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You Don't Need a High IQ to be a Genius

Updated on May 23, 2014

College professor, people of higher-learning


Hordes of people

spend bales of cash, lots of energy, and plenty of sleep studying, cramming, just to pass a mid-term or final exam. Then what? You get a slice of paper in an attractive cover stating that "you" have satisfactorily-fulfilled a set program of declared studies at a certain college and now considered a Ph.d, B.A. or B.S.

B.S. is all I make of all of this tough-work and when you finish, there is no "carrot at the end of the stick," much less a brass ring for you to grab. To make you more-miserable, even with your degree there are no jobs for people like you who have devoted so much time and money for this particular position in their sector.

So with a sad countenance, broken-spirit, and very disillusioned, you join the statistics of jobless Americans. How does being "just" a number feel?

Doctors are people plenty of knowledge


Be honest

did you spend all of those years of hard work, sacrifice, and sleep "just" to be a person of professional-position namely a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or maybe even a psychiatrist so you can pride yourself in helping others? Is this "the" only reason?

Making huge amounts of greenback and being popular at parties (because of your deep-wisdom) never entered your minds? Really?

You must be a machine that needs oiling now and again, for "I" personally would have said "yes," to all of these reasons.

Math professors are highly-intelligent people


Neil Armstrong has a story no one can beat


J.D. Salinger couldn't write an American classic without a lot of sense


To me

there is nothing more satisfying than to be invited to a quiet get-together with close friends, mostly other people of high IQ, and actually be accepted and appreciated as a part of "a" group of people that people, like I am now, can only hope that one day, to be thought of as their equal.

With a lot of soul-searching and personal-reflection, I have devised a plan for people like "me," the "Dreamers," the "Wishful," and people who live on hope that "we" will be equal with these men and women who wear white lab coats, carry clipboards and have Cross ink pens in their shirt pockets.

Those are the professional men. The professional women wear their hair in buns, or just worn down, but a sconce keeps it straight. They all love to wear flats because wearing heels, although feminine, is not practical if you are going to spend 16-hours a day on your feet seeing and treating sick people.

In all of the years of my work life, all I wore was a good pair of sneakers from Walmart. I never had anyone write a hub about me or any of my friends who were thankful to just graduate high school on C averages.

My "No Work Genius Program"

does, truthfully, have a bit of "work," but like that of those professionals with degrees. My system calls upon you to use two things you already have and probably didn't know it.

Those things are: Retention and Comprehension. These are your two tools that will enable you to be as knowledgeable and wise as the smartest doctor to ever graduate from Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

"You" will be as wise as these people if you follow my system


Other symbols of higher-education

A snappy cap and gown
A snappy cap and gown | Source
A pretty girl grad
A pretty girl grad | Source
Cap and diploma
Cap and diploma | Source

Your tools explained

COMPREHENSION is very simple. You understand whatever subject you are studying. And most subjects you will need are common, not those complex entities. EXAMPLE: if you are desiring to know as much as a farmer, study-up on general farm-related subjects, planting, plowing, harvesting, make of tractor and things like this.

RETENTION simply means that you are able to "retain," or "remember," vital facts about the subject you are studying.

Don't let these terms scare you. Fear of something like studying something may be the number-one reason that keeps good people from heightening their education and self-esteem.

Here is all you do:

  1. KNOW YOUR PARTY if you are actually invited to a party where "real" college grads are going to be present, ask the hostess if you know her well enough, whom will be attending this gala-event, and the reason you are asking is: It has been such a long time since you have been at a party of this caliber that you are on the shy-side. Which is not a lie. Then when you get a good idea of who you will be contending with, then you can start assembling your studies.
  2. WARDROBE IS IMPORTANT I am not suggesting that you do into debt and buy an expensive set of duds, just pick-out a classy-looking dress suit, pleated-pants and black patent leather shoes. If the party is a casual-affair, choose a brand-name sports shirt, a nice sweater-type, a nice shirt underneath and some knaki or Docker pants with brown loafers with no socks.
  3. TRANSPORTATION is not a concern unless the party has valet parking. But if your car is a late-model and looks good, just have it washed, waxed and detailed before the party. Not many people are coming to this party to talk about your car anyway, so you are money-ahead.

Useful remarks you can use

to go along with the tidbits of wisdom you have studied before the party. You do not have to quote these remarks verbatim, just sound sensible and you are "in like Flynn."

If the conversation is about surgery
and this "Doctor Goodley," is talking about a new surgery technique to remove gall bladders. Just wait and listen. Your remark must be timed just-right to be convincing.

