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You're NOT Forced to Pay Most of Your Taxes

Updated on July 30, 2011

The Conspiracy of Taxation

As hard as it is to believe, paying taxes is mostly an elective process rather than an enforcing process. At least this is the case in Canada, and from what I've read mostly the case in the United States as well. I wouldn't be surprised if most countries follow similar taxation philosophies. The rich understand that taxes are elective; and use this knowledge to take advantage of the poor. The poor, on the other hand, are deluded into not only believing that having to pay taxes is the law, but necessary in order to become a patriotic citizen.

Forget speaking to your accountant, most accountants and financial advisors rate on the useless side. In order to become an accountant today, you must go through several years of schooling. This is intentional; as it's important the rich keep the financial gatekeepers fully indoctrinated in the biggest conspiracy of all: That you must pay your taxes.

Most Taxes Are Elective

Pay close attention, as the knowledge I'm about to hand you could very well be a life changing experience. Most taxes are elective, not enforced by law. That is to say you can choose whether or not to pay most of your taxes. Understanding how you opt out of paying taxes is as important as coming to the realization you may not have to pay taxes.

Immediately, I can hear the doubts echoing in the background. Don't we pay taxes for government services? Yes, we do, but I'm telling you it's possible to electively choose which taxes for government services you wish to pay for, and which you do not. It involves a bit of creativity on your part, along with an understanding that you vote with your feet, not a ballot box.

Take your highways and roads for example. Surely you have to pay taxes for highways and roads? Not exact. Taxation for highways and roads comes directly from sales taxes in gas, automobile purchases, and payments in public transportation. If you opt out of paying gasoline for most of your life, you could potentially refrain from paying up to 90% of taxes that would normally go to highways and roads. In this case, you vote with your feet to not take advantage of highways and or roads, therefore you don't have to pay taxes for highways and roads.

What about taxes for schools and education? Surely you're forced by law to pay taxes for education? Not exact. Public schools are funded through municipal taxes. This means the funds required to run a school come from property taxes. If you opt out of buying property, you're effectively not paying for any taxes in public education. If you live in an area with no schools in the vicinity, you won't pay taxes into education at all. Higher education is mostly privatized and most scholarships come from private donors. The truth of the matter is; if you're a bit creative and vote with your vote, you don't necessarily have to pay any taxes for education.

What about taxes for all those farmer subsidies we hear so much about? Surely we're forced to pay taxes for agriculture? Not exact. The majority of taxes used to subsidize farmers come from sales taxes in grocery products you buy, as well as from trade tariffs nations put on each other when they trade food. If you were to live off the land and or plant a garden in your back yard, you wouldn't have to pay a single dime in taxes towards agriculture. If you have a bit of Native American blood in you, not only would both the governments in Canada and the United States allow you to do so; but they are required by law to help accommodate you.

What about taxes for police and firemen? Again, this is a municipal tax acquired through property taxes. These services can also get funding through fines and penalties from legal violations. If you're not a property owner, you're not paying taxes in police and fire services. If you avoid having to pay any fines, you're not paying any taxes in police and fire services. In many smaller communities, police and fire services are voluntary, meaning people don't pay taxes at all. Depending on where and how you chose to live, you could hypothetically opt out of paying for all taxes on police and fire services.

What about sewage, electricity, and water works? Once again, most of these services are primarily funded through municipal property taxes. Often they're a combined privatized and government functions. There are also municipal and provincial (state) sales tax schemes that may fund these services. One method to vote with your feet and refuse to pay such tax schemes is to put yourself off the grid. You can do so by investing and constructing your own well for drinking water, utilizing a septic tank, and building a combined wind/solar power panel.

What about the military? Surely we're forced to pay Federal taxes in this area? I admit here; that in many cases you may be out of luck. However, there are some interesting options to consider. Many countries don't have a military; therefore if you were to immigrate to such nations you wouldn't have to pay any taxes for the military. The most interesting, and hypothetical argument that has yet to be used, is your right to avoid paying taxes for the military as an American through the second amendment. Without a doubt the most misunderstood legal amendment from both the left and right alike. Many only look at the surface of the law, which is the rights to bare arms, but overlook the spirit behind the law. I assure you the law wasn't made with the intent for Americans to hunt elk, glorify guns on a display rack, or for the sales of guns to be a part of capitalism. You may want to read that second paragraph of the amendment that explains the reasoning behind the law; mainly to safeguard against the event of a tyrannical government. This is in recognition that large military complexes have been throughout time, the most abusive power used by governments. The second amendment could hypothetically be used for your right to secure your own self-defense and to form your own militias. In such a case, it's dubious that you should have any responsibility towards paying taxes for the military seeing that through the militia, you're essentially responsible for securing your own defense. Now, would the government allow you to pull such an act peacefully? Doubtful, but it's important to recognize in such a case the government would be violating the law, not you. The government isn't the law. This is the ultimate secret behind taxation and the second amendment that "they" don't want you to know. . .

With that thought, I end part one of this series. Part two will be coming out soon. In part two, I will explain how income taxes work and why you shouldn't have to pay for it. I will also make a dishonorable mention to the one tax that you're indeed forced by law to make payments. I'll reason how paying into both the mentioned tax schemes is actually unethical. Finally, I'll end the article by showing how through the use of subtly abusive bylaws, you're under the illusion that indeed you must pay taxes for many services, when in reality it’s your choice.

-Donovan D. Westhaver


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    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 6 years ago from Southern California


      I believe your statements are basically true.

      But in the US the voluntary tax system of Income Tax forces you to file a tax return.

      Not only do you have to file a tax return, that is if you have the minimum income, but you have to do it under Penalty of Perjury. Your accountant is also somewhat liable to the government if they cheat on your behalf.

      My question is how does Canada pay for its socialized medicine if people are not working?