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A Decade of Decadence

Updated on July 9, 2010

     September 11, 2001 was one (if not the greatest) tragedy in American history. On this horrible day, thousands of people were viciously murdered by Islamic extremists who continue even today to attack those who oppose them, but perhaps the greatest tragedy in all of this is how many politicians continue to use 911 as a slogan for their campaigns; perhaps the greatest threat to freedom is not a nuclear bomb, but politicians who repulsively re-rout the truth in order to gain power.

     This continual misleading of the truth has become the symbol of our government including most predominately the Republican party who boldly forgets that many of the problems we face today come from the failures of the Reagan and Bush administrations who like identical twins destroyed our economic system, engaged in political fabrication that damaged our credibility around the globe, and used their power to trash the freedoms of those who opposed them.

     It has been nearly nine years since 911 happened, but it continues to be a daily reminder of the hate that abides in the world; hate that is often fueled by politicians of both parties who without remorse stand in their pulpits of decadence and appoint themselves overseers of the world. These men; these women should be ashamed; they are disloyal to their country; they are dictators who wish to remake the world in their own image and they will use anything and anyone to accomplish their goal of global domination.


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