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Aid Haiti

Updated on May 20, 2013

Haiti Assistance Program

It is the most fascinating thing to watch an assistance program in action. Haiti is in an emergency situation and the media place focus on a charity's book keeping errors to take the attention off people from Haiti trying to give assistance. The meida did not think of interfering when the actor George Clooney got involved. However, when Wyclef Jean who is from Haiti became involve they try to overshadow his work by trying to discredit his charitably contribution. President, Obama is calling for assistance and help with this task from ex-president Clinton and Bush Sr. They are both expert as fund raising. They were there for the victims at the tsunami. When people need assistance the process should not derail due to the visual Media trying to sell more advertisment. The media creates more problem than should exist when help is needed. I can recall every time assistance has been called for: El Nino, a giant fiasco, Tsunami Billions raised where did it go? Katrina in New Orleans The taxpayers were charged with billions for what. Is it that the Oil giants were interested in getting the platform back online. The people were living in a stadium and millions of dollars fell into the mis-management category and not one word from the media. Yet in this instance they come a running with false accusation as usual. When they had El Nino people lost their lives waiting for supplies to be packaged correctly so it could be shipped. Medical supplies that had reached their expiration date found its way to these people in need. I could continue with the mishaps that occure but it's useless because it continues due to public histeria. There is no reason that the people of Haiti should endure the extra pain and suffering that acompanies earthquake. Many of these people just barely existing prior to the earthquake. Whyclef pointed out for every success story there are at least 40,000 deaths. This is a staggering statistic. However, the question must be asked for every entertainer, sports figure in the United States that become extremily wealthy, how many are left in poverty? It is true people genuinely want to help they just don't know how in many casses, they a celeberties is put out front as a guide then the money is raised and the people look simiar to prisoners. How does this happen?


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