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How The Chipmunk Got His Stripes A Great Way To Teach Young Kids About Bullying And Teasing

Updated on August 23, 2017

Why I'm Writing About This Subject?

I'm the proud father of twin daughters. My kids are currently 3 years right now. I constantly think about how their lives will be when they get older. I truly don't want them to be in situations where they bully or tease others. I also don't want them to be in the situation where they are the victims of bullying or teasing. I was actually having a conversation with my sister today about the same subject. My sister is a first grade school teacher and she was teaching her kids about bullying and teasing. I had to ask how this was done. I was told that the best way I could teach a 5 or 6 year old about anything is to read them a story about it, and then test their comprehension of the story with follow up questions. Well my next question was which storybook did she use for bullying and teasing. The answer to my question was How Chipmunk Got His Stripes.

Let's Debate This Subject

Do you think storytelling and testing the comprehension of the story is a great way to teach young kids about important issues?

So Let's Get To The Book

So What's How The Chipmunk Got His Stripes About?

The story starts off with a bear walking and talking about how great he is and he can do anything. A squirrel approaches him and dares the bear to tell the sun not to come up tomorrow. Of course the bear does it and of course he thinks the sun will not rise since he told it not to. They wait up all night till sunrise and other animals join them. The sun comes up and the squirrel calls the bear silly foolish and stupid because the sun came up. The bear got angry and pushed the squirrel to the ground with his claw. The bear wanted to eat the squirrel and of course he said it. The squirrel asked the bear to lift up his claw so that he could apologize to him. The bear did and the squirrel ran. A little before the he made it to his hole the bear scratched his whole body with claws. The squirrel slept all winter to heal the scratches. When the spring came he woke up before everyone else to celebrate that the sun came up. The scratches were permanent. He's now a chipmunk. Of course the bear slept late because he didn't want to hear him celebrate about the sun.

The Book

How Chipmunk Got His Stripes (Picture Puffin Books)
How Chipmunk Got His Stripes (Picture Puffin Books)

Teaches Kids about bullying and teasing.


Hear the Whole Story Read To You.

How Chipmunk Got His Stripes read out loud. The whole story.

Good Follow Up Questions To Test Your Kids Comprehension

Here are some good questions to ask your child about the story:

1. What lessons did the Bear learn?

2. What lessons did the squirrel learn?

3. What did the bear do wrong?

4. What did the squirrel do wrong?

If your child can answer these questions then they should understand the moral of the story which is bully and teasing is totally wrong.

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Your opinion is valued and is of course an integral part of this discussion.

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    • marygriff profile image

      marygriff 4 years ago

      this lens is a great read indeed. I love the fact that you teach your children life lessons like this. You are a role model.