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The Best Books on ADD/ADHD

Updated on July 23, 2014

A Collection of Resources for ADD/ADHD

I keep these books in my own library for their insight. Whether you are looking for resources to learn about ADD/ADHD or you are looking because someone you know has ADD/ADHD, I offer these 4 books as an incredible place to start.

I've purposely made room for interaction, and specifically your recommendations! I will be updating this lens periodically as the suggestions and resources grow. So give us your best, and let's help each other live more empowered and meaningful lives!

And if we can help in any way, hop on over to the ADHD Collective website and drop us a note. We'd love to hear from you!

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Adam Muller from ADHD Collective
Adam Muller from ADHD Collective

Hello, I'm Adam!

Creative Director at ADHD Collective

Hello, my name is Adam and I am Creative Director at ADHD Collective, an ADHD Coaching Business based in Los Angeles, CA. I share these resources with you because they have been beacons of hope and strength for me on my own journey with ADHD. These books are on my bookshelf at home.

When you have ADD/ADHD but don't know it yet, sometimes it can feel like you're caught in a washing machine of disappointment and powerlessness. I know that's what it felt like for me.

When I first began reading material that shed light on what it means to have ADD/ADHD, I felt relieved and strengthened. It changed the way I saw myself and the world, and it also changed the way I saw myself in that world. Also when looking backward, it altered the way I understood my life experience, and wiped away a layer of confusion and shame.

This post will have a bunch of resources for you (and I hope you and others will add to it!), but if you only do one, I recommend Dr. Hallowell's, "Delivered From Distraction". It has a little of everything, but his approach and spirit is mostly why give the recommendation.

Because ADD/ADHD can often come with a baggage of shame and guilt, I find it's important to address that stuff earlier on. In a sense, it's like clearing the crap that's been on the bookshelf and wiping it down with pledge, before stacking it up with new books and knowledge and ways of thinking.

Dr. Halloway’s approach is one of the best that I know, and we’ve incorporated his strengths-based approach into much of coaching we do at ADHD Collective.

Book #1: Delivered From Distraction - Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. and John Ratey, M.D.

Delivered From Distraction
Delivered From Distraction
Dr. Hallowell
Dr. Hallowell

Thoughts on "Delivered From Distraction"

This post includes some great resources (I hope you and others will add to them!), but if you only do one, I recommend Dr. Hallowell’s, “Delivered From Distraction”. It packs everything needed for setting out on the journey, but really it's his approach and his remarkable spirit for why give the strong recommendation.

Because ADD/ADHD can often come with a baggage of shame and guilt, I find it’s important to address that stuff earlier on. In a sense, it’s like clearing the crap that’s been on the bookshelf and wiping it down with pledge, before stacking it up with new books and knowledge and ways of thinking.

Dr. Halloway's approach is one of the best that I know, and we've incorporated his strengths-based approach into much of coaching we do at ADHD Collective. This will give you a comprehensive in-depth understanding of ADHD through the lens of education, family perspectives, diagnosis, and treatment. It is filled with advice for freeing up your inner talent, and strategies for dealing with procrastination, clutter, and chronic forgetfulness.

Dr. Edward Hallowell on ADHD

Gallery of Quotes for "Delivered From Distraction" - These are fun for Pinterest! Go ahead and Pin one!

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Book #2: The Gift of Adult ADD - Lara Honos-Webb, PH.D.

The Gift of Adult ADD
The Gift of Adult ADD

Thoughts on "The Gift of Adult ADD"

"The Gift of Adult ADD" is all about tilting your life toward your strengths. Paired with, "Delivered From Distraction" you'll be doubling down on the strengths-based approach to ADD/ADHD.

Often those with ADD/ADHD learn to over-compensate for things they're not naturally good at, which in and of itself is not bad, but simply a part of life everyone deals with. But when the person with ADD/ADHD find themselves constantly over-compensating, in more and more areas of their life, it doesn't take long before life sucks.

If that sounds familiar, this book will teach you how to change perspective, and begin to set yourself up for fulfillment instead of dissapointment after dissapointment. Like, "Delivered From Distraction" this approaches ADD/ADHD from a strengths-based mindset.

Gallery of Quotes for "The Gift of Adult ADD" - Do you have Pinterest? Go ahead and pin one!

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Book #3: Organizing Solutions For People With ADHD - Susan C. Pinsky

Organizing Solutions For People With ADHD
Organizing Solutions For People With ADHD

My Experience With "Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD"

Look around your room right now. Go ahead.

Can I guess what it looks like? Does it looks like a paper bomb went off?

Does your office look like a graveyard for all the things you began but didn't quite finish?

Is the book you took off the shelf last week, still out? Even though you only read a couple of pages?

That's exactly what this book was written to help you with. The "Gift of Adult ADD" and "Delivered From Distraction" deal with your mindset, perspective, and approach to ADD/ADHD, but "Organizing Solutions For People with ADHD" dives right into your practical daily life.

Because organization poses unique challenges for those with ADHD, the same old approach isn’t going to work. She understands that and offers us a fresh change-up for what organization means for people with ADHD. It’s chalked full of practical photos so that her suggestions can be implemented easily.

