dream that some of us are still trying to dream.

I know what many of you are already mumbling under your breath… go ahead… call me and idealist democart… or gasp, call me a liberal… I don’t subscribe to name calling anyway – and besides, those words are not insulting to me. I don’t like them for the sheer role they too play in our divided nation, more jargon to split us apart… but what the words represent is more than acceptable to me. Either way… I don’t think that any one shred of what I have discussed here is a matter of a being liberal, to me, it’s pure sensibility… and again, should be considered conservative because anyone who has studied business or economics should be able to look all this fairly simply – practical analysis would prove that freedom, fairness, and equality will be a more profitable use of our budget… otherwise you’re just covering your eyes and ears and shouting something along the lines of nanananabooboo or however you spell that, without crunching the numbers.

I’m not telling how to live or what path to choose, I’m telling you have no more right than I to consider yourself above anyone else - to even consider such a blatantly un-American way of thinking. You be you, I’ll be me, we’ll let Joe Schmo go on being Joe Schmo and we’ll each live as we see fit. And that, my friends, is an American dream that I still remember.

You DON’T starve to death IN AMERICA for lack of access to food or funds, you DON’T die IN AMERICA for lack of access to the medical treatments you need. You DON’T go broke IN AMERICA after working your fingers to the bone your entire life because you have been disregarded by policies that betray your chance at the American Dream. You DON’T get rejected at the alter because of who you are IN AMERICA, unless of course your partner stands you up, in which case, we really can’t help you. You DON’T lose everything you have IN AMERICA because you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Okay, so maybe all of these things are still happening in America – just more evidence that we have much more to do in the advancement of freedom. I dream of a day when all of the above rings true under the glorious flag of our great nation. One generation after the next has worked to sew up the holes in our blanket of freedom so that every man, woman, and child might be comforted and empowered by knowing they are valued by our society. Let’s keep moving in the right direction, there are a few snags and more holes that we have yet to get to. One thing is for damn sure though – we cannot let any of what we have already sewn to be torn apart by debating over those rights that our inherently ours, as a FREE people, united.

There may be better ways to allow unlimited civil rights, to provide health care, to handle immigration, to care for the poor, or to redeem the American dream. I can’t wait until we start truly addressing them in any kind of effective manner… but one thing we can no longer waste our time debating over is whether or not we should be dealing with these issues in the first place.

This is America, land of the FREE, where you are guaranteed your right to be whoever and whatever you care to be. America, where you are free to practice any religion or not practice one at all without any threat whatsoever of persecution. This is America where you have the same fair chance at our dream whether you are a product of a wealthy estate or the poorly neglected child of crack head on welfare.

This is America, where you shall be granted the most crucial and human right anyone can hope for, the right to FREEDOM. The only thing you need to do to earn that right is to accept the fact that EVERY SINGLE other American has earned it to… I don’t care where on your social or moral ladder they are, if they accept this to be your right you must accept it to be theirs.

So by all means, handle your money how you wish, go to whatever church, believe anything as whole-heartedly as you so desire or believe nothing at all, settle for poor or strive to be rich, be as gay as you want to be or as anti-gay… just accept the fact that absolutely none of your positions and/or values in regard to any of those things is any more valuable or important than anyone else’s. Pretty simple, pretty fair, pretty obvious – when we get this very simple moral code back on track we will be able to break through the smoke and mirrors that our leaders have placed between our government and its people and get on with the real business of restoring this country to its former glory! But whatever you do, don’t you dare wave the beautiful stars and stripes of this great nation if you don’t plan to honor what it represents. FREEDOM, for all, not just you… in case you needed further clarification.

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL."


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    • junipersagesays profile imageAUTHOR

      Juniper Sage Leifer 

      6 years ago

      I sat through the president's speech the night after I wrote this up and I thought - wow, I used a lot of f*cking words to say what he expressed in one simple word, citizenship!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      That's brilliant Juniper.


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