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What should a government do for a country to become successful?

Updated on February 19, 2014

For a country to become successful a government must do the following things:

To apply different measures (actions) in the following domains: social, educational, economical, financial, legislative, juridical, and many others.

The actions that must be done in the social domain are:

The citizens’ assurance of the social security and health.

The construction of cheap houses or blocks for the young people.

It is considered one of the social protection actions done for the young citizens.

Firm and complex protection programs of the young people, which includes guarantee the right to education and the uncharged (I mean without paying money) education which is supported by the state, the right to work according to individually competences (abilities), supporting actions done by the state for the young families by offering them social houses (or apartments) or giving them credits (I mean money, but as a loan) to be able to buy a house or an apartment.

The social discriminated persons’ integration on the labor’s market (the young people, women, persons which are more than 45 years older and those with disabilities).This action represent the recruitment of the almost categories of persons to become a labor force.

The improvement of life and labor environment.

The increase of jobs’ number and it’s quality.

These two actions represent a strong reasoning for the citizens to become employees of different companies (or enterprises).

The social dialogue encouragement – the most efficient method of the contractual relation’s modernization, adaptation of the work organization and achieving an equilibrium between the flexibility and social security.

The promotion of mobility and social integration.

Thus, even the recidivist persons can be employed by different companies.

The establishment of some special access conditions to the employment and professional training.

The right of protection against any kind of exploitation.

This means an assurance of the citizens’ security from dangers which can happen in society.

The right to a good medical care.

The actions that must be done in the educational domain are:

The citizens’ education according to the principles of democracy and the encouragement of them to participate to public life, in all structures of the civilian society.

This action is necessary because all citizens must understand the governing method of their country and the law, to be able to live normally (I mean not have problems with the police or other problems) inside the country.

Respecting, promoting and defending the supreme interests of the nation from that country, according to their traditional moral values.

Guarantee the free access to all kinds of education which is supported by the state, from the first to last level of education (I mean post – university education). This action is exactly achieving the right to education.

The development and improvement of the educational systems and of professional training, the purpose being the application of a permanent educational strategy for all members of society.

Free access for unemployed persons to all kind of education which is about the professional re-qualification. These persons will succeed easier to find a new job.

Building an efficient educational system which to train appropriately the citizens according to the existent jobs in that country.

The actions that must be done in the economical domain are:

The government must give the people the power to build free enterprises.

But still to be controlled periodically by the financial guard.

Reduction of the government’s employees number in such way that their number not to be inappropriately to the requirements of the system and the expenses on their salaries to be not so large. I mean an equilibrium between the necessary number of employees and the expenses on their salaries.

The achievement of current economy’s restoration. This action is strictly necessary to able to have enough resources to start and continue a new economical development.

Building and applying an economical strategy on each district.

And this because each district represents an area which differs from other areas and then there is a possibility that the same strategy applied on all districts to be not so efficient like in the district which has a maximum efficiency. That’s why on each district must be applied a certain (specific) economical strategy depending of the resources found in that area.

The inflation’s reduction. This action represents the way to set an equilibrium between the actual prices and the citizens’ salaries.

Therefore, through reaching this economical objective the citizens’ personal budget increases and then they are able to invest in different companies (or enterprises) or to live better spending the money from their personal budget.

The attraction of the investors.

It is a very wise action but which must be done with care, and I mean the following things: in case that the investors are native it is recommended the selling of at least 51% of the company’s actions stock, and if the investors are foreign people (I mean from another country) the selling to maximum of 49% of the company’s actions stock. To both categories of investors a series of conditions will be imposed in such way to stop these investors to bring the sold company to bankruptcy ( which they could do it voluntary or involuntary).

The larger percentage is offered to native investors because in most cases these are more responsible and less dangerous than the foreign ones (these being the ones which tend to bring the bought company to bankruptcy exactly to destroy the competition between his country and the other country).

The encouragement of a loyal commercial competition inside the country.

The effect being low prices, therefore achieving also the inflation’s reduction. Another effect is the power’s increase to buy the existent products from the market by the citizens.

To support, according the conditions of a free market economy, the particular initiative, based on the private property, to promote the native capital (I mean the money and different goods).

The guarantee and protection of private property, developing and consolidation of the middle class, according to the conditions of an economy based on private initiative.

Building a strategy to launch again the national economy.

The development of external commerce through the intensification to

cooperate with partners from different countries (for example: countries from Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America and many other).