Last year I wrote a post called, "Strategies for ADHD" and in it I give the reader a scenario that includes a very messy kitchen and I ask the reader how they would deal with the "Kitchen Disaster", and then near the end I let Susan B. Pinsky answer the question with quotes from the book. It's good fun and you should go join in! :)

BOOK #4: StrengthsFinder 2.0 - Tom Rath

StrengthsFinder 2.0
StrengthsFinder 2.0

Thoughts on "StrengthsFinder 2.0"

Your strengths are the very tools you will use as you begin the process of re-designing your life post-ADD/ADHD diagnosis. StrengthsFinder is a gift for helping you understand yourself better and enables you to become even more of who you are.

StrengthsFinder is a book designed for you to discover your personal strengths. It is paired with the StrengthsFinder Assessment, a test formulated from decades of research that narrows down general human ability into patterns of human behavior and then categorizes them into 34 broad themes (for instance, Achiever, Relator, Ideation, etc). Your assessment results are factored and you boom!, your top 5 individual strengths are given to you!

At ADHD Collective the Strengthsfinder Assessment is one of the first steps we take in our coaching process. Your strengths are handles at first, for initially pulling yourself up off the ground. After spending some time with them, understanding them better, and then immersing yourself in them, your strengths become the steps you’ll use for the ascending climb into empowerment and fulfillment. Enough said. This book is the stuff. :)

Get StrengthsFinder 2.0!

This is the Best Book For You! - Reader's Poll Results

  • --- A ---

    (I'm a student and overwhelmed with classes, papers, studying, etc.)

    The best book for you right now is:

    "Organizing Solutions for People With ADHD"

    Right now you need strategies for the practicals of life and this book is filled with them. The good thing is that there are plenty of pictures too, making it easy to understand, practical, and even fun. Pairing up with an ADHD Coach can be immensely helpful too.

  • --- B ---

    (I'm a professional and hate my job, but don't know what else I can do.)

    The best book for you right now is:

    StrengthsFinder 2.0

    Your strengths are the tools that will empower your career. It's time to start clarifying your strengths and investing in them so you can get out of your dead-end job, and start doing something that engages you and that you're good at.

    I highly recommend taking the StrengsFinder 2.0 Assessment and pairing it up with the book. This is a good way to start build a strengths-based approach!

  • --- C ---

    (I'm newly diagnosed and am overwhelmed with where to begin.)

    The best book for you right now is:

    "Delivered From Distraction" and "The Gift of Adult ADD"

    Both of these are some of the best intros to learning about ADD/ADHD. They will lay the right foundation for your approach which emphasize your strengths and talent, and use these to start building your life! If you choose only one, go with "Delivered From Distraction".

  • --- D ---

    (My home is a disaster, and I can't stand the clutter anymore!)

    The best book for you right now is:

    "Organizing Solutions for People With ADHD"

    Definitely what you need.

    It's time to start approaching your organization from the perspective of your ADD/ADHD tendencies. This is a great book for practical examples and strategies for clearing up the clutter.

  • --- E ---

    (I often feel depressed about what I can't finish, and am afraid I won't do anything with my life.)

    The best book for you right now is:

    "Delivered From Distraction"

    This will be good for learning how to reverse the negative self-talk concerning your ADD/ADHD. You also might want to begin this journey with Therapy too. (Therapy has been an amazing gift in my life:). If you feel beat up for any past ADD/ADHD related stuff, you deserve some love right now, and begin the healing steps toward learning self-compassion (not as easy as it sounds!). It's incredibly empowering when we feel loved. We all need to know we are lovable. :)

I look forward to Reading your Comments! - Do you have a recommendation? A resource for ADHD? A question? I'd love to hear from you. :)

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    • profile image

      Geri 11 months ago

      I am all of the above. I was diagnosed last September'16 and it has been a real struggle ever since. My son was diagnosed nearly 3 years ago. I feel like I am on s treadmill and can't get off.

    • adammuller003 lm profile image

      adammuller003 lm 3 years ago

      @joanjager: Joan, your boards are a great resource! I added them to this lens under the "Let's Build An Amazing Website Resource!" section of this lens. You should upvote it! :)

    • adammuller003 lm profile image

      adammuller003 lm 3 years ago

      @happynutritionist: I've only read a little about it, but nutrition plays a factor for sure. I have this feeling that it plays a way bigger role than I realize, but haven't delved in yet. The thought of keeping track of food, its origin, its quality, etc., is overwhelming.

    • profile image

      happynutritionist 3 years ago

      Well I always tend to look at everything from a nutritionists point of view, how food affect things. I think it can be a big factor in the cause and affect of any condition we live our lives with.

    • profile image

      joanjager 3 years ago

      Interesting Lens. I agree with a lot of your choices and really like your Quotes slides. I curate a Pinterest page on ADHD and related topics. ADD freeSources covers a lot of material with over 6,500 pins, 1/3 of them with likes. 2500 followers. Check it out. You and/or your readers just might find some interesting material.

      Joan Jager


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