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Youth Politics

Updated on November 28, 2013


The people whose ages are between 15 years to 35 years, known as youths. It is consider that people in youth age are less knowledgeable and less experienced to understand the game of politics.So it is considered that youth can not take part in politics. On the other hand the Government provides authority for vote to the people whose ages starts from 18.

India is the biggest democracy in the world. More then 45 percent people of India belongs to the youth category. And Indian Government give them right to elect the best leader. While they are not considered as a leader because they are below the age of 35 years.

Message is clear that youth can chose the best leader but why youth can't be a good leader. This is the point to think.

During the days of India's struggle for independance ,the youth of india wants to join tha politics , that time youth take part in the independance fight against British people. Students want to get and achieve freedom.


Why Youth Should be in Politics

Youth are the future of each and every country. India is the most populated country and there are more then 60 percent youth in India. From the point of view of politics youth age is considered below 35 years.Maximum numbers of votes are from youths.

Why youth should be in politics:

1- Understanding Power

If youth have knowledge to understand that what kind of system should be in India and they vote for that particular leader and they select a good leader hence they can be a part of politics.

2-More Knowledge and Experience

It is said that more experience is more suitable for politics hence if we give chance youth to take part in politics then certain get more experience with there age. Because he will get more year to work.

3- Present Situation

Mostly youth faces the problems in society such as inflation, corruption,etc. They came in direct touch of these evils. They understand them from real situation. Hence they should provided chance to improve them.

4- Modern Style

Every time new technology is developing. This provide latest and new thinking to solve the problems. A youth can understand this better then others. Hence it is also a good thought.

5-Now some youth parties are running in our country like Indian Youth Congress, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad and Democratic youth federation of india etc. Hence youth should inspire from them.

7 Youth are more crazy about problems

Youth have to faces many problems in their each state.So they become more crazy about the system and try to give a new turn to the system. If they will get power they will do something.

8 Youth are honest

In the whole political system a number of leaders are corrupted. While the youth are holy spirit. They think in the favour of people not their own.

9 Focus and concentration on problems will improve

Youth came with a lot of problems sometimes they feel that govt. is not taking interest in that.So if youth will be there they will focus more on that.

10 Good Feelings

Youth as a leader will fell more better and his life and thinking power will improve. So it help in improving the system present position.

11 Youth have free mind

Sometime leader can not solve problems because of their family problems and so many other problems while youth have no such kind of problems.


Student And Politics

Student’s who join politics are good orators. They become assertive by shedding their timidness and shyness. Tackling problems and solving disputes and handling crisis situations however small or big they may be, infuses confidence in them. It helps in developing skills to deal with people from all backgrounds and of all shades of opinion.

By 2015, 55% of Indian population will be below 20 years. This shows what kind of prospective power rests in the younger generations. We have to see that they are empowered through the right education and the proper spirit is nurtured. Then there will be no looking back on the communalism, resentments and violence of today.

“The need of Indian politics today is infusion of young blood, which takes a modern and contemporary view of things.” This is the rhetoric that most Indians sing today. But where is one supposed to get this young blood from? Student politics is an answer.

So, it is now time to let go of the ties that are tying us down to hate and intolerance. The dream of our nation can be converted to a reality if the youth join hands and pass on new legacies to the future.

Some youth group already has been submitted application for the involvement of youth in politics but government rejact it many times. They are not getting freedom to take part in the politics.School stdents are also seem wary of politics. Politicians are dishonest they make promise but make mistake again and again. The real things are delivers only by speeches.

Students of today are the citizens of tomorrow. The properiety and necessity of the time that they should be well educated and fully equipped to face the challanges of their life against this competitive world. Politics is the game of government ,is too big a game for a half developed mind of young man and women. This is the reason, due to this government is not providing authority to the youth.

It is not mean that students should keep themself totally aloof from the political situations of their surroundings. They should keep knowledge. They must apply their mind to understand the origin of problems arising around them.

Youth Political Parties in India

It’s time; the youth of this nation must start a freedom struggle to secure independence from poverty and corruption.

Some political parties start in india some of them are

Indian Youth Congress,

Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad and

Democratic youth federation of india etc.

New Ideas of Politics

Many people thin that youth will forget direction and purpose if they will involve in politics. But the facts are not so. Now a days there are a lot of political parties in colleges and universities. Election are held here and a leader is elected for the students. This process is quite similar to the politics. There are so many youth political parties in india and other countries also.

In the colleges and universities students keep fighting among themselves. Some times these problems become more difficult then these parties solve many causes of students effectively.

What is your opinion?

Do You Consider That Youth Should be in Politics

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