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Healthy Living

Updated on October 29, 2015

Health For Life

Let's keep them happy and healthy!
Let's keep them happy and healthy!

Let's Give Green A Big Tic For Children

There is mounting evidence that we are polluting our homes with toxic cleaners. While we can't turn back the

clock there are many easy solutions we could adopt, for example we could use ingredients we already have in

our kitchen cupboards.

OK, I know everyone is very busy these days but if a healthier alternative is within easy reach shouldn't we all make a small effort?

Because small is what it is, with a Big outcome! And we owe it to our children to teach them safe and healthy cleaning habits so that eventually they would be horrified at the idea of ever using chemicals for cleaning purposes, anywhere in their homes.

We have made our homes cigarette-free and how horrific would it be to have someone smoke in our kitchens nowadays!

Smoking scares most of us, because it's toxic, shouldn't we feel the same concern about chemical based cleaners inside our homes!

The biggest reason for going natural

Let's be Chemical Free

"Medics want greater testing on breast milk after a reported increase in the number of household toxins being passed from mother to child".

"There are 40,000 chemicals out there that we haven't assessed and many can accumulate in breast milk and breast milk goes into babies".

The debate has been sparked again by US journalist Florence Williams, author of a new book, Breasts: A Natural And Unnatural History.

Ms Williams tested her breast milk, dust in her home, and samples of her furniture.

"I found flame retardants, jet fuel, pesticides in my breast milk"

Our Health Is Indeed Our Wealth

I think that's more than enough evidence to give us plenty of room for thought on the subject, and we have been hearing about the dangers of chemicals in cleaners for quite some time now.

I hope that very soon we'll be as horrified about all the other chemicals we use, as we are about cigarettes, it's not so long ago that smoking over the dinner table was socially acceptable, and it didn't take too long to teach us otherwise.

Most of us are shocked when we see someone we know and like, smoking, but we don't seem to worry too much about the other chemicals around us every day in our homes.

We spray chemicals to keep mosquitoes at bay, adding that to our food, when we're eating another poisonous spray to kill off flies/ add to our plate of food...there seems to be no end to the sprays that we use without costing us a thought...they're all just too handy and so many people "swear by them".

Nobody would dare to smoke in the proximity of food or people any more. Why can't the same education be applied to all chemicals that are dangerous to our health?

Green Cleaners

Non Toxic Kitchen Cupboard Items

Cooking stoves and ovens, Microwave ovens, showers and toilets can all be cleaned with white vinegar and baking soda, does a wonderful job!

If the smell of vinegar is too much, burning some nice fragrant oils can help.

Amazon also have heaps of organic cleaning aids.

Lots of advice too from:

By Brock Parker, Town Correspondent

Brookline’s bans on disposable plastic bags and polystyrene containers kick in Sunday, but changes may be phased in gradually at retail stores and restaurants around town.

Alan Balsam, Brookline’s director of public health and human services, said this week he is allowing retailers affected by the ban on disposable plastic bags to use up their current inventories before switching to acceptable alternative bags.

Balsam said he is also going to

— Brookline

Who Would Not Use safer Products? - Much Better for All Who Want To Be Free From Toxins!

Nowadays we hear of so many people, children in particular with asthma, and other respiratory conditions not to mention cancers, that it just makes sense to do all we can to use chemical free cleaners and food containers in our homes.

There are surely enough chemicals in food, that we can't always control, but we can at least stop using cleaners. It is really so easy to establish a healthier cleaning habit, and I for one am so pleased to be able to buy them in preference to chemical cleaners.

We owe it to our families, especially our children, to give them as healthy a start in life as they deserve.

And while on the subject, let's get rid of the plastic containers with BPA lining the tinned foods that we still buy. In fact, lets get rid of all plastic containers. For the health of our children and grandchildren, let's give it a go!!!

Do all families agree?

A Beautiful Natural Process

A beautiful natural process that happens in my garden every year by just feeding sunflower seeds to the birds.
A beautiful natural process that happens in my garden every year by just feeding sunflower seeds to the birds. | Source

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      Kay Collier 4 years ago from Australia

      @TashaNandal: Thank you so much Tasha for your comment.



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      Dorian Bodnariuc 4 years ago from Ottawa, Ontario Canada

      Health is wealth, being millionaire doesn't make you healthy or live better. Great lens.

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 4 years ago

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading this lens. Yeah "health is wealth". You can be a millionaire but if you are a sick person for long time then it will not bring happiness to you. That's true and thanks for sharing this nice lens :)

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      Legenden 4 years ago

      Great lens! :)