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The Final Crack(revisited)

Updated on August 2, 2014

A Picture Of The Bell

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This is not just any bell with a crack; it’s the Liberty Bell. This Bell was order From Whitehall Foundry in London, November 1751. This Bell rose in notoriety when the Abolitionist decided Slavery should end. After the civil war the bell and the flag was used to heal the nation. In 1776 the final crack developed making the bell null and void.

This Bell was supposed to symbolize freedom, justice and equality for all yet it did not and to this day American has not lived up to its earlier ideology. The abolitionists are given credit for igniting the cry for freedom of the millions of black people held in bondage. Yet, it is often overlooked that the Quakers as early as 1688 register their distaste for the traffic in man bodies. The Quakers were extremely observant, in that they recognized the harm done to the family structure during slavery, at the same time others for the sake of profit turned a blind eye to the devastation that is the root of many problem that plague the Black community at this present time. History books repeat the date of 1619 when a Dutch Man of War unloaded 20 Negars other places spell the landing of this human cargo as Negers. The former spelling is a Spanish word meaning to deny, the latter is more than likely a phonetic spelling used by the Quakers. On the other hand there is another word that scholars quietly overlook and this word is Negus, This word signifies a person of royality and the Dutch had to have known, they were accustom to the Moors..This word would lead to a better understanding.

The Commision's Findings

It is a known fact that crime is high in the Black community, Unemployment is high, housing is poor. It is also know that the number one factor that keeps this statistic high is Institutional Racism. President Lyndon B. Johnson commissioned a group of White people during his administration to find out what lead to the civil unrest during the sixties. This Group concluded and published its finding. None of their finding was earth shaking. It was know that many jobs were held exclusively by and for whites, housing had restriction clauses indicating that the owner could sell to anyone expect a black person. That the schools Black people attended were inferior to schools that white children attended. Consequently, if people are mis-educated, then, they are under or unemployable and finally find themselves living in a poverty stricken and crime infested area. Now that you are unemployed you stand around doing absolutely nothing and the police arrest you for vagrancy.

The Final Ring

The final Crack appeared in 1776 making the bell useless. This should have been a sign indicating that the Bell should no longer be used as a symbol to proclaim independence, freedom, justice and equality, if it was not inclusive. Starting with the Magna Carta, the Article of Confederation you will find reasons why the early colonist claimed they wanted to be free. They fought Great Britain tooth and nail for that freedom. Yet, Crispus Attucks who is rarely mentioned, the first Black man murdered using the slogan “give me liberty or give me death”. He was given the latter. And for the record those responsible were acquitted. The year 1776 is a terrific point of discovery. At this point an unraveling can take place and correct some out dated information that assist people to continue make the same errors. The following are examples: If you bring up poverty, crime, unemployment, poor housing and dismal IQ’s, these people will always point to blacks. They never present the information observed concerning whites along with that observed were blacks are concerned. In an area were there are few resources the small examples will exist for any people.

The Conclusion

In Conclusion it should be said, a white child is never not traumatized on a daily basis as Blacks children are. There are never article is the daily paper of a White church bombed and young white girls killed, Rarely can one read of a white person having to get out of his or her seat for a Black person like Rosa Parks did. what impact would it have on nine white children escorted to school by the National Guard for fear of their life, by black people?I What horror would register on the faces if a White man was shot in his drive way and the police refuse to arrest the Black man responsible?There is a Clause in the 13th Amendment that is an assurance for the powers that be, then and now, that Black people would always be one step away from slavery. The Constitution serves as a constant reminder of what was thought both then and now of Black people.

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