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Alternatives to Gift Wrap

Updated on April 19, 2013

Green gift wrapping ideas

Looking for green alternatives to disposable gift wrap? Save time, money and the planet and make your gifts unique! We've got lots of ideas.

I've also found that gift wrap is getting expensive, I'm not keep on spending lots of money on something that's going straight in the bin. I'd rather invest in a reusable option, or buy something that doubles as an extra gift.

And lots of the ideas are much quicker than using gift wrap. As a busy parent with lots of presents to wrap this is a real bonus. And if you're giving a green gift, then an eco friendly gift wrap finishes it of nicely.

Kids and adults can still have the fun of opening their gift with our great alternatives. And in many cases the gift wrap itself is an extra present.

What sort of present do you want to wrap?

 Christmas   Valentine's   Birthday or Other

Poll: Do you use reusable gift wrap?

Do you use reusable gift wrap?

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What sort of gift do you want to wrap?

Reusable Gift Wrap Etiquette

It's fine to ask for your reusable gift wrap back. Or you can ask the receiver if they want to keep it to reuse. Or you can just consider it part of the present. But make sure it won't be wasted if you want to be green.

Poll: Do you have reusable Santa Sacks and Stockings?

Pillow cases count too!

Do you have reusable Santa Sacks and Stockings?

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Christmas Fabric By the Yard

There are some gorgeous Christmas fabrics available. What a wonderful alternative to wrapping paper. Add a big ribbon and you've got a unique gift.

Assorted Christmas Tote Gift Bag

Christmas Storage Bags

Christmas storage bags a a great dual use item. You can store decorations, trees or wreaths in them during the year and then use them to wrap gifts on Christmas day.

Santa Sacks

Santa Sacks are great for big presents or for keeping lots of smaller gifts together. Some families use them instead of Christmas stockings so they can include larger (but not necessarily more expensive gifts).

Christmas Stocking

Of course, most families reuse Christmas stockings. Do you need some to start the traditional for a new child or to replace some that won't last another season? There are some great alternatives including personalized Christmas stockings.

What sort of gift do you want to wrap?

Poll: Which of these options would your kids like?

Kids enjoy unwrapping their toys, but that doesn't have to mean conventional paper gift wrap.

Which of these wrapping options would your kids like?

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Put a flag around it

We've had great fun wrapping gifts with flags. For our toddler we just wrapped his gifts with flags - he was able to open these easily so there was no frustration as he tried to get into his gifts. We stored his gifts in a big storage bag so he couldn't get to them all in one go! For our preschooler we fixed the flags in place with a little masking tape - rope or twine would have been better, but we didn't have any to hand.

Flags are great for kids (pirate flags are very cool!), patriots (Union Jack or Stars and Stripes) and sports fans. They make an extra gift. Our kids get to play with their pirate and St George England flags then we take them back to wrap presents - they haven't complained!

Laundry Bag

Laundry bags can be a great option for large and awkward shaped gifts. You can buy them quite cheaply and they are reusable too. As well as being more environmentally friendly, it's so much easier to just pop a gift in a bag that fight to wrap something with pointy corners!

A laundry bag makes a great extra gift for a teenager who is off to college. And they work well for storing kids plush toys. Or you can just keep them to reuse for another gift.


Use fabric to wrap your gift and then secure it with ribbon tied in a bow. Beautiful! I think this is much nicer than gift wrap and sticky tape.

And what a gorgeous selection of ribbons there are to choose from.

What sort of gift do you want to wrap?

Poll: Unique Valentine's Gift Wrap?

Would your partner appreciate a Valentine's gift in an alternative to wrapping paper?

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Valentine's Gift Bag

What sort of gift do you want to wrap?

Will you be used reusable gift wrap for the holidays this year? Do you have Santa Sacks and Christmas Stockings that come out every year? Will you be giving birthday presents in reusable gift wrap. We'd love to know what you think.

And make sure you check out all our ideas before you leave.

 Christmas   Valentine's   Birthday or Other


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