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Abused, Deserted, Rejected, Unloved and Our Children.

Updated on June 9, 2014

Children Growing Up in Abusive Situations

When this lens on Child Abuse and Child Murder was published a couple of years ago it never dawned on me that there would be so many stories to follow on from that.

This lens is about authors who chose to write about their abusive childhoods or of related issues. Their experiences, memories and the impact such treatment had on them and others is a wake up call. By highlighting the traumas we may understand the benefits of taking civil and social actions to prevent it.

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Brain channels opening
Brain channels opening

Abuse Comes in Many Forms

The sensitive brain of a child is focused on developing ideas and perspectives about life from the examples portrayed within its environment. Kids learn from adults and the things they are exposed to during their formative years. They learn about values and how to adapt to the rules and social behaviour expected in the community. This is not rocket science but nature.

Every animal is taught these things but humans, however, are also subjected to manmade rules and laws that oppose nature. This causes a degree of confusion in their early lives. We tend to hide what we consider adult only events from their eyes and ears but this allow paedophiles, abusers and others to carry out their evil practices while their victims are often silenced by fear and a lack of knowing what is actually going on. That may be good or bad depending on your perspective and own upbringing.

Humans are the only species that use excessive violence to enforce rules, although some of us are waking up to the benefit of not employing it when it comes to children. These days, however, violence is money. It is everywhere in the media in the streets, in the home. Kids games are now based largely on violence and it is thought of as fun to growing brains. Even cartoons are often violent in their themes. So instead of teaching them about life what the young brain is subjected to is often visions of abuse and notions that it is OK to hurt others.

If parents try to shield their offspring from the media and other things they face new problems. The child can be ostracised by peers at school. He/she may become depressed, angry and rebellious. When pushed too hard a child can also become suicidal. Some kids may opt to leave home or become bullies and target others. It is possible that they are then caught up in distasteful and sleazy occupations. It is also possible that kids that turn to the street end up as victims of prostitution and may even be traded as sex slaves or worse.

It's a tough world out there for youngsters today and they have to be prepared mentally to cope with life from new levels and perspectives to what their parents faced. Many kids today have little input about life if their parents are drug affected or alcoholics. In that event they are being imprinted with behaviour that they may themselves engage in and from a young age.

The bottom line is that parents can be abusers in many ways and subject their children to inappropriate behaviour that can be adopted by them at some stage. The strong discipline can backfire and the anger and hate injected by it may stay for life. This can also sever future relationships with the family.

Effects on Children of Drug Affected Parents

Alcohol is dangerous, unnecessary and causes abuse, hardship, poverty and horror for children

Should kids be raised by alcoholic parents or put into foster homes?

Or should parents be forced into rehab?

See results
Drug Abuse
Drug Abuse

Governments are Slow to Act

Alcohol and drugs are rife in our communities. While law enforcers are sometimes successful in removing drugs and the pushers they are only getting probably a small fraction of those responsible.

Walk along any street in a major city and you will see alcohol and drugs being used. Drunks lie in gutters or sit on footpaths often with a can in their hand. Peple walk by and take no notice. The drunk could be even dying from alcoholic poisoning but only the police are willing to get involved. The right thing to do is to call an abulance and get that person to hospital. That drunk could have a child at home alone who is in need of proper care. The police must also be called to take charge of the situation..

Having witnessed an alcoholic single mother struggling with her addiction it is heartbreaking too know what she and her son are going through. She is doing all the right things as far as she is able and punishing her by removing her son may not help her or him in the long run. She has tried many times to give up the grog but the local shop where she does most of her hunter and gathering has a liquor store at the entrance. She, and other like her, have to walk past that section to get into the main store.

Far from clamping down on supermarkets selling liquor the governmnt is allowing more licenses so other stores can do the same. Is this good policy or something the community as a whole should object to. One chain of supermarket stores in Australia owns more poker machines than anyone and they are about profit making no matter who gets hurt.

Are These Parents for Real

What do you think about alcohol sold in supermarkets?

Should the sale of alcohol be restricted to hotels?

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