Read this example: DR. GOODLEY: "Uh, yes, the Swedish Fork and Knife Technique is what I use for removing gall bladders." Give the "real" educated people in your group to reply. Then at the right time simply reply, "I find that technique very useful, and needed in the medical community."

Now that you have established your wisdom as a surgeon, there may be question coming to you, so be watchful. If anyone starts to ask you something surgically-related, quickly ask this "Dr. Goodley," to explain how he gets the most benefits from this new surgery technique. And when this ego-driven doctor speaks, you slowly walk-away, but keep looking at your watch. This signal tells the group you are so important that time is valuable to you.

Any profession or vocation if in the general sense, you will be able to communicate your early-studies and at least "sound" highly-educated.

If the conversation concerns law
thanks to your finding-out whom is at the party ahead of time, you will already know that the lawyer talking is "Cranston Dudley," noted local attorney and you have also found out that his specialty of law is Corporate Law, and his latest court victory was when a worker with a big concrete company fell into a vat of wet cement because of a faulty rung on a ladder he was issued by the company. This accident caused the worker a lot of mental stress, and shock so he couldn't work. Plus he broke his left ankle. "Dudley," is talking about how a corporation is responsible for such accidents.

You say: "Hmm, 'Dudley, I agree with you. The corporations of today must instill a sense of awareness in their branches of management that can prevent such accidents from happening, but, if they do not want to invest in safety, it is "their butt on the limb," not the employees."

Of course, "'Dudley," will agree along with the rest of this law-based group, but be careful about giving too much information that can be traced to expose you as a phony, so just keep the information general and in a brief amount. And please do not use a fake lawyer name. This "Dudley," as smart as he really is, will know you are fake and since he is close friends with "Amanda Jennings," the wealthy hostess, she can not only ban you from her parties, but all of the parties in town.

Believable excuses you can use when you need to duck-out of the gala party:

  • Sorry, I need to run. I am expecting a client to pass away and I want his affairs to be in order. Excuse me.
  • Oh, look at the time. I am late for my plane. I am flying to Zurich to attend a writer's conference.
  • Oh my goodness, how shallow of me. I need to go and introduce my fashion-model girlfriend, "Ula," to those designers over there.
  • (Put cell phone to ear) Uh, yeah. I had it on vibrate. Yes. Yes. Okay. On my way. Excuse me, please. My law partner is needing my assistance with a big case.
  • I'm sorry. I told "Amanda," that I could only stay a moment--my latest paper is due in two hours.

Things to avoid:

  1. Arguments - are a no, no. Always agree with people who might disagree with you. And if this is said to you, "I bet you are not even a real lawyer," suddenly laugh loudly and reply, "Miss, I beg your pardon. Do I need to go to my downtown office and bring you my diploma and letter from the dean?" You are not really saying you "are" a real lawyer, you are asking questions.
  2. Taking sides - stay neutral. But if need be, do not say much. Just sip your drink and eat a few soup crackers.
  3. Someone who - really knows you. This can be fatal to the "Genius Program," you are using. That is why you need to scan the crowd at the party when you arrive. Although your hostess has told you whom is coming. Be sure. And if you see someone who knows your "real" identity, tell your hostess some thing important you forgot and leave. Do not stand and make small talk.
  4. Another safety-valve to the situation above is: Always carry a fake moustache in your suit pocket and if you see someone who can expose you, duck into the men's room and return a new man.
  5. If the person who knows you spots you, just ignore them. I know it is tough to ignore your biological brother, but your reputation and station in the neighborhood is at stake.

One more item

If you do really well at this "No Work Genius Program," and impress the most-intelligent people at the parties you attend, please do me a big favor and . . .

Do not tell them where you got this idea. You can have all the credit. We do not know each other.


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    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      4 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hello, Anita,

      Thank you, from my heart, for your comment. I wanted this to be funny. And thanks for noticing.

      Have a peaceful day and visit with me often.


    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      4 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, Rachael,

      LOL. Thanks for your nice comment. And I just happen to know ONE guy who used to practice these methods of self-restructuring. He was good at it.

      But that all left when he married this great girl and then she died a tragic death due to cancer.

      Curse that vile cell!

      Today, he is an humble, caring, and still my friend, but NO MORE of this "just" saying things to make himself look smart.

      Thanks for your input.


    • Anita Saran profile image

      Anita Saran 

      4 years ago from Bangalore, India

      Funny hub Kenneth. Voted so.

    • RachaelOhalloran profile image

      Rachael O'Halloran 

      4 years ago from United States

      "We do not know each other." lol

      I don't know anyone like that either.

      Not anymore, anyway.

      In my former circles there were people like this and that is why they are now in my former circles!

      Fun article.


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