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You Love Life, We Love Death: Iran Cannot be Deterred

Updated on September 2, 2012

When a people or a religion or a government have fundamental differences in how they view things, it is hard for either to impose their will upon the other to comply. That is the nature of the US-Iran problem regarding nuclear weapons and enrichment. Yet, America tries and continues to try to impose its own ideology on Iran, which does not view the world as many in the West does. By Iran, I mean its government, not its people. Most normal Iranians are intelligent and share many things with the West. In fact, you see Apple products all over, Samsung products all over, old American cars at car shows, skateboarders in the park, skiers on the mountain, golfers on the courses. If only Iran had a different government!

They don't. Those leading the millions are hard core zealots. To them, the very existence of Israel being on Muslim land is a crime, a horrible crime, a cancer for which there is nothing to discuss. There is no room for coexistence, only removing the cancerous growth. Iran knows it could destroy America, but it could, with only two atomic bombs, pretty much lay waste to Israel, which is barely eight miles wide. In fact, the former president of Iran famously said, " an atomic bomb would not leave anything left in Israel". True. So, if the analysts are correct, they already have a dirty bomb and are no doubt working hard for more. While Israel would be destroyed in any nuclear exchange with Iran in the future, Iran would survive. Which means, Iran would be much more willing to strike first with a nuclear bomb. No doubt.

So, deterrence and arm twisting has not worked or will it ever.


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