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All or Nothing

Updated on February 6, 2016

Justice is Blind, only when we want it to be.

The law is absolute, and applies to all.

We have heard many argue, that in a time of crisis, the President needs to have the power to act alone and make decisions quickly without having to consult with congress. This is fundamentally flawed, not to mention unconstitutional. America is a nation of laws, and the law should apply to everyone, average Americans, politicians, businessmen and women, and even those visiting our country for one reason or another. We have to decide, as a nation if we want rule of law or totalitarian rule. Article 2 of our nation’s founding document, gives the President a very limited scope, of what he is permitted to do as the head of the Executive Branch. Executive Order 13603, signed by Barack H Obama on March 16th 2012, is an expansion of the “Defense Production Act of 1950” giving the President authority to delegate the management of the nation’s resources to government agencies. The Executive Order does not mention anything about martial law or government takeover of anything, however it does allow for it because there are no checks and balances to prevent such action. It leaves everything to the discretion of the Executive Branch, without safeguards against an abuse of power, and ignoring the ones that we have in place, in the US Constitution. Congress cannot pass simple legislation to circumvent the Constitution, and the President can’t ignore Constitutional limits on the Federal Government by signing an executive order. If we are going to allow this, then why do we have the rule of law at all? That throws the Constitution out the window and opens the door for unbridled tyranny. l am not pointing a finger at any one President, but as you can see the date on the original act is 1950 under Harry Truman. This is about the rule of law. It is not an issue of right and left, it is an issue of right and wrong. The argument that I always hear from Republicans and Democrats when trying to justify their own candidate’s actions is that “Bill Clinton did it”, or “George W. Bush did it”. How does one look to defend wrongdoing, or unconstitutional behavior, by pointing a finger to someone of the opposing party to justify such behavior?

This is the problem with America’s thinking, and we fall for this almost every time. For the last hundred years we have been conditioned to willfully hand over our rights, without giving it a second look. The idea that something has been done before, somehow makes it ok? In the name of some great cause, fairness, safety, equality, or some other progressive pipe dream. This utopia that these progressives speak of, does not exist. Forget what they tell you, forget about all of the great things they promise you, because that is only the worm that they dangle right in front of you, in order to bypass brain cells and any inhibitions that you might have. The law must reign supreme, but law handed down by government is relative. The holocaust, carried out by Hitler and the Nazis, was legal in Germany at the time. Legality is subject to the moral compass of the person or persons in charge. With this, you give the government the power to impose its will on the masses. This is the reason why we use God’s law or natural law, as a basis for our legal system, and our limitations that are imposed on government to protect individual liberty. Government’s current contempt for the rule of law, exists in conjunction with the elimination of God from our government, and from our local schools. This is by design and the oligarchs realize that taking God out of the picture, is necessary to give them the power they desire. They are trying to replace God with government, and that is why they show such disgust for a higher power. Elimination of a higher power is a necessary staple of communism, as it allows the Government to assume the role of the “higher power”

Old School False Flag attack, Nazi Style

The power that the Reichstag gave to Adolf Hitler in 1933 through “Hitler’s Enabling Act”, also known as the “Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich”, led to the rise of Nazi Germany. The “distress” was caused by the Nazis, as they worked toward creating a crisis that would help garner public support for a law giving dictatorial power to Hitler, in order to restore the peace. On February 27th, 1933 the Nazis set fire to the Reichstag, sparking panic and outrage. The Nazis were successful after the fact, in blaming the communists for the fire, and the people began to rise up. On the day they were to have the vote at the Kroll Opera House, Nazi storm troopers surrounded the opera house while chanting “Full powers - or else! We want the bill - or fire and murder!” Hitler promised to use restraint with the power that he was being given. Of course we all know how that ended. Human nature tends to allow for corruption of one’s soul, even when they were initially sincere with their intentions. Why in this day and age of government overreach and corruption, would we allow the oligarchs in DC to decide when and where they wanted to violate the law? Karl Rove admitted while being questioned by Brett Baier on Fox News Special Report, that the Patriot Act included provisions for the US military to violate Posse Comitatus in the event of a national crisis. Most people watching that day, may not have realized at that point how crucial it was to accurately interpret what Mr. Rove had said and realize its implications. Karl Rove admitted on a national cable news network, that Congress effectively repealed one law that had been on the books for over 100 years, by simply stating that they could. That is not what one calls, “rule of law”, Selective enforcement is more like it. I guess Congress can just plead ignorance, given the fact that no one reads pending legislation before passage anyway. “We have to pass it, to find out what’s in it” as Mrs. Pelosi so eloquently stated, when referring to the so called, “Affordable Care Act”, or ACA.

