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Your Nukes Our Lives! Nuclear Warhead Facts!

Updated on October 20, 2022


From 1940 to 1995, USA and Russia started the hectic race to acquire all kinds of weapons, especially nuclear weapons thinking that this would be a deterrent factor against each other. It’s true that Non-Proliferation Treaty helped a lot to eliminate as much nukes as possible, but there are still massive numbers of nukes spread around the world. Aside from all that, USA alone spent on the Nuclear Weapons Program much more than 5.8 Trillion from 1940 till 1995, an amount if used to feed the world, would eliminate starvation forever.

 Fortunately, Mr. Obama came now calling for a world free of nuclear weapons during his speech in Europe recently. He said: 'United States has a moral responsibility to act’. He called for a global summit to prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons. This gesture is highly commendable of him, but the truth is we can’t just stop this nuclear campaign using words only. That’s why I wrote this topic to show even the slightest sign of protest.  I will cite below some horrible numbers and facts about these destructive weapons.

Diagram of Nuclear Warheads Around The World

From this diagram we can notice that several nuclear countries are not members of the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty which is the most dangerous thing because they can escape censure in case of any nuke war. To illustrate more:

Israel: They never confirmed nor denied acquisition of nukes but estimations say they possess between 150 to 200 nuclear warheads.

North Korea: North Korea claimed openly they have nukes.

Iran: The International Atomic Energy Agency reported that there is secretive nuclear activity to make fissile, but so far, nobody is sure whether they succeeded or not to construct nukes. Still they have the required materials as national communities claim.

Syria: US officials have been striving to accuse Syria of covert nuke activities. A comprehensive inspection was overtaken by the International Atomic Agency who reported eventually that Syria is clean.

Of course, none of the above countries have ever declared exact number of warheads, and those are just rough speculations.


The Future!

Anyhow, or in anyway, nukes are dangerous and lethal to humanity no matter what the claim was. We have nukes now that are capable of destroying the earth several times. US alone has stockpile of nukes 92000 times bigger than Hiroshima-sized bombs. Now, aren’t global warming, rising of the sea level, emissions of thousands of tons of toxic gases in the atmosphere enough? Do we really need desperately to acquire a weapon that can destroy us all not to mention the very high expenses of manufacturing, storing, maintaining them? For example, the expenses that US spent on nuclear weapons program which is 5.8 trillion, if divided among everyone living in the US, equals more than $21000 per person. So, our main mission, as human beings, is to stop this madness and build better future to our next generations, better environment, clean water not a legacy of Nuclear Weapons and radioactive materials for God’s sake! We shall leave a garden not the waste land of Eliot!

Some studies show that there are traces till now of genetic disorder in Hiroshima and Nagasaki where some babies are born deformed with one eye, or having three arms etc. Genetic side is extremely dangerous to both humans and animals for no one can escape the consequences as radiation knows no boundaries. Some cancer stages were detected in Jordan because of the Israeli nuclear experiment in Naqab desert. The geologists have also ascribed the increase of tectonic as well as seismic activities to underground nuclear experiments which would lead to instability of earth crust. All these and governments insist to be arrogant by not declaring the imminent hazards.

Kids still suffering in Ukraine because of Chernobyl reactor explosion.
Kids still suffering in Ukraine because of Chernobyl reactor explosion.

Unfortunately, instead of dcreasing the amount of the deadly nukes around the world, we find Iran struggling to acquire nuke weapons as if we are in a race and as if the nukes will solve their problems! They incurred sanctions and gained enemies everywhere insisting on developing nuclear weapons! This is actually so sad and only the normal people will eventually suffer the consequesnces of our leaders. People, please understand that destroying others is the not the answer to everything. What ever happened to talking, negotiations, United nations...etc


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