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Unemployment Fee's

Updated on October 30, 2012

Bank Fees!!!

So many people with the Economy the way it is have to turn to unemployment for some kind of financial help.The waiting process is a long drug out process that seems like it takes forever as your bills are piling up.Finally your approved for an amount that's no where near what you made working but at least it's something to help out.Just when you think things are at its worse, Well it even gets better.

Unemployment sends you a debit card through the mail that they can put your unemployment benefits on as well as child support. When your card arrives you thank God you finely have some money to survive on. You call the number on the back of the card and activate it. You check your balance, Every thing is great, well as great as it can be anyway. You go to check your balance again and discover there is a fee of .55 cents. Which leads to you wondering why? So you call the bank to find out why and you hear that to be connected with customer service there's a dollar fee.

I really don't agree with these charges at all. We all worked hard for years to build up this insurance for the unfortunate time when and if we ever loose our jobs. And now the states have turned to a third party to issue us our rightful mere pit-tens of a claim. Its ours we earned it and we shouldn't have to be charged additional fees to responsibly pay our bills on less than half of what our regular paycheck used to be. It's bad enough you get taxed on money you already paid taxes on in the first place when you receive your unemployment checks. Now the state says HEY I HAVE A GREAT IDEA lets have a third party issue the moneys so the traffic goes to them first and they are responsible for issuing cards and collecting data. $$Cha-ching says the third party and here come the charges.

I personally have several checking and savings account with Banks and I can check on them by phone and internet and never charged. So why do I need to have a different card for my unemployment ? How can our government allow this to happen? Why should they be allowed to do this to us with no jobs? I mean really is this even legal? I know it upsets me so much I even filled a complaint with the Attorney General and have yet to hear a response. When I ask why all I get is that's just the way the account is set up. No real answers as to how this is even possible.



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    • profile image

      KDuBarry03 5 years ago

      The form of income in the US is definitely a complex and confusing one; allowing anyone to hide different fees here and there.