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Political Choices: Picking the Evilest of Two Evils

Updated on April 16, 2020
Kyler J Falk profile image

Taking part in politics as a sport, when not holding or seeking to hold office, is pitiable and regressive.


It continues to be baffling to me that so many people succumb to the common pitfalls of the American system of "Democracy" and its subsequent production of hatred and discrimination. Yet, as time moves ever-onward and technology continues to connect us closer and closer on the physical level, we are only seeing an increase in the toxic cycle that is "American Politics". I'd like to focus on the most disturbing aspect I have noticed; I want to focus on the seemingly illogical mentality that it is better to choose who is most likely to win against the current president, rather than the candidate with the best track record, stance, and plans for America.

Ridiculous Arguments

Whenever I see people arguing politics, people who work 9-5 jobs and are ruining their bodies just to put food on the table and afford their six different insurance policies, I can't help but to wonder what the point is. Hating each other, verbally attacking each other both virtually and in real life, sometimes even coming to a point where violence against one another occurs. For what gosh darn reason you silly billys?

I know not everyone is like this, but we aren't discussing the outliers who have no toxic effect on society, we are discussing those who'd go out of their way to figuratively or literally smack you in the face with their beliefs. On one side you have the Trumpers who'd sooner let Trump call them imbeciles, and sometimes he does, than go against a single thing he says. On another side you have the hardcore progressives who'd rather see the Devil himself in office than have Trump for a single second longer. Then you have the radicals who want both sides to start a revolutionary war to determine a winner, all the while they take part in the "boogalo" to let out some angst.

Most of the arguments I see online are best described as absolutely ridiculous. No one on these mentioned sides are considering the well-being of the economy, general welfare, basic human rights, and an overall standard for classiness that used to be at the forefront of American politics. From my perspective I see people who want the next Hitler, the continued reign of the "dotard-in-chief", a socialist who can barely get up a flight of stairs, and maybe a man who continuously sniffs and inappropriately touches individuals of all ages.

I would sooner put politicians in the gladiator ring for elections by combat than give them my vote. See how many incompetent, billionaire politicians sign up to be President then....

— Kyler J. Falk

What Are You Thinking?!

In observing all this behavior both online and in real-life, I am left with the more-than-reasonable reaction of "What are you thinking?!" and I would legitimately like a logical, hate-free response to that question. Would it not be better to sit yourself on the sidelines and force the politicians to fight each other, rather than let them create and coast upon our hatred toward one another?

What does anyone in America gain from electing men (or women) who'd sooner see you eat each other alive than actually address their own, and America's pressing issues? Personally, I liked Andrew Yang, wouldn't vote for him because you can't trust a politician or businessman as far as you could throw them, but he ran on practical ideas rather than vague idealism. Is it just that people want the individual who can cause the most damage to the opposite side of the political spectrum?

Ugh, it all disgusts me and this is why I try to avoid ever discussing the "democratic" system of performative cruelty and discrimination.


Make America Worth Following Again

America has always touted itself as the land of the free, home of the brave, leader in human rights, and all that other fluffy, lofty, great stuff. There was a time where our president's visage was not dominating the news in foreign countries for comedic reasons, and other countries actually sought out our presence and input for big events. But now, now all I see and hear about is the next silly, resentful, sadistic thing our politicians have done or said to each other. I'm tired of being laughed at by the entire world, aren't you?

It is time to abstain from the rigged, ridiculous system in America and make the politicians fight each other rather than us fighting one another. For too long our democracy has been dictated by millionaires and billionaires around the world, rather than the American people. At the very least, stop attacking your undeserving neighbor because they like one senile old man, over the senile old man you chose.

The system can change, it can evolve, it always has and always does. The important part is changing it in your favor, the favor of those of us who see this once glorious country worth following anywhere remain on its feet. Stop attacking the people who could help you see the change you wish to manifest become a reality, and take your plan for change to where it will count for something.

Contact your representatives today! Make America worth following again.


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