This action can be done through export and import. But it must be an equilibrium between these two operations. I mean to export products in case that the country has more than it needs for the internal consumption and to import products in case that the production of the country of some diverse products doesn’t succeed to assure the necessary for the internal consumption.

Prevention of the country’s industry bankruptcy, by applying of the following actions: improvement or changing the current technology and attraction of new clients. The first mentioned action has as an effect the production cost’s decrease and the increase of quality.

And the attraction of new clients is done through the reduction of the price by a specific percentage (in such way that the company to still have profit) and offering products of a superior quality (I mean better than the previous one).

The development of a competitive energetic system, capable not only to assure the necessary internal consumption, but to produce also profit through it’s export at a good price. From physics we know that nothing works without energy. Therefore this system is very important because it maintains the other branches which help to the economical development.

Building a good strategy for the development of small and medium enterprises, for the legislative and financial stimulation of the citizens to open a profitable business.

The serious reduction of the unemployment by creating new jobs in different domains and reasoning of the population to occupy the available jobs.

The exclusive exploitation of the subsoil’s resources (gold, silver, uranium, platinum, zinc, copper, iron, coal, oil and many other) for the use of the country’s citizens.

Applying a complex program to prevent the effects of some natural disasters (floods and great fire into wooded area).This action is very important because it spares the state to spent money from the public budget to rebuild the country and urban areas which were destroyed. This money could be invested into a profitable company. This is also one of the ways to create some new jobs.

Strengthening of the facilities offered to economical agents which employs the young people and unemployed persons.

Promoting a partnership between the state and commercial banks, in order to assure a special regime for the micro credits requested by the young people to open a business.

The concentration of the efforts in order to increase the degree of labor’s

force occupation and the reduction of qualification deficit, through the stimulation of a permanent, scientific and technological education.

The adaptation of the educational system to the transformations appeared on the market’s labor force.

The actions that must be done in the financial domain are:

The budgetary policy must have as purpose the allocation of the necessary financial resources for:

  • the support of investments into infrastructure;
  • the support of the environment’s protection projects;
  • the stimulation of agriculture and food industry through the investments done for this very important branches;
  • the development of small and medium enterprises;
  • stimulation the development of export activity;

The correct (only what is needed) and efficient (in such way to achieve what was planned in some specific domains) distribution of the financial resources to all existent sectors (I mean branches).This action is very important because it assures the financial balance between all branches, therefore none of them will have financial deficit.

The tourism must become a national priority, because it can represent a good source of money, after a determined period of time. This branch can bring to the state budget a capital of at least a few billions of American dollars annually depending on what country we are talking about.

The prevention of the national currency’s degradation (I mean the value of that country’s money which can be American dollars, euro and many other, depending on which country we’re talking about), verified in time and in other countries of the world.

The verification of the entire process of selling the companies and the cancellation of all transactions proved to be fraudulent, through which sometimes the national patrimony was sold. Also the cancellation of all contracts made with the investors who didn’t respect the conditions which were imposed from the very beginning (I mean since they bought the company).

The actions that must be done in the legislative domain are:

A legislative program which to be more stable in time.

I mean more clear laws in such way not to exist confusions in diverse situations.

The rigidity of the law. It is very important to exist such thing because is necessary that the economical development not to be disturbed by the damages of some crooks which can remain free if the law is not stable (I mean it would permit them to be released).

The adoption of a law which to punish very harsh the persons who are corrupt. Through this action the corruption inside the country must be destroyed to prevent a decrease of the economical development and the other negative effects of it.

The actions that must be done in the juridical domain are:

The round up (I mean arrest) of all crooks, especially the ones which provoke damage to the national economy. These individuals represent a danger for society and must be locked up for a long while, depending on what they did.

The promotion of juridical, institutional and material actions.

The guarantee and protection of the human’s fundamental rights.

The liberation of Justice of any political influence.

All this actions being presented it remains two final actions which are really important. These are:

The employees of the government must have a professional training at least in the following domains: social, educational, economical, financial, legislative, juridical and of course political. It is not required that an employee to be trained in all mentioned domains but still to be trained in at least one or two domains.

To exist a unity of the parliamentary group or of the groups, in their activity for the country. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to reach an understanding or even no understanding. This means that the parliamentary majority is necessary because it influences also the government.


All mentioned actions should be done by a government for a country to be successful.

There are 6 categories of actions

Which type of actions do you think are the best?

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      Vasiliu Cristian 

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      thank you for your apreciation

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      4 years ago

      interesting article


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