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a new earth

Updated on January 22, 2008

new earth


Astronomers have discovered a planet which may be capable of human habitation. It is estimated to be 5 light years or around 130 trillion kilometers away from our planet. The presence of water made the scientists conclude that the newly discovered planet is capable of life. And if our own Mother Earth crumbles into inevitable destruction, then a glimpse of hope is cast upon the human species because somewhere out there is a refuge someway, somehow. Inevitable is the planet's destruction due to wanton disregard of man on his environment. The ozone layer is thinning. The forests are gone. Burning fossil fuel emits harmful smoke every second. Global warming is here. Catastrophic flooding may ensue. Earthquakes are becoming more frequent. The news about a new planet is indeed uplifting to every man's spirit. Our generation may not be able to savor the benefits the new planet can offer but the later generation of the human species may be able to reap the gain of this discovery. The human race will be assured of its continued existence in this place called the universe. But how does man reach that place? The available technology is by the use of spaceships. The skill of teleportation as depicted by the Goku cartoon series may never be learned by mankind after all. Assuming that the new planet can be reached by spaceships, ergo only those who can afford can escape the earth's destruction. However, there are conservative theologians and religious leaders who insist that the planet Earth is the center of all creation. All the other heavenly bodies are just placed there by God for man to enjoy. Remember when Galileo declared that the sun is the center of the solar system? It triggered an avalanche of reactions from church authorities up to the point of excommunicating Galileo. The church at that time believed that the earth was the center of the universe and the sun revolves around the earth as can be observed from our planet. Until now, there are still religious leaders who believe that there is no life outside our planet because Earth is the focus of God's creation. This doctrine badly needs revision. Out there, man simply does not know what exists. Our present knowledge is limited to the solar system and to the Milky Way galaxy. The latter can even be categorized under plain hypothesis. The absence of knowledge on the existence of something does not prove its inexistence. Corollary to this, the proof of existence of one thing does not prove the inexistence of another. Just like during the time of Noah, many may be in doubt or even throwing ridicules at this recent discovery. Then, who knows somebody now may be starting to build his spaceship, big enough to accommodate the animals. But nobody really knows the time when our own planet will say goodbye. The Bible says that death comes without a warning like a thief in the night. The only certain fact is, we all are going to die, that is physical death, whether we like it or not, and we do not know where, when or how.


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