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You've Got to Make Something Out of It

Updated on August 13, 2012

Become the Gladiator

This whole thing has a Roman-esque, gladiatorial, rise from the dead, triumph for the sake of triumph quality to it.............if you wish it to be so. I was laying here and noticed that the intensity had grown to epic proportions. When that happens, one has the responsibility to become a psychic warrior. I just know that it becomes a game of mental dominance. There are rules: avoid thoughts about sex, avoid becoming "evil", stay "valiant" and fight for what is right........and fight for you!!!!

The reality of the outside world will reflect your willingness to "rise up", "fight" and "conquer". You will not see your enemy, but you'll FEEL him. The fight can be elucidated in the mind by playing video games. Sometimes you'll lose............that's when you get up and start the whole "uprising" process over again. It's okay to use: shielding, medications, even magic feathers - as long as you BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF THESE THINGS. You may have to stoop to being "less than human" to win this fight. I personally mentally morph into a "Monsterman" to deal with the psychic slings and arrows. Ultimately, you will see that all that they throw at terrible as it is IS ALL AN ILLUSION.

The point is WHAT is your mind focused on? Is it defense or is it offense? It pays to fight! They've had me so miserable and so burning bright that I had to imagine coils of metallic, heat-conductant, "coolant" surrounding me and going deep into the earth to dissipate the energy I was receiving. This is one way to handle it. Another example would be that you are inside a disco ball and all energy is reflected upon striking it.

This is for when you are just hanging on. But fighting seems to be the best. No one lives forever, and the mental warrior rides his own glory to the ever-present finish-line of the now. Even in defeat, one is still fighting. The result: keep on fighting! Seriously believe that you are on a mission from God...........because maybe you ARE and just didn't know it!


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