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Young Orangs Attend School

Updated on February 8, 2016
Sir David Attenborough Champion Of Endangered Environments And Species.
Sir David Attenborough Champion Of Endangered Environments And Species. | Source
Orangs At Play.
Orangs At Play. | Source
Malaysia Criticised For Not Doing Enough To Protect Orangs By WWF.
Malaysia Criticised For Not Doing Enough To Protect Orangs By WWF. | Source
Indonesia Criticised By WWF Also For Not Doing Enough For Its Orangs.
Indonesia Criticised By WWF Also For Not Doing Enough For Its Orangs. | Source

Indonesia Needs To Do More.

The jungles of Borneo and Sumatra in Indonesia need to be protected more according to groups like the World Wide For Nature as the rate of deforestation is alarming where forests are destroyed to grow the palm oil plant for commercial use for example to be used in cooking oils and other products.

This massive attack on the eco - systems of Borneo and Sumatra have put at risk the lives of many examples of Indonesian wild life. None more so than the great ape population that frequents these jungle area the Orang - Utan which in Indonesian is roughly translated into English as 'man of the forest'.

A programme of rescuing baby Orangs and rehabilitating them back into the wild has been going on in eastern Borneo for a long while now and has been highlighted by such wildlife pundits as Sir David Attenborough.

There is a school in eastern Borneo where every morning young Orangs are wheeled to school via wheelbarrow where they spend all day learning how to live back in the wild and are given the chance at night to spend time in a wild habitat where they are encouraged to build nests where they will sleep for the night as they would if they were wild living.

The Orang is the only large ape to be found in Asia and is also located in Malaysia as well as Indonesia and prefer to live a solitary life unlike many of their African cousins like the Chimpanzee and Gorilla. That said though that because many of these young Orangs have been brought up in captivity where they are assigned their own nurse maid who cuddles them and feeds them as their mother would do many of these apes do live together in groups and whether this will lead to a new social group of Orangs living in groups once they are back in the wild there is as far as I am aware no evidence to prove this yet.

Orangs are very noticeable to people because of their ginger hair unike the African apes that are in the main dark haired.

Orangs have become again like their African cousins the Chimps and Gorillas recognisable in our zoos and safari parks through out the world that sometimes conduct breeding programmes to preserve the species that like the rehabilitation programmes of Indonesia and Malaysia introduce them back into the wild.

Any activity preserving an endangered species or even if their not endangered has certainly to be welcomed.

Examples Of What Threatens The Orang's Habitat.

Fire:  Fires Either Naturally Started Or Man Made.
Fire: Fires Either Naturally Started Or Man Made. | Source
Palm Oil Plantations.
Palm Oil Plantations. | Source
Deforestation By Loggers.
Deforestation By Loggers. | Source


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