America is not immune to Tyranny.

There is no in between, and there are no exceptions!

I don’t believe that any government limitations in the US Constitution, precede the word, “except”, or the phrase, “does not apply in the event of”__________. The perception of “good intent” by the Federal Government does not excuse the disregard or taking of one’s civil liberties. No one will look out for your best interests, better than you. The government is not invested in taking care of you, or helping you. The Federal Government is only interested in self preservation, and that involves getting on the electorate’s good side, just long enough to win the next election. So we have to ask ourselves, if we want to have rule of law, or a totalitarian regime masquerading as a constitutional republic. Is freedom going to be something that we enjoy as Americans, or is it going to be a slogan on a bumper sticker, or nothing more than a verse in a patriotic musical piece? We need to ask ourselves what freedom really means, and if it is still part of American culture. We can live by the Constitution, or we can abandon it, but let’s stop playing games here. This is a take it or leave it proposition. We cannot continue on our current path because we are fooling ourselves. It all starts at the polls, and it is vital that we elect those that share our values, and our faith. We as a people, are quick to criticize government when they do something that is displeasing to us, but we forget that our elected officials, are only in their current position, because we the people put them there. Who then, is to blame?

If Rule of Law is absent, anarchy takes over.


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    • tsadjatko profile image

      2 years ago from now on

      You know it seems weird that the founders designed the Supreme Court to be the determiner of constitutionality after the law is passed. It would seem more prudent to have the laws examined as to constitutionality (at least where there is doubt) before that horse is out of the barn!

    • libertyordeath19 profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Agreed that the Judicial Branch has too much power! Many forget that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and that creating unconstitutional legislation and exercising power that congress is not allowed according to the US Constitution, is in itself, unlawful. True there are many laws that are subject to nullification, due to their unconstitutional nature. Unfortunately, the sovereign states are reluctant when it comes to standing up for their 10th amendment rights, and operating as a truly sovereign state, independent from the Federal government. This kind of independence is difficult when states are so addicted to the crack cocaine that Uncle Sam hands out in the form of money for pork projects, and bribes to persuade legislators to vote for legislation that the haven't read.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      2 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      The problem is that there are Good Laws, and then there are Bad Laws. Laws that are passed are not even certified to be constitutional, and that is why the theory of the US government provides for a Judiciary Branch to make those kinds of decisions.

      Unfortunately, the founders of the constitution didn't provide the details when they created the Supreme Court. They left that to the Congress? Really.

      President FDR had 15 Justices in the Supreme Court, and today we have 9 jurists. Unfortunately, in deciding the law of the land, only a simple majority is required, and hence the frequency of the 5-4 decisions. Is it really wise to put the opinions of the four dissenting jurists aside? I don't think so, and if you look at the SCOTUS decisions over time, you will not find any real valid decisions, in the sense that they really resolved the issues before the court.

      Presidents can be restrained from become a de facto legislature, if the congress would do their job and legislate. The SCOTUS has been silent on the executive powers of the presidency.

      The US Congress has been plentiful with passing laws, except that they believe in Quantity rather than Quality.

      The problem with voting has been the loyal party voter, and the democrats and the republicans have divergent goals. This caused the congressional gridlock, and this prevents the country from moving forward. Congress is on a seesaw because of the two party system, and it can only go up and down, and never forward.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      2 years ago from now on

    • pattyfloren profile image

      Patty Florence 

      2 years ago from Illinois

      It wouldn't be unmentionable if there was a social package of social reform that creates this checklist for new and old voters to go by to determine if their candidate is the right person for the job. Probably out there somewhere?

    • tsadjatko profile image

      2 years ago from now on

      Well written and very succinct points you made about the rule of law vrs. our elected officials' contempt for the rule of law. You (and Dwight) keep it simple and honest, too bad those are two adjectives of which most of our elected officials are devoid.

      And as you simply stated, whose fault is that? Maybe the finger can be pointed at the 60% of voting age citizens who never vote. Or maybe not, another large group of uninformed voters is not what this country needs.

      Thoroughly enjoyed your perspective on this topic, Liberty, can't wait to see the socialists and communists here argue with it.

      Welcome to Hub Pages!


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