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The Rich Aircon vs. The Poor Electric Fan

Updated on August 24, 2013

Which Cooling Device Should Win This Fight?

This is another cool idea that I want to write here in Squidoo, the rich aircon vs. the poor electric fan. Actually, the original plan for this is to include the traditional fan (fan originally made by Chinese) but I decided to stick with these two which require electricity.

Anyway, while looking for an idea to make a Squidoo lens, I tried to find versions of what things we currently have. These are stuff we had before and its equivalent today (the updated version). In our old days we had Betamax, then came VHS until VCD/DVD player became the trend (right now it's a blu-ray player that dominates).

I'm sure everyone is familiar with electric fan especially those ordinary/poor people. Why? Because it is what they have at home while rich men have air conditioners which they can easily afford. What's with these things that become needs of people around the world? It's simpler than what you think: they provide us cool air despite the weather we have. If it's hot, just turn on either an electric fan or aircon and everything will be alright.

Enjoy and have fun! =)

The image on the upper-left came from wpclipart.

An Aircon-Electric Fan Poll - Choose what you are comfortable with.

What air provider do you have at home?

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Benefits of Getting An Electric Fan

Here are the things you should know about electric fans

Electric fan is the most usual thing you can find in a house. Basically, when the weather is hot, the first thing you do is turn on the electric fan at the maximum number. You will feel contented and thankful for having this air provider. Besides, electric fans are good to be found in a normal house. You won't see an aircon inside the house of a poor family.. It's not appropriate and the consumption of electricity in electric fan is much lower than aircon. It's not expensive to purchase an electric fan and everyone can afford it. Of course, they will choose it over the traditional fan.

Final Words Of Electric Fan To Aircon

"Since, I came earlier and much affordable than you, everyone has already knew me. I will never get tired in turning my head back and forth. I'm not lazy unlike you".

Electric Fans in Amazon - Click on the photos to see more and to read its reviews.

Debate of Cooling Devices - Who do you think will win?

Suppose you have electric fan and aircon at home,

Which do you prefer to use when the weather is hot and hard to cope with:

Benefits of Getting An Air Conditioner

Here are the things you should know about air conditioners

Contrary to my above statements, aircon is the most usual thing you can find inside the house of rich and middle class people. Basically, you may see them placed inside bedrooms, living rooms and in different parts of the house. We wonder why they prefer it over electric fans. Maybe because it entails less space. Another thing is, since most aircons have a remote control included, they don't need to get up and manually press the button on the unit. They just press a single button wherever they might be in their house (of course you should have a full view of aircon and press the button). I'm not saying that rich and middle class people are too lazy to move their body but we all know that as technology progresses, our lifestyle becomes simple and easy.

Final Words Of Aircon To Electric Fan

"If there's a way to make things better, why doing same things again and again, look for it and use it for a brighter future. I don't want to move my head back and forth coz I just want to concentrate in one thing: to make room cooler even while being still".

Air Conditioners in Amazon - Click on the photos to see more and to read its reviews.

Changes Brought To Us By Technology

What Can I Say?

"I don't care whether these changes will only make us being more dependent on new things or it's the main reason why inventors built them in the first place: to make our lives easier and happier. But as long as we benefit from them, it's okay. Besides, we agree that technology has a great impact to our lifestyle, we should instill in our mind that the welfare of our environment should be our main concern."

~ manlalakbay

Few Words To Say

About my cooling device topic

Actually, having either an electric fan or aircon depends on the status of life we have. If you are poor, then electric fan is the thing you can afford to buy; while being a middle and rich class, aircon is their preferred cooling device. Another factor to consider is, sometimes status in life has no influence in things we purchase, it's our desire to have that thing. If we want to have those things as our possession, we would do anything just to have it even though the money we have is not enough. So status quo is just one factor.

Anyway, just to let you know I am neither poor nor rich, I belong to the middle class. We have 7 electric fans and 1 aircon at home. We usually use electric fans which located at different spots in our house than aircon which is found inside my sisters' bedroom. I want the comfort and air provided by electric fans as well as reminiscing the cool air given by aircon.

So I can say that nobody wins. Only you can tell who really win this fight. Everyone has opinions to express. So let me hear about it! =)

Thanks For The Visit! Please do come back. :-)

I think it's time for you to blow away the one you don't like and keep the other you want.

Say it now. =)

Have Something To Say? - Which cooling device do you prefer?

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    • jethrosas profile image

      Jethro 5 years ago from Philippines

      @qasimalhammad: I agree with you that's why we use our aircon once a month. :)

    • jethrosas profile image

      Jethro 5 years ago from Philippines

      @wilfredpadilla: If you want more comfortable situation, then go to for new invention. That's only my opinion. :)

    • profile image

      qasimalhammad 5 years ago

      Aircon is much better than electrical fans, they produce more cold air but consume much more electricity.

    • wilfredpadilla profile image

      wilfredpadilla 6 years ago

      I love aircon but it will increase our electricity bill. I love Electric Fan also!