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Your Job as a Generation Y Individual in America.

Updated on March 18, 2016

Generation Y is defined as The generation of people born during the 1980s and early 1990s(via Generation Y is also known as Millennials, the Echo Generation, the Internet Generation, etc. We have been blessed as the first generation with virtually unlimited access to advanced technology. Speaking as a Millennial, I can say Generation Y has a lot of conflicting views with Generation X, the baby boomers. We, as Millennials, are the most populous age group in America, so why are there so many issues the general Millennial population doesn't agree with? Because most people aged 18-30 don't vote.


Since this upcoming election is the first election I'm allowed to vote in, I immediately registered to vote when I turned 18. I was personally excited to start voting, so when the Primaries were held in Florida I went to my designated voting place right after class. When I got there, I was so shocked to see no other people my age voting.

Fast-forward a couple minutes, and I was the next person in line getting my ID and Voting card out. The lady took my cards and confirmed my information. While doing this she looked up at me and kindly asked if this was my first election. When I said yes, everyone behind the desk had the happiest looks on their faces. They started clapping and congratulating me, which sparked everyone in line to do the same. I started blushing from all the attention, and the ladies behind the desk kept telling me how important my vote is and I should never stop voting. I happily agree, smile, and move on to fill out my ballot. As soon as I was done, a man at the door gave me the "I voted" sticker and told me to have a good day. I immediately took a picture and uploaded it to every social media account, as well as texted it to my mom(My true Millennial mannerisms coming into play).

I have noticed that many Millennials support Bernie Sanders in this election, but when I went to vote, no other Millennials were there besides myself. When Hillary Clinton was the winning Democratic candidate in the Primaries in Florida, many people I follow on my social media were furious, but in the end, those same people didn't go out to vote. I'm not saying all Millennials didn't vote, but I am saying that if you support a candidate, the best way to show your support is to go to vote. Also, regardless of who you support, please do research before voting. If you vote for a candidate blindly for no other reason than because that's who someone you look up to supports, then do not bother voting until researching further.

Differentiating political views are what make America so diverse, but political views you have because a person's best friend's cousin's girlfriend told you that "person x" said "comment you don't support" are not reliable. The best way to set your views in stone is to do extensive research on what each candidate supports, and also to have a slight background in history. The phrase "history repeats itself" is something I've heard all my life, but never took seriously into account until I started taking history classes in college. A lot of previous events or views are being presented in this election as they were in previous elections, so it is good to pay attention to the details.

Do you think Millennials are not involved enough in the voting process?

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Quick recap of main points to take away from this:

  • Go out and vote
  • Even if you're too young to vote, you can preregister to
  • Do your research
  • Practice what you preach
  • History repeats itself
  • Be your own person, and have your own views
  • You have the power to change the world


This is my first political Article. I remained unbiased and fair, so I expect the comments to be equally UNbiased and fair to everyone.


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