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Zombie Awareness Month

Updated on May 1, 2014

Are you "aware"?

MAY is Zombie Awareness Month across the world. From the 1st to the 31st the month is dedicated to informing people about everything having to deal with the phantasmal apocalypse of the undead. During the month of May worldwide people recognize this time as a period to reflect on disaster scenarios and prepare for a hypothetical “braineater” invasion. Yes, I too would have thought October would be the best month for Zombie Awareness but I will explain further on.

Why May you say?

If you are reading this then you are at least familiar with “zombies” in pop culture whether it be on television, film, or on page. This is where this month was chosen. In horror film culture, there has been quite the extensive list of zombie movies that were written to take place in the month of May. My all-time favorite zombie flick which started it all is one of the most well-known films on this list. George A. Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is set in this spring month in a small Pennsylvania town that is land locked by rolling hills, thick forest, and mountainous regions. Zombies have become a hot trend in modern culture and personally I am glad that a month other than October was set aside because it does not seem as blasé within the big picture of the horror genre.

It is 3:00am and the dead are at the door, what do you do?

The dead make their first contact with your 1 story home, what is your first step?

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What IS “Zombie Awareness” exactly?

Practicing zombie awareness is much like practicing awareness of any other physical threat on human life. Whether you are mapping out an escape plan for your home in case of a fire or whether you are collecting guns and ammo because you fear society is going to fall in your lifetime (it’s not), this is all basically the same idea. Zombie Survival to me puts a humorous twist on learning survival skills for any potential worst case situations that may occur in the household and beyond. As a survival instructor myself it helps me relate the message of “being ready for anything” to a more broad range of people. I use Zombie Awareness Month to learn and teach others techniques that would put them as the Alpha being within the apocalypse of reanimated flesh. Also, the skills I teach for the blood drenched fanciful attack are life skills to deal with ANY situation that you might encounter. Survival is not the only aspect of being aware in the month of May it is just the most useful.

Other information expressed while learning to be ZOMBIE AWARE are along the lines of fantasy and speculation rather than anything useful in everyday life but it is still great fun to indulge. Proposed theoretical diseases and prevention of such disease that would ultimately become the unraveling strand of civilization that would plunge mankind brain first into undead oblivion are also topics of interest. The pandemic of resurrected carrion might not really be upon us but it is a great way to prep for real life disasters around the home. Have fun with this month and learn a few new things under the guise of horror film myth!

Have Fun!

Strap on your grey ribbons to show the world at large that you support ZOMBIE AWARENESS MONTH and spread the word about disaster readiness!

What else do you need to know?

The Zombie Research Society is responsible for the inauguration of Zombie Awareness Month. 2007 was the year of birth for The Z.R.S. and ever since they have been doing their part in showcasing the best of “Dead Prep”. In Atlanta, Georgia the Center for Disease Control has even gave recognition for this month and utilize interest in pop culture phenomena to educate citizens about disease prevention and so on. An insurgence in media with the advent of popular zombie television shows has opened the gap to reach more people than ever who are interested in this iconic manifestation of ghouls.

Keep checking back for more...

The month of May I will be posting 1 article each day in reference to survival in a zombie apocalypse. Each article will inform about a specific skill or technique that will help you in any life threatening survival situation. See you real soon!


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