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You are loved, Caitlyn Jenner.

Updated on June 4, 2015


Disclaimer: This post is my opinion. Whether or not you agree is up to you. But, all I ask is that you respect my opinion and I'll respect yours. I'm not looking for an argument or a debate. Simply stating my (scattered) opinion.

I can say that the majority of you already know about Caitlyn Jenner. If you don't know google it. If you're tired of hearing about it then stop reading. The majority of you don't understand why and I get that. I have personally never known someone who is transgender or has even thought about being transgender, so part of me doesn't understand either and that is completely okay! I do things in my life that not everyone understands and I don't expect them to because it's my life. I'm sure we all have done things and have gotten an "why the hell did you do that?" response. The only way I can understand Caitlyn is to put it that way. What she decided to do was her choice and she is entitled to do that because it is her life. Not yours or mine. But she is a person and she has a life just like you and I. She just chose to do something that generated a "why the hell did you do that?" response x 100 billion and sadly other horrific responses. I just ask you to step back and think about it with an open mind. If you knew someone so incredibly close to you that did the same thing Caitlyn did, would you have the same response? Would you degrade them and call them a "freak" and other horrible things? Or would you show them support, love, and kindness? I understand that people are going to have polar opposite opinions and that's how it will always be! That's okay too! Like I've stated, we all live our OWN lives and make choices ourselves because we are entitled to.

Another thing I am seeing floating around is comparing Caitlyn to an American soldier. I think that is an awful comparison. You are comparing two different types of "heroes" as if they're meant to be on the same pedestal. Hear me out on this one... I've read articles of dogs saving their owners from structure fires, car accidents, and shootings. Most of the time the dog is labeled a "hero" for such courageous acts. BUT, that dog is not the same type of hero as an American soldier OR Caitlyn Jenner. I believe that there are different levels to heroism. Just so happens on my levels that an American soldier is at the top. Now I don't know where Caitlyn fits in because I've never had to think about it. But she is a hero to those people who are afraid to do what she did. Who have lived their whole lives knowing who they really are but live a different life.

Hero - a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.


"Why are we praising her? She is not the first person to do that. She shouldn't be praised." I honestly think she's being so spotlighted because of who she was in the past. EVERYONE knows Bruce Jenner or knew of him. He was an amazing athlete who did remarkable things in his lifetime! Including raising a lot of kids and taking in step children as if they were his own! He was the first famous person (that I know of, could be wrong) that was so praised back in the day that decided to come out transgender. The courage it took to do what he did is inspiring and it has powerful meaning to all those who think the same way he did. A well known public figure coming out to be transgender is candy to all publishing companies! It's going to be on blast and you can't control that, so no changing that.

My opinion is probably all over the place because I am really scatterbrained with it all. I've seen horrible things posted on the internet about her and it hurts my feelings. So oops about that.

I just wish people would understand that not everybody is going to think the same about every topic in today's news. I hope and I pray that you will respect Caitlyn's choice because it is her life, not yours, and is not affecting you in any way, shape, or form. Put yourself in her shoes. It might be hard to, but just try. Would you want people saying some of the things you said? If not, then fill your heart with love and understanding and then rethink it.

Caitlyn Jenner, you are loved.

Love and understanding,



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