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Professional Book Preservation Companies

Updated on May 17, 2013

Find someone to professionally repair or restore your valuable books:

I recommend on my Book Care and Repair page, that you have a professional book restoration artisan repair valuable or antique books that you have in your collection.

Below you will find several links to companies or individuals that I have read about on the web and have impressed me with their knowledge and presentation. A few of the artisans have even been written about or featured on TV.

I have not used any of these companies (I do not own any truly valuable books) so, you will need to do further research before you engage any company or person to repair a valuable book. DUE DILIGENCE! I am not responsible if a company you choose from this list fails you miserably. If they do, please let me know and I will take them off my list.

I do not receive any compensation from the companies or artisans listed here. I do, however, receive a small commission if you purchase an Amazon product as a result of visiting this page.

Line and Form image by Walter Crane, 1914

Deciding the value of a book:

Make a wise decision about your old books!

Books have three kinds of value: 1) Personal, 2) Practical, 3) Rare, Historical

To read more about the first two, visit How do you decide the value of a book?.

I also recommend that you visit What is an Old Book Worth? by a fellow contributor to Squidoo.

Wise Owl illustration can be found at OpenClipArt

These Books Are Probably NOT Valuable

Schoolbooks and the Bible

In order to be valuable (monetarily), the a Bible should have been printed in America before the year 1800; in Europe before 1700. To see more: Book Value

Books to help you with the Conservation of your treasures:

Below are listed a few books that a person who cares about books and other treasures might find interesting.

Book Restoration and Conservation Artisans: - Listed Alphabetically

Sometimes it is cheaper to buy a new book. But if the book was your grandmother's, chances are it is not in print any longer.

There are people and companies out there that do know how to fix your book, but it can be costly. Do an internet search to find someone. Usually, the companies that pop up want to rebind the book. Yikes!! Big bucks.

  • Amanda Buck

    This professional fine bookbinder, Amanda Buck, gives valuable information about restorations and decisions you might need to make about repairing valuable books. Ms. Buck has several informative videos about how she goes about restoring antique or valuable books.

  • Windy Weather Bindery

    Check out this article about this artisan by clicking Windy Weather Bindery. This lady repairs books and has some really nice photos of her work. I would definitely trust her. Here is an article where you can read more about this book repair lady: Custom Book Maker and Restorer.

Restoration and Conservation of Books is their business: - Companies Listed Alphabetically

Family Bibles are a common kind of book that people want to save. Be prepared to fork out the dough (or communion waffers). But all that $$ is worth it if you want to preserve your book.

Do your research on these companies. Just because I list them here, does not mean I recommend them. I have never sent a book to any of the companies listed. I have just visited the web pages and like the way these book repair companies present themselves.

For more options click The Book Arts Web for a comprehensive list of products and vendors that they trust.

Remember DUE DILIGENCE! Research and ask for recommendations.

  • The Book Dr.

    For fifteen years The Book Doctor has provided custom bookbinding, book restoration, and book and bible repair services to customers nationwide. They are recommended by many libraries, bookstores, and dealers.

  • Fine Bookbinding and Restoration

    The name just might say it all. Located in Maryville, TN

  • Grimm Bindery in Wisconsin has an excellent reputation.

    I use a video by them on my Book Repair Video showcase.

  • McSpadden Book Bindery
  • Red Bird Bindery

    Redbird Bindery binds and repairs books by hand using a variety of old-style hand-binding equipment and quality, archival-grade materials.

    Website shows before and after photos. This is a company to send your antique books for repair.

    Located in West Va.

If you have had an experience with professional book conservation and restoration companies or artisans, please feel free to leave a comment about your experience below.

If you are someone who is a professional person contact me via my profile page and I will gladly consider adding you to the list.

Your thoughts on book repair and conservation:

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