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Updated on January 26, 2010

When disaster strike people want to help. During natural events such as hurricanes floods people give there all. During Unnatural events people step up to give there money and physical assistance. It seem to be an innate quality of the human species. When the Oklahoma bombing occurred it was televised daily to draw attention for what had happen and to gain sympathy for the victims. This was a tragic event to be sure. People stepped up not olyl with there mouths for the victim but with there wallets and credit cards to assist these people who had become as family. The televising of this tradgic even had an 800 number along the bottom of the screen. Please call to make a pledge or contact this or that person to mail a donation. Billions were raised. Where is that money now? Next there was EL Nino again Billions raised. The people in this tradegy need food, clothes and medicine. All of the previous items were donated. However, it remain at the docks until it was packed correctly. In the meantime the people were dying not only from not having medicine but from medicine that expiration date had passed. Then there was NIne Eleven, More Billions rasied. Where is that money?

Then Katrina and again the world was able to see how the less fortunate are treated. There was an incident at a nursing home where the caretakers left bed ridden clientsto die while they escaped. People again donated money for the victims in huge somes. Matter of fact I have a dollar that was earmarked for the Katrina victims. It of course never made it. I watched the televising of  Katrina. It was another tragic event. One high ranking official of a major help group  step down after learning that money earmarked for the Katrina victims was continuously divert to other areas. The head of FEMA was totaly unprepared for an incident of this magnitude. Oh! least I forget the Food drop in Africa. The Farmers had a bumper crop of wheat when the call for help arrive. Trucker lined up to deliver wheat to the docks to ship to the hungry in Africa. The delivery system was comedic from 5,000 feet sack of grain was dropped. When it hit the ground with the wind blowing you can imagine the consequences.This is why I have a major problem donating to the victims in Haiti. The newscasterss arrive as if its a circus performance. Asking some of the most ridiculous question. Such as : how and where will you llive. Again billion are pooring in without any accountablily. I appolgiize one of the main tradegies almost slipped my mind. The Tsumani and of course billion raised with the help of Several Ex-President you know they have clout. Now what happen to the peope in each event. Quouting Mrs Bush during the Katria episode " some of these people are living better now than they were before the Hurricane". If that is true then Katrina only shed light on the poverty stricken in an capitalistic soceity. I just needed to ramble about some on going occurences.


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