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Zombie Bath Salts Drug Latest News With Regular Updates

Updated on December 5, 2015

Latest News For Bath Salts, The Drug That Turns People Into Zombies.

'Bath salts' is the name given to one of the most deadly synthetic drugs to hit the streets in decades according to the latest news. Described as a 'designer drug', bath salts has been the cause of many Zombie like attacks across the USA.

Gone are the days when illegal drugs made you think you could fly, now they just make you want to eat another person. Cannibalism has been banned in most countries for centuries; but thanks to death dealers on the streets and illicit chemical engineers, it appears to be making a comeback.

US Navy Bathsalts Video

US Navy Video

The US Navy has released its' own version of a serviceman taking the bath salts drug.

The idea is to hopefully reduce the number of active service personnel taking recreational drugs such as the potent bath salt drug.

The massive increase in people taking bath salts for the first time is possibly due to the latest media hype.

This includes naked men attempting to eat their neighbors and attacking police as well as normal housewives beating their children to near death.

Zombie Apocolypse

The Zombie drug does not cause dead people to come back to life. It contains methylenedioxyprovlerone, which is a substitute for metamphetamine. Also called Cloud 9, Blue Silk and Ivory Wave, bath salts have become one of the deadliest drugs on the planet in a short space of time.

Users have been known to suffer from paranoia, hallucinations, suicidal tendencies,and psychotic episodes, as well as the need to chew on the face or body part of another human.

The drugs use has been recorded in the USA, UK, Australia, and Europe as a spate of attacks with certain cannibalistic tendencies comes to light.

Victim: Ronald Poppo
Victim: Ronald Poppo

May 26

Miami police shot dead a man who was dining on the face of a homeless man.

Rudy Eugene was seen chewing on the face of a man lying down on the floor. Police investigated the gruesome attack and ordered the attacking man to stand away. The man allegedly looked up with pieces of flesh hanging out of his mouth, and growled at officers.

Police fired six shots at the attacker, who simply carried on with his frenzied attack. Both men were naked and police stated that both men may have been suffering from 'cocaine phychosis' which makes people feel very hot.


Attack on her 3 year old son.

Pamela McCarthy was electrically restrained by police as she attacked her own three year old son. The mum had taken bath salts and was overcome with heat and adrenaline as she turned on her son.

Neighbors saw Pamela running naked in the street trying to attack her son who was being taken away by his father for safety. She was also seen strangling her dog and punching and choking her child.

Pamela died of cardiac arrest after police electronically restrained her.

Eating Police

Police Fingers

Brandon de Leon in Miami the drugs capitol of the world, was led away in a Hannibal Lectre style mask after trying to bite the hands of police who were trying to arrest him.

Police attended a disturbance at a fast food restaurant and attempted to lead Brandon away when he turned on police officers in a flesh eating frenzy. He attempted to chew on the fingers of the police whilst he was being arrested. Once inside the patrol car, he repeated banged his head against the window and shouted at officers that he was 'going to eat them'.

Carl Jacquneaux

Face Off

Carl Jacquneaux from Louisiana was detained after he bit into the face of a neighbor when he went into the neighbors garden after an alleged domestic dispute.

Jacquneaux then went onto an associates home and held him at knife point before stealing a gun.

Apparently, the drug causes users to have increased strength. The zombie drug is legally obtained at certain shops but governments are considering a world wide ban on over the counter bath salts.

It has also been mentioned to ease concerns, that normal bath salts for bathing in, do not contain any illegal or hallucinatgenic compounds.

August 22

Head Shot

A man whom was taken into police custody inside a patrol car was apparently searched twice before being arrested. Once inside the police vehicle he was handcuffed and totally restrained.

High on what is suspected to be Bath Salts, the left handed person managed to remove his concealed gun and shot himself in the right side of his head, killing himself instantly.

Bath Salts
Bath Salts


Head Banger Beats Up Police

Two Toronto police offices were left battered and bruised with broken bones whilst arresting a naked man. The man in Calgary, was seen smashing his own head against a fence in Etobicoke apartment building when the police were called.

Bath salts drug latest news for Canada is that although the drug was suspected of entering the country in the Spring, there have been no reported incidences. Until now. The police offices were treated in hospital for broken bones in the face, wrist, and hand before being released.

Several officers were attempting to subdue the man, possibly in his early 20's, whom appeared to have superhuman strength. The police twice injected him with a sedation drug before he calmed down enough for him to be arrested. One injection is usually enough for a fully grown adult.

The Future ?
The Future ?

Waco Texas, August

22 year old Michael Daniel was arrested after rampaging through his own home and assaulting his family members.

He then beat up his dog, strangled it, and began to eat it. According to reports he also chased a neighbor whilst growling at him in a macabre way.

He has since been charged with drug possession and animal cruelty. Bath salts is available in many states quite legally and can be bought from local gas stations.


As gun crimes begin to decrease, Zombie attacks are rising faster than a helium balloon in a twister.

In Florida, the home of oranges, tall blondes, and man eating Zombies, police were called out to subdue a man whom had begun to eat the arm off of another person.

The Zombie man, Charles Baker, 26, was naked and appeared ready to attack the police whom arrived. So the police tasered him. But the man simply pulled out the probes much to the astonishment of the watching law enforcement officers.

Mr Baker was tasered a second time before being subdued by an undisclosed number of police officers.

Glendale, Californa

Robert White allegedly told police that he was an alien and could talk to Jesus after taking bath salts. Mr White, 20, hit a 77 year old woman over the head with a shovel after she asked him to stop swinging the shovel at birds.

He was tasered and shot with a rubber bullet. Apparently he had been drinking soda spiked with bath salts.

The British Connection

The latest news for bath salts drug in 2013 is that the drug has been entering America from Britain. The synthetic alternative to cocaine is easily purchased via the internet without any proof of age.

Whilst most of America is now banning the sale of the drug, it appears certain unscrupulous individuals in England are prepared to sell it for a huge profit.

St Petersberg. 23 January 2014

Brandan Davis aged 18 was allegedly under the influence of bath salts when he savagely attacked his 54 year old neighbor.

He then also attacked police officers trying to subdue him. Allegedly Davis was seen at 2am beating a dog and shouting about the Devil and Jesus Christ.

Davis saw the neighbor watching and beat his door down and smashed a plant pot over his head. Davis allegedly then stuck some of the pieces of the broken plant pot into his victims neck.

Whilst doing this, Davis is was also said to of stuck his thumb into his victims eye socket yelling 'I'm going to eat your eyes'

During the arrest, Brandan was tazered twice and bit the hands of arresting officers.

Neighbors described the 18 year old man as loving, sweet, and polite and this was his only incident with the law.


It is needless to say to keep away from all drugs unless prescribed by a physician ( doctor ). the homeless and habitual drug users are in the class more likely to experiment with this new drug. Police are saying if you suspect somebody has taken the Zombie drug, do not approach them but call the police as soon as possible.

NB: Tell us your Baths Salts drug story in the comment box below.

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