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Your fate has some plans for you

Updated on March 8, 2012

Dont worry over your fate

Dont worry over your life
Dont worry over your life

Fate is nothing but Gods golden hand

Like the Famous movie 3 idiots song when life is out of control just tell all is well. Greatest decisions of life should be taken with wisdom and not with emotions. When things are going wrong instead of finding solutions we always curse god asking why this thing happened to me. All of us are in that gang including the author.

Fate is an action packed movie that has it on twist and turns that makes life more interesting and keeps us engaged with our tasks. Each twists takes us to newer roads where we get much better chances that where we were actually comfortable. It is an inbuilt program made by the god almighty for all human beings for their own betterment in life.Only thing you need to do is recognize those paths where the life's twists and turns take you rather than running away from it and cursing lord.

So many living examples from the present and past underlines the golden intervention of god. Believe it is not Thomas Alva Edision the great scientist was thrown out of school by his teacher saying that the kids performance is substandard and he will never reach anywhere in life. Little edisons mother replied to the teacher that "My tommy is not an idiot and the time will prove it". The only lesson edison received in life was what his mother taught him. In the process of finding an incandacent filament for creating a bulb he was succesful only in his 1001th attempt. What made him do so without any complaints against god, if he head complained at any stage probably we may not be having bulbs even now.

Sachin tendulkar wanted to become a tennis player and Mcenroe was his favourite. Later when his concentration shifted to cricket he wanted to be a fast baller. Coach ramkanth achrekar made him believe that he cannot be successful as a baller and its better to be batsman. Rest is history.

Rasool Pookutty wanted to be a scientist and win Nobel prize for medicine. But fate made him him a sound engineer which took him till Oscars. So you never know next time you start fighting with your fate think twice.


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