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Zeitgeist and found objects.

Updated on March 16, 2011

Ten Pound Note

Look what I found, it is a Ten Pound Note, it is British money to the value of ten pounds but that isn’t really what I found, note written on the bottom left, what is it? I visited by putting it into the address bar of my browser and found it to be very interesting.

Part of a Ten Pound Note
Part of a Ten Pound Note | Source

Free Movie Zeitgeist

I found a free movie called Zeitgeist, which was very interesting although I already had some knowledge of the general theme, which is a story of how human beings are blighted, stifled, murdered and corrupted by money for power over others. It did give me a fresh new detailed analysis of the illusion, death and destruction created for its gain by others in so called positions of moral responsibility and the option to down load the movie to write to disk so I did. I gave it away to a few people and got told off in the nicest possible way by a friend for giving out very frightening information to what he considered to be simple naive people.

Niccol di Bernardo dei Machiavelli born 3 May 1469 and died 21 June 1527.
Niccol di Bernardo dei Machiavelli born 3 May 1469 and died 21 June 1527. | Source

Reminded of Niccolo Machiavelli

This situation I found myself in reminded me of the Niccolo Machiavelli story, a man who was attributed as being an advocate of satin because of a book he wrote called (The Prince) which was based on historical events interpreted by Machiavelli. The book was a political instruction manual depicting how a prince should conduct himself in order to protect his empire. As a political scientist, Machiavelli emphasises the occasional need for the methodical exercise of brute force, deceit, and advocates the immorality of powerful men. Niccolo Machiavelli has been called evil and a disciple of satin many times over the years for telling the truth about the behavior of these past historical leaders, including popes and kings. I was being somewhat treated in a similar way for trying to inform others of what might be going on in the world that we are lead to believe is moral and correct. By the way “Scholars have argued that Machiavelli was a major indirect and direct influence upon the political thinking of the founding fathers of the United States”, (Wikipedia).

Finally do not just think that it is only the founding fathers of the United States that have been influenced by instructions conveyed in (The Prince) because these methods have been used by many people the world over seeking money and power.

Do you not think that using money to promote a film about the corruption, murder and manipulation of poor people for financial gain is a great way of turning the tables and exposing this monstrous situation?

I must warn you that I do not advise you to do this as I am lead to believe it is against the law to deface the coin of the realm in England and the United Kingdom it may also bring about a prison sentence and maybe the same in other countries as all banks worldwide are controlled by the same small group of people.

Zeitgeist Song Truth


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    • Gareth Pritchard profile image

      Gareth Pritchard 5 years ago from North Wales

      Hi CloudExplorer,

      I enjoyed all movies but I would do if others are right when they call me a glum buzzard.

      I really would like to think that human beings will get their stuff together one day but they haven't managed it yet. Although we have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, we still can't get along like we should if we really are intelligent beings.

      Thanks for your comments, time and votes, Gareth.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Nice! I watched the movie many years back, while I was in the US Military, it was shocking, and at the same time very truthful when it comes to how us humans are simply used and discarded for others self gain, overall defense, survival tactics or restoration process.

      Its just a shame that the world as a whole has been governed by humanity to do such things, in the all out process as to sustain the species, under mans rule.

      I do know much of it has to do with the balance of all things, the guff, and the balance of the populations worldwide.

      Let's hope that the rulers of mankind find other alternative to establishing such governing and controls other than human destructiveness methods such as war, and use of weaponry.

      Awesome hub here, due to the obvious, voted up on many levels.

    • Gareth Pritchard profile image

      Gareth Pritchard 6 years ago from North Wales

      Hi BrankaBabic,

      After doing some research on JF and his projects I was left feeling sceptical about his sincerity also, and his ideas of a brave new world.

      As for the Zeitgeist movies especially the second one, part one, about human behaviour I find very interesting and do feel everybody should take a lot of notice of environmental influences on the human Species .

      Thank you for your comment, Gareth.

    • BrankaBabic profile image

      BrankaBabic 6 years ago

      Hello Gareth,

      I was interested in Jacques Fresco's projects. At once, I imagined an old man dying from cancer, exhausted, screaming out from pains ... and the council of the prominent medical experts ready to beat him, showering so very deserved wrath over him : 'YOU OLD CRIMINAL GUY, YOU WERE BORN WITH AWFUL GENETICS, YOUR OBSCURE MANIPULATIVE ABILITIES OVER IT WERE YOUR WORST SINS; you never refused to eat ...' and so on.

      After that I said: "No Mr. Jacques Fresco - you will never being hired to heal my - dying from pain - world".

      Thanks Gareth.

    • Gareth Pritchard profile image

      Gareth Pritchard 6 years ago from North Wales

      Hi tipoague, thank you for your comment, many people seem to find these films interesting.

      Hi vinsanity,

      thank you for your comment also and becoming a fan.

    • profile image

      vinsanity 6 years ago

      This is very interesting hub and i enjoyed it very much! Keep up the good work.

    • tlpoague profile image

      Tammy 6 years ago from USA

      Interesting hub! I have heard of this before. My husband liked the one about the federal reserve.